WOD for Wednesday 10-20-15

October 21, 2015

a) 15 minutes: work to a heavy Front Squat single.  If you feel good, be ambitious.  If you’re stiff or sore, hold a little back.


b) against a 1 minute clock push the “sled’s” down and back the length of the astroturf (30m) then max reps box jump overs @ 24/20.  x5 attempts.  score is total box jump overs.  the longest break bewteen attempts should be e5mom.

On a personal note:  I’m looking for a babysitter/nanny to watch an 11month old at my residence for three hours on Saturdays.  Preference given to Mrs. Doubtfire types,   sassy gay men with an unrequited  need to nurture, and/or Girl Scouts with a verifiable  “parenting” merit badge.  Meth Lab experience is a net minus,  as is the need to bring your own kids/sister/rottweiler/cigarettes to the house for the duration of the job.

If anyone knows of someone appropriate, please let me know.



  1. 85 box jumps
    225 front squat. Failed at 235

  2. 120 front squat
    78 box jumps

  3. FS: 145
    50 box jumps…pathetic!

    Brock – what time do you need the babysitter?

  4. FS 235
    I stopped at maybe 80% 1RM…first real attempt at heavy FS in many months. They felt good, no back issues, just knee pain. I can live with that.

    WOD 70 BJ’s Great WOD, thats as sick as I have ever felt!

    • I appreciate that! I’m also amused that feeling sick = good wod, although I DO understand it.

  5. Front squat 265

    WOD 81

    • FS 205……..wod 42 …..that was miserable!!!

  6. Front squat: 110
    Box jumps: 49.

  7. FS 185 PR
    WOD 72 a lot of fun enjoyed this one

  8. FS @ 100
    Box Jump Ups: 63

  9. Front squat 170
    Box jumps 84

  10. FS 175
    Box jumps 54

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