WOD’s for the week of 11-2-15 to 11-6-15

November 2, 2015

First off,   Our “Check In for Charity” dog food drive is now in effect.  Contrary to what I said, you do NOT have to enter any sort of hashtag.  Simply check in at CrossFit Carolina Beach  (please DO select our current address of 5651 Carolina Beach Road)  and we will note it and do the rest.   Furthermore I’ll incentive you with a free bag of Progenex to the person with the most check-ins.  Starts NOW and goes to the end of the year.

Monday-  I had completely forgotten about this workout and just came across it at random, but we used to program this 2 or 3 times a year at the tower and at CFCB 1.0.  It has a really strange split demand between upper and lower body.

3 Rounds for time of 1 pullup/2 Pushups x 15 cycles,   then 50 air squats, then run 150 m.  We’ll pick a spot that will let you straight shot out the door and back.  (last performed 5-2-11)

Tuesday-  The CFCB 7’s.  Slightly different than the CrossFit HQ 7’s.  Here this is 7 rounds of the following:

7x HSPU, Box Jumps @ 24/20, Knees to Elbows, 7 Snatch Grip Deadlifts @ 185/120, Burpees, Single Arm KB Swings 24/16, Pullups.  7m actions x 7 reps x 7 rounds is 343 movments start to finish.  Caps at 40 Minutes. ( Last performed 5-26-11)

Wednesday- Clean Review and/or Find your 1 RM Hang Clean then

20 Hang Power Cleans

20 Hang Squat Cleans

20 Full Squat Cleans (touch and go)  all at 135/95.   To be Rxd you can’t drop the bar more than 1x per set. This was tough when we last did it on 1-30-12.  Another one where some of the comments are funny.

Thursday-  We’ll partner up and recreate some of our Valentine Day Partner Workouts from 2014  (Hence the romantic*?* names) including but not limited to the following:

 Bicycle Built for two.  1 Athlete can only pedal.  1 Athlete can only use the handles.  Combined calories in 2 minutes of effort each.  

I’d run up a Hill for you!–  For time.  .8 Miles on a 10 degree grade.  Two Girls .6  Two Guys 1 mile even.

Let’s Hold Each Other–  Max partner assisted Handstand Hold.  Upside down and off the wall.  Partner’s can assist with hands, nothing else (no leaning, bear hugs etc).  1 Attempt.  Make it count.

Friday–  First:  Close grip Bench Press 10-8-6-4-2.  Then: for time.  1000 m row, 100 Shoulder to Overhead @ 95/65, 10 Deadlifts @ 315/205, 1 legless rope climb.



  1. 15:10 RX. Then 10 min @84 calories on the bike

  2. We also did this on 4/12/13


  3. 16:02 with the most pathetic jumping flexed arm hang/sometime pull-ups. And yeah I used the low bars. At one point brock asked me if I wanted a 25 lbs plate underneath me. That basically would have turned my pull-up into a calf raise so I decliined.

    • I love you. Please workout with me everyday.

  4. 15:35

  5. I’m sick and feel like crap, but dragged myself in today because I really love this kind of workout. Time sucked though.

    18:59 rx (but used the step to reach the bar and kipped)

    We also did a version of this on 11/21/11 with a 100m run and on 11/13/12 with no run and a 15 minute time cap. In both cases, to be rx, pullups had to be jumping. From the comments, that definitely made it harder!

  6. 17:47
    4/12/13- there was 15minute time cap & run was 50 meters longer..I did 2 full rounds +2 pullup/push-up

  7. 16:40 high bars

    I know I could’ve gone a little faster. Around half way through the second round I started to really err on the side of caution. It was super humid, I couldn’t grip the bar very well at all, and my feet were starting to slip on the floor. Although my squats sucked so if I went faster on the pull-ups those may have suffered even more.

    • 17:40 not 16:40

  8. 17:17

    Meh. I am fat and legs still hurt. Damn sure did it though…

    • Glad to see you are still killing it Jade

  9. 14:30. Thanks to Natalie for the push.. 5:00 was a fun crew!

    • We push each other, in a good way!

  10. 12:33

    • Great time old man 🙂

  11. Andrea
    13:06 rx
    Not sure what people are meaning by “fun”

  12. 15:41RX all day

  13. 22:30 rx

  14. 14:24 Much harder than I thought!

  15. Tuesday. 27:23 RX

  16. Tuesday 22:33 rx

  17. Tuesday – 38:30 with wall walk ups. Unimpressive time but great workout. The walk ups and pullups killed me!

    • My wall walk ups don’t make it all the way to the wall

  18. 37:37 with scaling all over this thing. HSPU went to wall walk-ups which then scaled again down to getting as close to the wall as I could. 2+ on pull-ups and hanging knees for knees-to-elbows.

  19. Monday 11:57 rx
    Tuesday 17:25 rx


  20. Tuesday 30:35rx

  21. Tuesday
    31:17; plate for HSPU, 105lbs deadlifts, +2 pull-ups, knees to elbows were a mess. I’m tired.

  22. 29:55 @ 155
    Once again I think I could’ve been at least a minute or 2 faster. I could not grip on K2E and Pullups due to sweat factor. I was reduced to singles on many reps due to slippage and felt a tweak (not a pop) in my shoulder socket half way through 6th round of K2E trying to maintain my grip. It didn’t really bother me as I finished but as it cools of its getting tighter, hope its just a little pain and not an injury.

  23. 39:15 rx
    I’m still sick and didn’t think I’d even finish so I’m good with this time. 6 rounds with unbroken hspu made me even happier!

    Last time on 9/26/11, I finish 5 5/7 rounds in 35 minutes with hspu & pull-up scaling.

    • Forgot to mention the best thing about looking up the old time was Whitney’s comment. Still funny 🙂

      “I was able to do the entire thing Rxed, but questioned a couple life decisions along the way.”

  24. Monday WOD = 26:38. I’m pretty sure I had the slowest time for the day.

  25. Tuesday. 36:39. Scaled to walk ups, 135lb deadlift, 16kg kb, 2 red bands. Rough one!

    • Monday was 17:39 rx

  26. Tuesday: DNF. All Rx but deadlifts at 105. By the 5th round every callous on my hand had bubbled up and some were torn. I couldn’t push past the pain. I was happy with my movements though- got through multiple rounds of unbroken HSPUs. Stopped at 37 mins because of my hand but no doubt I still wouldn’t have finished all 7. Can’t wait to tackle this one again in future.

  27. Andrea
    Tuesday: 25:42 HSPU+25lb plate and I’m not sure my knees to elbows were all legit – my knees hit my arms BUT not all were contact with the point of my elbow. I felt like I spent a fair amount of time staring at the pull up bar. HSPU were all unbroken, but without a plate they are a mess and can mentally break an entire workout for me, so I didn’t risk it.
    I thought this was a good all ’round workout.

  28. 32:51 scaled to wall walks & box steps…….not looking forward to tommorow’s workout. Pretty sure if you look up the definition of bar-dropper you will see a photo of me!!!

    • Bob

  29. 304 reps at the cap
    All RX excepte scaled HSPUs to a 35#plate.

  30. 32:26 RX
    The knees to elbows took a toll because of bad form but stayed prescribed begining to end.

  31. Tuesday 31:52, 135# DL. I suck at DL.

  32. Monday – 20:18

  33. Did Monday on Wednesday: 15:28

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