WOD for Thursday 11-5-15

November 5, 2015

Partner up in teams of two and complete the following 5 four short wods.  It’s like Valentine’s day in November!   Partners determined by random draw.

Bicycle built for two-  two minutes on the airdycne each for max combined calories.  1 Partner only pedals, 1 partner only pushes.

Sleigh bells and Ski ergs-  3 Rounds for time:  Partner A- 10/7 calories on the ski erg, then Partner b, Then Partner A- 1 lap sled push 90/50,  Partner B 1 Lap Sled Push 90/50.

I’d run up a hill for you.  Treadmill Fixed at 10%.  Run for time.  2 guys, 1 mile, 2 Girls .6 miles.  Guy and Girl .8 Miles.  Switch any time.

Hold On,  I’m jumping-  1 Minute- Partner A holds 135/95 locked overhead while partner B accumulates as many box jumps or step ups as possible.  1 Minute to Transition.  1 Minute reverse roles.  Score is total box jumps/stepups.

Bear Crawls-   AMRAP in 4 minutes Bear crawl down the length of the astro turf.  Switch any time.



  1. Forget to mention: early am running is ON. Meet at the gym at 6, get your run on and still make the 7 am class session.

  2. Great workout (except the AirDyne part)!
    Partnered with Jill.
    Bike: 40
    Ski: …?…don’t remember…
    Hill: 6:28
    Jumping: 45
    Bear: 38

  3. Thank you to the Kapusta family for providing partners for both my workouts

    Track with Kristen: 3/4mile warmup, 200m sprint /200m jog x 12
    3/4 mile cool down

    Partner wod with Jeff
    Can’t remember our specific scores but the sled pushes at the end sucked. Great workouts, my legs are toast.

  4. Partner Cam
    in the order:
    Ski/Sled 6:42 RX
    Bike. 49 calories
    1 mile run 9:42
    Static Hold 23 RX 26 scale to 95 = 49
    Bear crawl 33

  5. Jason
    Joel is the man! My partner had to carry my big ass all around the gym. Coming off a four day cold I had nothing in the tank and lungs got shredded on the hill, our first event. Thanks Joel!

    Ski- 8 something. Joel?
    Airdyne- xx all Joel. I never even touched the thing.
    Bear crawl: 44
    Static hold: 46 (17+29)

    Would like to give that a try another day.

    • Enjoyed the workout.
      I think air dyne was 54.
      We live to play another day.

  6. Partnered with Lisa, consider myself quite lucky, she kicked ass!
    Bear Crawl: 45
    Treadmill: 4:12 (.60)
    Box Jumps/Hold: 61 @ 65, think I scaled too much on this one
    Airdyne: 47
    Ski/Sled: 5:52

    Thanks Lisa, great workout!

  7. Michaela and I were partners and went in the following order:

    Hold on, I’m jumping – 47 box jumps
    Bike built for two – 35 calories. I have to say I did arms only and only got 12 calories (arms were on FIRE).
    Bear crawls – 23 points. I suck at these so fortunately my partner carried most of the burden on these.
    Sleigh bells & ski erg – 7:54
    We ran out of time so didn’t do the run. I honestly not sure I could have done the run. I was dizzy and nauseous after the ski/sled work. We did everything RXd. Great partner—good times.

    I’m not a huge fan of partner workouts

    • but it was so much fun because we were together!

  8. Partnered up with Andrea

    1. Run 6:10
    2. BJ’s 50
    3. Sled push 6:27 that was immensly vomitous.
    4. BC’s 28 aforementioned feeling was taking over at this point
    5. AD 50 cals

  9. Jen and Natalie:
    Bear crawl: 40
    Run(0.6) 5:44
    Box jumps: 85#/21 jumps, 55#/19 jumps=40
    Air dyne: 30 calories
    Ran out of time for sled push ski erg 😦

  10. Terrance and Mackie.
    1. Mile Run: 8:14
    2: Bear Crawl: 42
    3: Air dyne: 47
    4: Box jumps: 56

    T was a beast!

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