WOD for Friday 10-23-15

October 22, 2015

Split anyway you like

75 Squat Cleans @ 115/80

75 Pullups

I did this today(thursday) and the phrase we sometimes use: “monkey-stomping beatdown”  certainly applies.  It took me 18:13,  I did go chest 2 bar on the pullups, which didn’t directly degrade my squat clean at all, but added a little bit of rest prior to each set of pullups.

With some small deviations I went 5 sc, 5 pull, 6 sc, 6 pull x 7 rounds.  I consider myself pretty decent at these two movements and I was crushed early.   I’d strongly encourage you to scale to 50 reps each instead of 75   and I’m going to make that rep scheme mandatory to anyone with less than 2 months under their belt.

The Pullups clearly scale through reduction in total number and/or band assistance.  The squat cleans scale with reduction in reps and/or weight.  Additional,  if you needed to avoid certain back angles, you could scale to Front Squats or if knees past a certain angle are at issue, you could scale to power clean.

Rest up and give this tough one your best shot.



  1. 18:09rx

  2. 15:11 RX. Rounds of 10 with last round being 15. I would do 15 first then rounds of 10. I had Joel has my pacer and I was right next to the pull up bar.
    2nd WOD with Joel, Amber and Greg. 1 burpee, 2 pull up, 3 cross over push up, 4 lunges, 5 DU. 10 min AMRAP.
    12 rounds plus 6 reps.

  3. 23:20; 65lbs and 1 gray band

  4. 14:34 50 reps RX weight

    I set out to do 75 reps in a scheme of 7X10 and one final round of 5 reps. Once I got through 6 rounds I thought I would do 8 reps on my 7th to see my time @ 50 reps. I think I could’ve finished around 20 minutes, but I felt it would be wise at that time to stop to avoid injury. Still working my way back in, but I feel close. Good work at 50 reps anyways!

  5. 22:05 RX weight & pullups–50 reps

  6. 15:25 rx. I did 15 sets of 5. Did regular pull ups and not chest to bar.

  7. 50 at RX in 19:40 (or 18:40), don’t recall exactly. Fox recorded my score so committing it to memory was inhibited. Did sets of 5. Pretty good beat down! Kudos to those that went the distance at 75.

  8. 50 RX weight 13:22

  9. 22:44 @ 50 reps @ 95 lbs smaller of the black bands. At minute 19 I don’t think I could speak out loud…. Just glad to finish. Thanks for the encouragement guys and gals.

  10. 26:16rx thanks Jill for encouraging me to finish the 75

  11. 29:50 75 reps scaled to 95lbs & 2 red bands. Monkey stomped.

  12. 19:36, scaled to 60lbs and used bands.
    Followed the 15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10 strategy and it was a huge help mentally.

  13. 17:29 rx. I did 15, 14. 13, 12, 11, 10. Definitely not the best scheme for me because it resulted in too much staring at the bar recovering.

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