WOD for Friday. Weekend Schedule. And….FINALLY…. YOGA!

November 6, 2015

Very excited to announce the commencement of weekend yoga at CFCB, starting Sunday November 15th at 9 am, and taught by the one and only yoga instructor extraordinaire AND seasoned experienced CrossFitter Heather M.  (Bio HERE).  Heather will be teaching most Sunday’s thereafter, with some absences here and there so please check the website.  We will post confirmation of the Sunday 9am  typically on the prior Friday.  For the most part I try to avoid any irregularity in the scheduling, as I really like continuity from week to week,  but Heather is such a skillful instructor that I jumped at the chance to bring her on board, despite the occasional schedule conflict.

This class is free to all CFCB members.  It is not donation-based.  However, guests would be subject to our $15 drop-in fee.

Open Gym is Saturday and Sunday from 10-12.  We may see an uptick in Saturday attendance courtesy of CF Wilmington being closed for a certification.  Some of their athletes are expected to be dropping in.

Sunday’s Monster Mash is ON and we’ll post specs  tomorrow or Saturday.

Friday’s workout is as follows:

For time:  1000m Row,  100 Shoulder to Overheads 95/65, 10 Deadlifts @ 315/205, 1 Rope Climb  (m-legless, w-regular)

This is a mixed bag of different demands.  You get aerobic response from the row,  muscle endurance from the 100 Shoulder to overheads.  The deadlifts are straightforward strength and the rope climb tests your grip, relative strength and technique.  I’m not worried about the row and overheads, but the deadlifts (Sumo OK,  no drops allowed) demand good spinal position, despite your fatigue and the legless rope climb demands that you don’t fall and break your neck.  Please don’t be shy about scaling as necessary.  315 Deadlifts that late in the game will challenge most of you.  The legless rope climb is prescribed only for the way up.  When your hand hits the respective 15 ft marker, you are done with the workout and therefore should wrap your legs at that point and descend under control.



  1. Did this a day early.
    18:12 almost rxd

    I got 3/4 of the way up legless then saw my life flash before me as I contemplated letting go with one hand to get 2 more pulls in.

    I was psyched to get one legless rope climb during warmups. That was a first!!

    • Way to go!!

  2. 14:56 RX. Should have scaled the deadlifts! Slow and painful

  3. 18:17 @55/175

  4. 18:14 @ 55/125

  5. 16:12 rx

  6. 15:08 @ 275

  7. 14:30 85/235/leg less

    • Bob

  8. 11:50 Rx

    • Eff-U!

  9. 11:19 Rx.

    • Eff-U, too!

  10. Andrea
    14:49 Rx
    Soooo, I felt pretty good about this until the dynamic duo took it in later in the day!
    Off the rower at 4min – that is really good for me.
    Done with s2o at 6:50 – 15-15-10s, felt like my breaks were short. Not short enough!
    Deadlifts felt decent – I should have pushed here – 3-3-2-2
    Rope climb:/

    • Wow. I’m super impressed with all y’all! Great job!

  11. What’s with all you anonymous posters?

  12. Row 3:50
    S2o sets of 10
    DL 4,3, 3
    1 legless

  13. I did Friday’s WOD at open gym Sat. Time was 24:44. Weights were RX, but I scaled the rope climb. I was too slow in transitions. And apparently stared at the bar too much the second half of S2OH.

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