WOD for Wednesday 11-11-15 Veterans Day Schedule is normal. Running at 6am.

November 11, 2015

Running Club- 400 run, 100 walk x 10.  6am at the gym.

Veterans day snuck up on me, and its position in the middle of the week are such that we will run our regular schedule tomorrow.

One important note:  I made a significant mistake in the application of today’s workout, until Jill caught my error at the 6pm classes. There was no demand to squat either clean in the September workout.  In today’s workout I incorrectly installed a “full squat” specification on the second movement.  This definitely affected some athlete’s scores.  Please put a mental asterix  alongside your scores of today vs 7 weeks ago.

WOD for 11-11-15

Wednesday Test 1- Upper Body Push Strength–  2 Mins max reps Bench press at 100%/66% Bodyweight.  Bar from full extension to contacting the chest back to full extension is one rep.  Hips cannot leave the bench.  Spotter can assist from rack to extension and back again, but if the spotter touches the bar or the lifter during a rep, that rep is void. Start and stop as many times as you like in the 2 minutes. All you, Bro!

Wednesday Test 2- Mental Toughness/Discomfort–  Row M-2000m/W-1500m, then 100 wallballs 20/14 for two scores.  1st score is the row portion for time.  Second score is the total time for both row and Wallballs. Scores are weighted equally. This is done to stop people from dogging the row.



  1. Just to reiterate, running club is open to all. If you aren’t coming because ‘I’m bad at running’ , this is how you get better. If your lungs limit you in wods, this is how to improve that. You won’t hold anyone back because everyone completes the workout at his/her own pace. There’s no 3-2-1 go. Scale by running slower, walking more or doing fewer repetitions.

  2. Row/WB 1st: 6:57/14:38
    Bench: 19@95. 22 last time

  3. Bench 24 @ 180. Last time 23 @ 175
    Row/wall balls- row 7:57 total 14:36. Last time- row 8:14 total 17:54.

    • Mistake. Last time 16:54

  4. 2 min max bench at BW: BW 204. Rounded up to 205 × 21. Last time 20.
    Row wall ball: 16:46. Last time 18:03

  5. 3/4 mile jog
    400m run/100m walk x 10
    3/4 mile jog

    Wimped out and didn’t do row/wallballs with Jill and Jade. Should have. Did glute bridges and ab planks instead

  6. Bench: 19@80; tested in with 11@75
    Row/wall ball: 6:45 row, 14:05 total. test in was 7:42 row, 15:37 total and used 10lb wall ball first time

  7. Bench 105 for 9 reps (went out way too fast trying to chase jade and made an ass of myself instead haha)

    Row- 6:07
    Total- 14:42 rxd

  8. Bench to 15 reps at 75lbs. Tested in at 80lbs, 14 reps.
    Row: 7:07, total 15:56 Rx’d- though still struggling to keep those wall balls above line.
    No improvement over last time. Fighting off a cold is killing my goal of becoming the best at exercising.

  9. Bench press 14 @ 40lbs.
    1500 m row 7:07
    WB 10lbs 18:01


    • Total was 18:01 (WB with the row)

  10. did yesterdays WOD this am, so I just sunk in real quick this afternoon to pound out my BP.

    BW 175 20 reps. Same as last time.

  11. BP: 135×14 (up from 125×11 roughly ~80% scale)
    Row 2000m: 8:20 (down from 8:29)
    Row+100WB: 19:24 (up from 18:40 but I used 20lbs this time)

    • BW – 253 rounded to 255 x 14
      Row – 8:36
      Row/WB – 18:40

  12. Today/
    BP= 21@235


    • OK, so this is a good example. 1:04 faster on the row makes me happy even though we ended up slower total. Well done! way to get after it.

  13. Did the unofficial official running club 400m run/100m walk

    Row in 6:58 and I can’t remember my row plus wallballs total- it was slower than Jill and on the board correctly.

    BP 105@ 16 reps same weight and reps as last time

  14. Bench 9@180 sad I know.

    Row 7:29 compared to previous of 7:47
    Row+ wb=16:46rx compared to previous 16:06rx

  15. Andrea
    Bench: 10! @ 100 – just went for 2/3 of my body weight, but clearly too much for me. Thanks for your patience, Brock. I didn’t do this first time around.
    Row: 6:04 (I think) + wall balls = 13:27 (I think).
    So, I have to admit that I REALLY struggle with the mental game of some of our workouts. The entire time I was rowing I was talking myself into just doing a few wall balls. Who wants to do 100, anyway?! I was totally prepared to do +\-30 then just walk away. So lame!

  16. BP- 12@83- RX
    Work- 7:17 row..18:23 total…no previous

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