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WOD’s for M-Tu-W 11/30 and 12/1 and 12/2

November 30, 2015


Strength– back squat x5, x5, x-Fatigue

Accessory– For Completion.  3-5 LENGTHS of Heavy Sled Push, Long Steps

Technique/Instruction–  Push Jerk review.  7 minute video HERE.

Work- Every 5th minute, 3 total, sprint through 40/30 Airdyne Calories, 30 Kb Swings (overhead.  53/35), 20 Burpees.  Score is Cumulative Time.



Strength– Push Press x5, x5, x fatigue.

Work-  AMRAP in 15

15 Box Jumps 24/20,  15 S2O @ 95/65

15 Box Jumps 24/20, 15 S2O @ 115/75

15 Box Jumps 24/20, 15 S2O @ @135/ 85

15 Box Jumps 24/20, 15 S2) @  155/95

etc to time expires.

Midline- For Completion.  2-4 Attempts at max length GHD Static hold.  Lock in at horizontal and hold for time.



Strength– Deadlift & Snatch Grip Deadlift  x5, x5, x fatigue. Clean- EMOM 1 Clean.  Start at 60-65% Make it, go up 5%.  Miss.  Rest 1 Minute, go down 15%.  Go again until you miss.

Work–  100 Heavyrope Reps, 80 Airsquats, 60 Ab Mat Situps, 40 Hang Cleans At 115/80, 20 Wallballs to 11/10.

Accessory- Banded Good Morning 3×10-15 for completion.


Sunday Schedule 11-29-15

November 29, 2015

Yoga is happening at 9am.  Open those hips.

Open Gym is 10-12.  Do your own thing, make up a workout you missed etc.

Group Monster Mash goes off at 10.

The Mash is

21-15-9 for time of GHD Situps, Ring Dips, Overhead Squats @ 135/95

Jackie- 1k row, 50 Thrusters 45/35, 30 Pullups


50 Doubles, 15 KB Swings 70/53, 50 Doubles, 5 Power Cleans 225/155

Rest 5 mins between workouts.


Wod For Friday 11-27-15

November 27, 2015

Two shots of the Stuffing Buster, midway through.  Thanks to all who came out and especially those who helped me setup and breakdown.  That was very appreciated.  A few more pics are on the instagram.  Username Crossfitcb.

FRIDAY– recall that 5 and 6 pm are cancelled.  Brandon from 6 to 945.  Brock at 1pm.

Strength-  Front Squat.  Based on last weeks set to fatigue.  If you successfully performed

6-10 reps:  raise your weight 7-10%

11-15 reps: raise your weight 10-12%

16 or more: raise your weight 15%

Then go x-5, rest.  x-5, rest.  x-fatigue.

This same metric applies to all the lifts, so if you are, for instance, making up the Deadlift or the Bench Press, your calculations are the same.

Accessory Work- Walking Lunges with the bar in the front rack.  Please do 5-8 reps on leg # 1,  short rest.  5-8 reps on leg # 2.  x3 cycles.  The escape is tough if you get stuck at the bottom  (your forward leg is often trapped below the bar) so please be conservative with your weight selection.  Be conscious of loading the heel, keeping the shin vertical and not allowing the knee to migrate towards the centerline (the valgus collapse).

Deadlift- No accessory lift.  See wod below.


IF, AND ONLY IF you didn’t do the stuffing buster OR picked a light weight on the deadlift portion and feel GREAT, please do the following  mean-ass couplet

AMRAP in 15 minutes –  15 deads @ 225/155 (sumo is fine, drops are fine), 15 Wallballs.

If you DID the stuffing buster and feel it’s effects, please do the following triplet

AMRAP in 15 minutes- 15 Row Calories, 15 Hang Cleans 115/80,  15 Wallballs.




Thanksgiving and Friday’s Schedule

November 26, 2015

Athletes:   Stuffing Buster is ON.  Athlete Prep at 9 and 10 am, count on 45 minutes.  Entirely scaleable.

Those of you too lazy unable to join us, have yourselves a great Thanksgiving.

Friday’s schedule

6, 7, 8am Open Gym and 8:45 and 1pm are all intact.  5 and 6 pm are cancelled.

Saturday and Sunday are normal.


WODS and Schedule for Monday through Thursday 11-23/24/25/26-15

November 23, 2015

Please note the schedule first:  Monday and Tuesday are normal.

Wednesday we will cancel the 5 and 6 pm classes. We will ADD a class at 12 noon that day only.

Thursday we will run our Thanksgiving Day Double Half Decathlons.  The specs will be the same as last year, giving you a good measure of your progress from a year ago.

As is often the case in these shortened weeks,  you’ll have a lot of latitude to navigate Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday as you see fit.   Thanksgiving day,  our second annual workout extravaganza, the CFCB Stuffing Buster, is a real monster.  Let’s start there, as planning the rest of your week around the specifics of that workout may be a wise move.

Two, 1/2 decathlons for time. 1 score.

FIRST- 500 m row, 400 run 30 airdyne calories, 200 heavyrope singles, 100 steups 20/16″

THEN- 5000/4000 Lbs of Deadlifts.  (bars at 275, 225, 185, 135, 95)

4000/3000 Lbs of Back Squats (bars at 225, 185, 135, 115, 95 80)

3000/2000 lbs of Shoulder to Overhead (bars at 135, 115, 95, 80, 65)

2000/1000 Lbs of Kettlbell Swings (Kbs @ 70, 53, 35, 25)

1000/500 Lbs of Rope Climbs (divide by bodyweight to equal # of ascents)

Athlete briefings at 9 and 10.   Heats roughly every 5-10 minutes.

The first half is fairly standard issue and shouldn’t confuse too many of you. The second portion of the StuffingBuster will have multiple options for you, the athlete to choose among. As above, for the 5k/4k deadlift we will have bars loaded at 275, 225, 185 and 135 and will have noted the repetitions necessary on each bar to achieve the required total.

Athletes will count and judge their own reps. Guests are welcome and there is no charge, but we ask all guests to sign a waiver and non-crossfitters to restrict themselves to the first half of the double 1/2 decathlon (row, run, bike, jump rope step up).

Totally Scaleable.  Many people just do the first half, or just do half  the lifting volume,  and so on.  Join in the fun and impress all your sedentary relatives with tales of your workout.

Below are WOD’s for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

In this second week of the cycle you establish the weight on the bar based on last weeks fatigue set, as follows:  6-10 reps- Increase by 7-10 %.  11-15 reps increase by 10-12%, 16 or more reps-increase by 15%.

Then, with this new value established perform a set of 5, a second set of 5, and a set to fatigue.  This set to fatigue should probably be approaching 95-97% of your best effort, stopping when you feel like you’d compromise form or safety by continuing.

This pattern holds true for Monday’s backsquat, Tuesday’s push press and Wednesday’s deadlift.  BUT due to the shortened nature of the week,  some of you may want to condense lifting days, and for instance, push two lifts into monday, skip the metcon, third lift on tuesday, metcon on wednesday etc etc.  We can discuss.

Work capacity

Monday  10 minutes, two scores.  First 5 minutes- Row calories,  Second 5 minutes AMRAP of 5 Snatch Grip Deadlifts, 5 Hang Power Snatches, 5 Overhead Squats  @ 95/65  Row calories plus total reps of the complex = total score.

Tuesday  – Amrap in 20 Minutes-  5 Cleans (185/120), 10 Dips (ring/bar), 15 Double Unders.

Wednesday–  50 Toes to bar for time.  rest as necessary.  50 Thrusters for time. Scored separately.






WOD for Friday 11-20-15. Weekend schedule.

November 20, 2015

Strength- A) 10 Minutes to establish your 5 RM front squat.   You can push a little more aggressively than on Monday’s backsquat.  Instructors, in each class, please demonstrate how to ditch the bar forward in the event of a miss.  B) In 10 Minutes, At 85% of 5 RM, take a set x5, recover, x5, recover, x? to fatigue.

Score your 5RM  and your fatigue set (weight and reps)

 Work Capacity-AMRAP in 8 minutes.  8 Cleans (ground to shoulder, any Work capacity-height on the catch), 8 Front Squats, 8 Shoulder to Overhead.  135/95.

I did this several months ago and got an unexpectedly poor 3 rounds.  I’m looking forward to tackling this, although I will do so Saturday.

Please don’t back off your strength efforts in order to “do better” on the metcon.  Id rather see a really good number on your 5rm & set to fatigue than on the AMRAP.  That said, you should take plenty of time between strength and work capacity to recover.


Recall, Gage has got you in the AM, Jade is at 5 and 6 pm.  Brock is at 1pm.  Yoga is Saturday this week only, at 9am.  Open gym 10-12.  Sunday Open gym 10-12, Monster’s are mashing at 10.


WOD for Thursday. Yoga Details.

November 19, 2015

Strength- Bench press.  Work to a 5 RM.  Then 85%x5, 85%x5, 85%x? Fatigue.

Work-  EMOM x 20  1) Airdyne 15/12 Calories  2) 15 Wallballs  3) 15 Box Jumps  4) Burpees.

Best Possible Score is 20 Rxd.

Please be advised:  Yoga will be held on SATURDAY this week at 9am.  Heather is conflicted on Sunday.