WOD for WED 10-28-15

October 28, 2015

Every 3 minute on the minute x 5

A) Five laps 5m shuttle run, 10 KB Swings 24/16.

B) 5 Box Jumps 30″/24″, 5 Pullups  c2b/chin above bar.

C) 30 Seconds @ 100%on the C2 Row for max calories.

So, you will divide into 3 groups and perform 5 reps of a given action before you switch.  So for instance,  if you start on C, you’ll be there for 15 minutes before you move on to A. These are short-burst, 100% efforts with a lot of time allocated to recovery.  Work as hard as you can.

LOTS of good to REALLY good DT scores today.  Adelynn and Neal both went sub 10!  Terrance was in the low 11’s on his first try.  Larry was 11:13 I think.  Andrea and Jade both Sub 11.  From our newer members, Aryn and Heidi both kind of had clean breakthroughs.

One note:  In the last two months we’ve had a decent amount of new people.  It’s necessary for the instructor to devote more eyeball time to the newer members, but I realize there are many of you who’ve been involved between two and  three months month mark who may be getting eclipsed, in terms of attention and feedback,  by people still in their first or second week.  All of sudden, you’re not getting the instruction you’re used to.  If this is the case and you need some measure of critique, feedback etc,  PLEASE ask for it.  It’s as simple as saying “Hey, will you look at this and tell me if it’s ok,   tell me if I’m doing anything wrong, etc etc etc”  This  is entirely appropriate and encouraged.  Don’t feel like just because you’re not the newest kid in the room,  you can;t ask for the help that, technically,  you are paying for.



  1. Jason (in order completed)

    C: 79 calories on row
    A: 3:01 total.
    B: 3:33 total. Missed 5th box jump in 4th set. Adjusted to shorter step ups in final set. Scared!

    • Chin above bar on pull-ups.

    • Correction: A-225, B-213

  2. Starting with B
    B 151
    C 62. Stoped on the wrong clock
    A 168

  3. B chest to bar

  4. C 48
    A 195
    B 113 (20″ box jumps)

  5. C: 45
    A: 188
    B: 112 +2 purple

  6. A) 193
    B) 97 (20″ box jumps)
    C) 34
    Note to self: Cheek sweat causes ass slippage. Don’t wear shorts on row day. 😉

    • Ha! I think it was also like 90% humidity in there – my feet were slipping off the treadmill

  7. In order:
    A: 157
    B: 112
    C: 62

    My azz slipped completely off the seat on the rower and found itself on the track …twice

  8. c-70
    a- 190
    b- 95

    I wrote c,b,a on the board but I really did c,a,b
    I don’t think I have ever sweat in my life as much as I did today!

    • C2b and 30 inch box on b…there are some really fast shuttle run kettle beliers on here!

  9. A- 182
    B- 114
    C- 47
    In order… Used 2 band assistance on pull-ups, all else Rx.

  10. Shuttle run/KB
    36, 32, 33, 33, 32

    Box jumps/C2B
    17, 17, 16, 16, 15

    14, 17, 15, 11, 14
    Damper on 5 for 1, 2, and 5
    Damper on 10 for 3rd
    Damper on 1 for 4th (couldn’t pull any more than 1500cal/hr so don’t do this setting)

    • I think it’s smart to experiment with the damper, but yes Damper On #1 is almost worthless.

  11. B 82, C 72, A 161

  12. B 116……C. 60…..A 192… (All RX)

  13. Andrea
    Firstly, Brock gave me too much credit on DT. I think I finished at 11:09rx. Was hoping for under 12min so I was happy with it . . . Til I considered sub 11. Maybe next time!
    Next, I don’t recall my scores today, but that was fun. Row: 51 cal Shuttle Run/KB: a few sec faster the Marcos each round;) Box/PU: most 21sec

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