WOD for Tuesday 10-27-15 and some accomplishments of note. My own training updated.

October 27, 2015

First off, congrats of sorts to the Monster Mash participants all of whom came in the very next day.  Bob even strung together enough doubles to go RX’d.  Nice work to all of you:  That workload would’ve put me on the sidelines for a day at least.

Natalie M. got her first unassisted pullup in the WOD warmup and then went pullups rxd throught the wod.

And a side note,  Vilija is approaching the end of a 12 week Olympic cycle that she’s largely implemented on her own.  We’ll see how her Snatch and Clean and Jerk numbers test out, but as she worked through the cycle her squat numbers (back and front) have jumped by large margins.  She comes in, does her thing and leaves without much fanfare, but she’s been quietly  lighting up the leaderboard in the past few weeks.

Your WOD for tomorrow is the CrossFit Hero WOD “DT”
5 Rounds For Time of 12 deadlifts, 9 hang cleans, 6 Shoulder to overhead all @ 155/105. We’ve done this a few times prior, most recently on 5-12/13-15. This workout hits hard and favors the large. Bring your best effort.

The remaining paragrpahs are just an update on my own personal training progress.  I understand both  interest in “what’s the owner doing and why is he doing stuff differently than what he’s programming for us to do”  and complete disinterest to the point of “get over yourself, I’m not going to read paragraphs about what YOU’RE doing”.

Last year’s open was somewhat of a disappointment for me after a relatively good showing in 2014.  And at the conclusion of the open I sat down and mapped out a year long training plan designed to optimize my performance in the 2016 Open.  This is just an update on that plan.  (For our newer members: The CrossFit Open is an annual, worldwide CrossFit competition that typically takes place in Late February through the month of March.  It involves a series of workouts released weekly on the CFHQ website.  Crossfitters worldwide then perform the workout and submit there performance via video or their score via a judging process.  The CF Open has some flaws, but on balance I am a HUGE fan and I encourage everyone, regardless of fitness level to participate.)

So,  last March/April as the Open ended I had a series of small nagging pains that didn’t rise to the level of injuries, but were annoying and detracted from training so the priority of my first training block was to eliminate those tweaks.  I started seeing Brad Walter, a Chiropracter in our membership, and I took the months of April and May and avoided any sort of ballistic movements, opting instead to spend a lot of time on the rower, the airdyne and the Ski-erg.  Most of my weightlifting was slow, controlled and light; no olympic lifting and no bodyweight arm movements like pullups or dips.s  For the most part, this seemed to go well.  Most of my pains had disappeared or significantly improved by the end of May.

June and July  I began to phase out the monostructural events and Olympic lifting was put on the front burner.  I looked at Catalyst Athletics,  a prominent Olympic weightlifting website, selected a pretty basic, very boring 8 week program, and followed it as best as my schedule would let me.  this led to a significant jump in my Snatch numbers (a very important piece of typical Open programming) but not much progress at all in my clean.  On balance, my snatch was worse than my clean to begin with, so this made sense.

August/September was intended to be devoted to strength bias.  Particularly the Shoulder Press, Front Squat and Pullup.   Here the picture gets a little more cloudy, as early in this training block I hurt my shoulder in the final ring dips of ELIZABETH.  Thereafter my progress in a lot of the upper body movements was pretty stunted.  Particularly the shoulder press.  My front squat seemed unaffected and did make some progress. But I was forced to stay away from the loads necessary to drive strength in any overhead movements. In mid to late September, I departed from the plan and resumed an Olympic Lifting focus, and now both my snatch and clean were creeping in the right direction but my jerk overhead was lagging significantly.

October to date has been a bit of a transition month. Ive been Olympic lifting two days a week, mixing metcons and strength here and there and now as we phase into November, the front burner priority will change again. Now, we are late enough in the macrocycle that attributes are becoming less important and specifics more so. In the past week I was able to hit PR’s in the snatch, front squat and the benchmark JACKIE workout, respectively tests of power/technique, strength, and short term/high intensity aerobic capacity. Now, with 4 months remaining till next year’s open, I’ll start tweaking the tools I need in isolation through November and then start combining them in December.

I have a fair amount of weakspots that must be evaluated and priortized based on 1) How bad they are (kinda weak like Hanstand pushusp, embarrasingly weak like double unders, non-existant like pistols) and 2) How often do they appear (every year, like double unders. Most years- HSPU’s. Never have yet-Pistols. Weigh the above and double unders stands out as something that MUST be prioritized, so I will probably start doing double under elements 2x per week.

The best way to develop a weakspot, in my experience is to first work it in isolation, in the absence of fatigue, THEN as it develops, add intensity and other elements. So for example, the past two years we’ve seen handstand pushups in the Open. I’m not good at HSPU’s at all. It would be foolish of me to try to develop HSPU’s by doing DIANE (21-15-9 Deadlifts @ 225/155, hspus) twice per week and hoping that volume just somehow ‘makes me better”. So for example, as a HSPU driver, my first workout was EMOMx10– 5 HSPU for time. I was able to get all 10 minutes, giving me 50 HSPU’s on the day (a decent amount of volume for me at this stage), but also allowed me to mount, stabilize, drop in and kip 1-2-3-4-5 a total of 5 times. Through November probably 1xweek I’ll do this workout with the goal of getting 6 EMOM then 7 etc. Then, as december rolls around, I’ll start to introduce other elements. Now, DIANE may be appropriate. I have a good baseline of volume tolerance and technique practice that now it’s time to throw in another element. Deadlifts at 225 are not technically demanding but WILL succeed in getting my engine hot enough, such that NOW the inversion and the technical aspect of HSPU kipping etc etc will be markedly more challenged, but WON’T or shouldn’t bring me to a dead stop like they would’ve if I had started with DIANE as a means to get better at handstand pushups.

IN the new year I’ll start to run either recreations of past wods or wods of my own creation that follow CF Open Parameters. The toolbox will get pretty narrow and the formats won’t have a lot of variety, but at that stage we are “teaching for the test”.



  1. 17:10 RX

    • Jason

  2. In other Monster news, congrats to the monster dash 6k trail run finishers – Amber, Greg, Joel, Cam, Scott, and cfcb members-in-training Zac, Kai, Charlie and Logan. Just about everyone scored an age group award while supporting a great cause. Running club meets at 6am Thurs at the gym.

    DT- 10:53 @85
    Last time 7:53 @75

    • Well done everybody. You all need to brag more.

      • I was too busy bragging about winning the most important award of all – the costume contest!

  3. 17:23 rx thanks for pushing me Joel

  4. 11:11 RX PR.
    10 min on Bike for 75 calories

  5. 15:29 at 80lbs… Wishing I had pushed it. Need to build up my overhead work so it’s not as much of a limiting factor.

  6. 9:21 rx

    • Um, wow. You are amazing.

    • Awesome!

    • Wow! I wished I could have watch that

      • Thanks guys! You all impressed me yesterday lapping me in the 20 min AMRAP!

  7. DT: 2 rounds + 1 hang clean @ 95lbs…then DNF 😦
    Everything felt and was going great until I got a sharp pain in my lower back! I was even able to rebound the split jerk for cycles of 3.
    round 1 ~ 2:30, round 2 ~ 5:30, stopped 7 maybe? So f-ing frustrating!!

    previous times (putting all in one spot, took me a bit to find them all):
    11/8/13 – capped @ 15:00 – 3 rounds + 6 hc @ 95lbs (could have beat that today!)
    4/10/12 – 11:21 @ 80lbs
    11/2/11 – 15:06 @ 80lbs
    5/17/11 – 11:07 @ 65lbs

  8. 13:21 @95lbs

    It felt good to throw around a barbell again. There was a lot of grunting, pep talks, and staring at the bar. LOVED IT!!

  9. 11:46 which is a 2 or 3 minute pr. Felt pretty good about that score till Adelynn rolled out her 9:21 and then Neal got 9:53 with curcs a 1:10 first round. Very impressive.

    • That should read “circa a 1:10 first round”.

      • At first I thought it said “with crocs”
        Punishment enough.

  10. 17:44 @ 135. Never have I ever done this RX. I went deliberately slow and paced myself (but I don’t think it hurt any less.) Still, disappointed in my time since my best effort at this was in the 13 minute range….many moons ago. Soooo ready to get back to where I was.

    • It was a good choice to measure your intensity. The multiple reloads make for a pretty rough day.

  11. 15:44 @ 75lbs

  12. 22:57 @80. what can I say???? I missed about 4 or 5 reps and was down to singles on my cleans the last 2 rounds. I’m pretty sure round 4 took me over an hour. Last time: 5/12/15 13:10@65

    • 80lbs is heavy! If you correct for body weight, you’re probably lifting a higher percentage than anyone.

    • I was proud of you JenNau! That’s a lot of weight!

  13. 10:22 RX
    Apparently I have never done this RX- last time I did it was in 2012 at 95 in 11:31

    • Whoops. That is me….

  14. 11:22 @ 115lbs

    • Bob

  15. Dt 17:25rx

  16. 10:54 rx

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