Open Gym Sunday 10-12. Monster Mash Specs

November 8, 2015

For time

22-16-10  Chest To Bar Pullups, Overhead Squats @ 115/75

rest 5 mins


Run 400 m, 10 Deads @ 315/205, 20 Wallballs 20/14

rest 5 mins

AMRAP in 7

3 Bar Muscle-ups, 5 Handstand Pushups, 7 Toes to Bar.



  1. C2B/OHS 75 9:12…..400m, DL 225, wb 36:57…..bmu, HSPU, t2b were a hot mess.

  2. Thanks for organizing, Jill!
    A. Regular pullups/75# front squats- 10:00
    B. 155# deadlifts- 21:14
    C. Sort of did 7 minutes of 7 toes to bar and 7 floor push-ups but not really. My back was sore. Didn’t keep score.

  3. Regular pull-ups and rxd ohs 12:30

    2nd 17:30 to 41:33
    Did 165# deadlifts

    3rd round I started and did about 2 and a half rounds of 3 pull-ups, 5 push-ups and 7 t2b. Felt dizzy and was just fucking over it so I QUIT!

  4. A. 16:39rx
    B. Finished at 44:18rx
    C. 4 rounds with 2 skinny bands on bar muscle ups.

    Already excited for next week’s Monster Mash.

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