WOD for Thursday 10-21-15

October 22, 2015

The weather is too nice to keep you chained indoors tomorrow.  So we’ll change gears from what was programmed on Sunday.

Perform as 2 Person teams in the order written.  I’ll assign your partner

800 m run with a Kettlebell m/m 24, m/f 16, f/f 12  (both athletes run, switch KB whenever you like)

30 Burpees

40 Wallballs

50 Situps

60 Calories on the rower

50 Situps

400 Wallballs

30 Burpees

800 m Run with a kettlebell as above.



  1. I hope everyone realizes that “400 wallballs” should be “40 wallballs”…

  2. I was actually looking forward to tomorrow’s WOD.. Hope we can see that one in the future!

    • I do love outside though! And running with a KB sounds amazing 😉

      • We’ll see how much you love dragging that KB in 80 degrees of blazing afternoon sun!

    • Jen, I plan to roll it into next week for sure!

      • I was just giving you a hard time 😉 I’m happy with whatever!

  3. 24:41 partner with Amber. We could have shaved a minute off if had a set of lungs. The 2nd run I had no gas left.

  4. 23:57 with Liz

  5. 21:45 with Ryan. 5 extra burpees and 5 extra rowing calories because why not…
    Love partner workouts, hate running with kettle bells

  6. 20:32 with Jill.

  7. 21:11 Andrea was my partner.
    There were moments particularly on the second run where I felt like Fred Sanford…I just knew the big one was coming! The gravel was super bright, I couldn’t feel my lips, thoughts of my children growing up fatherless swirling through my head…But I just couldn’t stop for Andrea. She almost killed me, but dammit she pushed me to a good score!

    • You two were so quiet! I was hoping for more bickering 😉

    • When, I mean If you ever die in a workout we’ll have a memorial fundraising wod for Gabby and Lexi’s college expenses. I give you my solemn vow that Dawn will never go homeless!

      • I always know you have my back.

    • Marcos, you did great! It was fun! We did have a communication breakdown on the second set of burpees, but other than that we were solid:
      800m run: split 400 & 400
      Burpees: 1-for-1
      Wall balls: sets of 5
      Sit ups: Marcos-me-Marcos
      Row: me for 15, Marcos for 35, me for 20
      Sit-ups: Marcos, me
      Wall balls: sets of 5
      Burpees: 1-for-1, a couple sets of 5, 1-for-1
      Jog/run: 150-300-150-300 (approx)
      Cheers ~Andrea

  8. 21:31 with Geoff

    • Eileen is a bad azz. Thanks for carrying me on the burpees and sit-ups after the row. I’ll partner with you anytime!

      • You did awesome on the row, definitely not a strength of mine! Good teamwork 🙂

    • I, for one, have high hopes for you Eileen!!!

  9. 22:53 with lisa. Thankful for my tall friends ability to do wallballs. I traded her for more burpees so it worked out well. Fun workout!

  10. 22:58 with Tiffany! Thanks for being my partner Tiffany and for taking on more burpees!!

  11. This was my first cross fit workout other than foundations. Those of you that enjoyed this have issues and Brock should run background checks on you all. I think I died twice.

    Missy is a beast and carried me the second half of the workout. She was kind enough to give me some Pamprin after the torture was over. Now I know why Brock (the leader of these sadistic people) requires a 3 month commitment. I quit 3 times on the run back.

    All joking aside, it was the toughest workout I’ve ever had. My time was horrible, but I finished it and I feel great about that. Thanks Missy for pushing me and picking up the slack.

    • Great commentary!

    • Thanks for the compliment Eric but you did awesome!! It was rough WOD but you pushed hard! I couldnt imagine that being my first one when I started CF! If you can do that one and hang you will go very far here! I’ll partner up with you anytime!!

  12. 22:55
    With Mackie on Saturday

    • This was Zack

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