WOD/tests for Tuesday 11-10-15

November 10, 2015

Tuesday Test 1 Technique/Gross Motor– 10 minutes to establish your heaviest weight in the following complex:    Hang Clean/Full Clean.    Athlete deadlifts the bar to waist high and comes to a full stop.  To execute the hang clean, the athlete must project the bar to his/her shoulders, dip must stop somewhere above the knee. To execute the full clean, the bar must travel to the floor and back to the shoulders.  Any height on the catch is acceptable.  Bar must touch and go.  Weight can not come to rest on the floor.

Tuesday Test 2- Mixed Event, Medium length Metcon–  For time.

6 length sled push @ +90/+50

30 Pullups

60 Ab Mat Situps

30 Burpees

Please be advised that early AM running is happening on Wednesday (11-11-15)  this week.  This is free BTW!  and anyone can join in.  Athletes meet at CFCB at 6am and are done by 7.  This week:  400 m run, 100 m walk recovery x10 rounds.



  1. Heaviest set 200. Last time 195
    Wod 7:25. Last time 7:27.

  2. Heaviest set 226. Want able to do last time.
    WOD 10:31. I really need to get in Cardio shape.
    10 min bike : 72 calories

    • Wasn’t able. Sorry for misspellings

  3. Jason
    Heaviest set: 206, same as last time. Missed 226, caught too high and didn’t squat. Time expired. Feel I have it… just forgot to get under it.
    WOD:16:00 RX
    Last time was 18:00+ with black band assistance.

    • Great improvement!

      • Thanks

    • Redo on Saturday-226 matched earlier performance which was recorded at 206 with squat demand.

  4. A. 105. Got 110 last time but without the full squat

    B. 10:13. 10:10 last time. Sled pushes took longer today. Sleds: 3min, pullups: 3 minutes, sit-ups: 2 minutes, burpees: a little over 2

  5. Heaviest set 120

    Wod – 12:02 rxd

    I didn’t do this last time so nothing to compare, but I do want to try again. Pullups took me forever. My hands are over pullups after the monster mashup Sunday and then the 7 sets of 7s yesterday. Pullups 3 days in a row sucks.

  6. Heaviest set was 206. Last time was 215. I wasn’t feeling it today.
    Wod 8:40rx. Last time 8:42rx

  7. HC/PC (no squat) 110. This is my heaviest clean ever ever so I’m pretty psyched. (last was 105)
    wod: i did 15 pullups with 3 thin bands because i had to get going to work and they were taking forflippingever. the rest was rxd. 12:51

  8. HC/FC 195
    WOD 8:13 a full minute slower than last time…

  9. Hang Clean/Full Clean: 100, but it was a bit sloppy. Test in was 85
    WOD: 7:53; test in was 10:20 used black band for both

  10. Clean 145 (up from 135)
    Metcon 14:06 (down from 17:09)(still hate it)

  11. Hang/full clean combo max = 125
    Part 2: 11:08 rxd

  12. Metcon 9:53
    Hang clean=245
    Full clean=245

  13. Clean complex 160
    WOD: 8:50rx. One second slower than last time at 8:49rx. Argh.

    • Holy crap Jill! Nice work

  14. HC/SC – 100lbs (not much imrovement over last time @ 95lbs)

    WOD was 13:06 which was a little slower than last time @ 12:48. I attribute this to Andrea not being there to keep pushing me.

    Sample a home-made protein bar from Terrence and it was delicious!!! I need that recipe please!!!

  15. Clean / Squat Movements – 165

    Form is pretty rough right now.

    Death by cardio – 14:40

    • ^^^^ Scaled pull up with black band..

  16. Didn’t clean- wrist still hurts

    10:46 RX. It hurt. Fuck.

    Did airdyne this morning for 123- 29, 29, 31, 34

    • Jade

  17. Hang/ Full Clean: 100lbs, up from 98 in September
    WOD: 10:35, 6 seconds slower than September. Slacker this week! 😦

  18. Andrea
    HC/SC: 130 – same as last time. Got 135×2 but couldn’t squat clean it
    Wod: 8:11 rx – a full minute SLOWER than last time.

  19. I screwed up all over today. Came in to open gym and did this on my own and should’ve asked more questions.

    HC/FC 185 up from 175
    I worked up to 205 in the full squat clean. Not realizing that it was scored as a 1rm HC/FC. This left me with only about a minute or so to get one of those and I was cold on the hang.

    WOD 8:40…I was really stoked on my time until I realized my box ended on the wrong end of the turf meaning I only did 2.5 laps 😦 bummer. Last time was 10:46 so I am pretty confident I would have at least beat that by a minute.

  20. 9:12 rxd. The sled push killed me!!!

  21. WOD 12:17 Rx. I thought I killed my last time, but I looked back and I only beat it by 40 seconds. Darn. I blame it on the country music, lol. Cleans: I did these after the WOD. heaviest series 85#. Last time was 80#. I really wanted to get 90. Darn again.

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