WODs for the week 11-9-15 to 11-13-15

November 9, 2015

Seven weeks ago (9-21- to 9-25) we did these 10 tests of varying fitness attributes.  Here’s your chance to check your progress.  Barring anything unforseen, you’ll do the same test on the same day of the week vs September.  I highly recommend checking your scores and coming up with a schedule or gameplan to beat your last effort.

Monday Test 1- Pure Power:  8 Minutes to establish a 1 RM thruster.  Bar comes out of the rack.  Athlete must descend with the bar to below parallel, and drive the bar to true overhead in one upward motion.  Redip of the hip, lack of control at the top, any movement of the feet and failure to get the bar above the heel equals a no rep.  Score is best single weight lifted.  Multiple attempts are fine.  Drops are fine.  Athlete cannot be assisted with his/her weight changes and return to the rack.  If you drop it, you must clean it.

Monday Test 2- Aerobic Recovery  4 rounds, 2 mins on, 4 mins off for total calories on the airdyne.  Most of you have seen this 4/5ths of Interval Tuesday before.

Tuesday Test 1- 10 minutes to establish your heaviest weight in the following complex:    Hang Clean/Full Clean.    Athlete deadlifts the bar to waist high and comes to a full stop.  To execute the hang clean, the athlete must project the bar to his/her shoulders, dip must stop somewhere above the knee. To execute the full clean, the bar must travel to the floor and back to the shoulders.  Any height on the catch is acceptable.  Bar must touch and go.  Weight can not come to rest on the floor.

Tuesday Test 2- Mixed Event, Medium length Metcon–  For time.

6 length sled push @ +90/+50

30 Pullups

60 Ab Mat Situps

30 Burpees

Wednesday Test 1- Upper Body Push Strength–  2 Mins max reps Bench press at 100%/66% Bodyweight.  Bar from full extension to contacting the chest back to full extension is one rep.  Hips cannot leave the bench.  Spotter can assist from rack to extension and back again, but if the spotter touches the bar or the lifter during a rep, that rep is void. Start and stop as many times as you like in the 2 minutes.

Wednesday Test 2- Mental Toughness/Discomfort–  Row M-2000m/W-1500m, then 100 wallballs 20/14 for two scores.  1st score is the row portion for time.  Second score is the total time for both row and Wallballs. Scores are weighted equally. This is done to stop people from dogging the row.

Thursday Test 1- Grip Strength-  STATIC HOLD  (M- Chin Above the bar, W- 90 degrees at the elbow), Immediately (5 seconds) after falling below your specified range of motion athlete MUST begin Max rep KB swings to above the head (not Overhead, but slightly higher than the russian swing).  Score is seconds in the hang plus total # of swings.

Thursday Test 2- Pacing and Gamesmanship–  EMOMx 25 (down from 30)  2 Overhead squats for load.  Score is total poundage across all 50 possible reps.  I have to say, THIS is my favorite of the workout tests.  The movement is like a a magnifying glass in terms of exposing structural weakness, stiffness and inefficiencies.  The format and scoring give you, the athlete, a lot to think about.  Do you go for it early and see if you can hang on?  DO you look around the room  and base your weight selection on how others are doing?  Do you check the board and divide by 50 to see what you need to do per rep?  If you CAN safely and effectively Overhead Squat to parallel, you should do so, even though your loads may be light.  If you absolutely can’t hit depth with even just the bar, THEN AND ONLY THEN, scale to Power Snatches on the same format.

Friday Test 1- Balance and Body Awareness-  4 RFT.  50 Heavyrope Singles on 1 leg, Balance beam Traverse,45/25 Plate held Overhead, 10 HSPU’s, Balance beam traverse W 45/25 Plate held overhead.

You may even call this workout “Fun”.  Pretty Short,  not that hard.

Friday Test 2- Lower Body Strength-  Back squat max reps in two minutes. M/225, W/155



  1. Thruster 231 PR. Last 226 Sept 21
    Bike 138. Last 153 Sept 21

  2. Front squat 185

    AD (legs only)

  3. Thruster – 95. Only done this once before back at the boardwalk and got 95 then too. I think I could do 10 more pounds on a day my back felt stronger

    Treadmill run in place of airdyne

  4. Max thruster 180. I got 175 back in Sept.
    AD 169. I got 162 back in Sept.

    • Greg

  5. Max thruster old test out 185 new test out 200
    AD old test out 160 new test out 163

  6. Thruster – 95, test in was 85
    AD: 123, test in was 124

  7. Thruster 215 last time was 200 but neither are near my PR of 225. I had more in me but I ran out of time and had to do 215 twice since Brock didn’t believe I locked out the first time. Either way thats about 40 lbs over my body weight so Im satisfied.

    AD 39, 39, 36, 36 total 150. I think its my first time cracking the 150 mark. My last score said 160, but I just redid the math and it was only 143. Good thing I don’t need to be a math wiz in my line of work…Siri calculator from now on only!

  8. I didn’t have any previous numbers to compare against so I did the AD first. Total calories = 93 (26, 22, 22, 23). I think I used all my energy in the first 30 seconds because I felt all my energy drain and barely kept the pedals moving. Why does th AD feel like I’m pedaling a bike in quick sand????

    Thruster 1 rep max in 8 min = 115. I think I could have gone a little heavier, but that 8 minutes flew by and I was out of time.

  9. Thruster 1RM: 236
    Previous was 227

    AD: 134
    Previous was 129

    • Thruster redo on Saturday: 247

  10. 1 rep max thruster 130
    Total AD= 121

  11. Really wanted to do the 1 RM Thruster even though I didn’t have anything to compare to that I know of, but apparently I tweaked my wrist. Boo 😦

    I didn’t 4 RFT of 10 BS at 125 and 15 GHD sit-ups and later in the day I did the linchpin workout subbing row for run and 25lbs vs the prescribed 30. 32:27

  12. Monday :

    Did Squats
    Worked to a heavy triple( 335)
    5 x 8 @ 245

    4×20 good mornings with 45 plate

    Watched every one do thrusters( I PR’d by watching 5 people , last time I only got in 2)

  13. Thruster 131
    Airdyne 121

  14. Thruster 135 (up from 115). Need to work on this.
    AD 146 (up from 140)

  15. Thruster- 225
    AD- 44, 41, 39, 39= 163

  16. Thruster, maxed out at 80lbs, no improvement over previous.
    Airdyne: 33, 28, 25, 26 for a total of 112.
    Thumbs down on performance for the week.

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