OPEN GYM SAT AND SUN 10-12noon. Monster Mash specs.

October 24, 2015

Open Gym is in effect sat and sun.

Sunday at 10, Jill will be running last weeks Monster Mash as follows:

5 rds of Cindy (5 pullups, 10 pushups, 15 airsquats)

Isabel ( 30 snatches @ 135/95)

5 rds of Cindy

Grace (30 Clean and Jerks @ 135/95)

5 rds of Cindy

rest 10

400 m sled push @ 90/50  (13 times down and back on the astroturf)

40 ghd situps

40 deads @ 225/155

40 burpee box jumps @ 24/20″

rest 10

25 Fronts @ 205/145 (no rack)

Even for the Monster Mash this is some hard shit.  Don’t expect to be very productive Sunday or Monday. You are encouraged to scale.  If you need assistance or instruction please arrive promptly at 10am. Remember Regular Open Gym is in effect. You don’t have to do the Monster Mash to workout.



  1. Productive ??? That’s a death march!!!

    • For real. That a whole day of contest wods packed into one hour.

    • 75:08 scaled Isabel to 85lbs, grace to 95lbs, deadlifts to 155, box jumps to steps, and squats to 115lbs

  2. Aside from ANONYMOUS, how’d the rest of you guys do? Bob, Jill, Brad C, Rachel and Susan?

    • Anonymous is Susan I think!

  3. Cindy/Isabel/Cindy/Grace/Cindy: 36:03 rx
    Finished 13laps/40/40/40 at 69:53 rx
    Finished 25FS at 87:57 @125 no rack. Tried to do rx on the last but had to scale.

    Continuous clock- so the 10 min breaks are included in the time. Great job to those who came out.

    Next Sunday’s Linchpin will be posted on their Instagram and website tomorrow!

  4. 91 minutes from start to finish. Section A 95 snatch/C&J, Section B 225 Dl, Floor setups, box step ups, Section C 125 FS. Good fun.

  5. Bob = anonymous

  6. Wish I could be there! 10am is almost an impossible time for me to come to open gym. Nice job everyone!

  7. That was an ass kicking. 86:24 total with breaks.

    First part 32:33. Scales Isabel to 80lbs, grace and Cindy rxd

    Second 68:22 rxd. I did these out of order to avoid equipment bottlenecks. Deadlift first, then burpee box jumps, Ghd, sled push last.

    Third – scaled front squats to 105. I had 115 on my bar and could barely clean it. Dropped weight after 1 rep.

    I’m ready for bed.

  8. Scaled like crazy, ass still kicked.

    Start to finish: 77:15
    Scaled the snatches and clean and jerks to 55lbs, and used 2 bands for Cindy rounds. Finished workout A at 30:14.
    Laid on floor dying for ten minutes.
    Scaled the deadlifts to 105lbs. Everything else Rx. Finished at 64:16.
    Back to floor to die for another ten minutes.
    Scaled front squats to 85.Finished at 77:15.

  9. Well done guys. Good recaps.

  10. Wow! I’m amazed at ALL of you who did this. I was feeling your pain just reading the posts.

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