WOD for Thursday and a Test Points Subtotal.

November 12, 2015

Take this with a grain of salt,  this is a very preliminary scoring system and many factors could contribute to possible mistakes.  If people didn;t record their score on the big board,  if they scaled but failed to note such, if I mistook your handwriting and thought your “3” was an “8” etc etc  but for now, here’s your results with 3 days down and 2 days left:  each event’s 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners and 3,2 and 1 point respectively

Thruster total lbs.  Chris A:  1st-246,  Jason and Kurt:   T-2nd @ 236.  Vilija: 1st @ 135,  Jill: 2nd @ 131, Wendy & Lindsey: T 3rd @ 130

Airdyne Total Calories.  Fox: 1st @ 174, GregL 2nd @ 169, Joe: 3rd @ 168.  Fox K: 1st @ 131,  Vilija: 2nd @ 130, Heather: 3rd @ 125

Clean Complex. Terrance: 1st @ 245, Fox: 2nd @ 230, Larry: 3rd @ 226.  Jill: 1st @ 160, Fox, Shelby and Andrea: T-2nd@130

Box/Pullup/Situp/Burpee Metcon:  Greg: 1st @ 7:26, Glen & Rob: T 2nd @ 8:13.  Andrea: 1st @ 8:11, Jill: 2nd @ 8:50, Shelby: 3rd @ 9:15

Bench Press Max Reps — Here I THINK I have the right numbers.  Especially with the girls I’m not sure if the weight noted was 66% and therefore prescribed or not.  Greg: 1st @ 24 reps, Kurt: 2nd @ 22,  Terrance: 3rd @ 21 Reps.  Marina: 1st @ 24 reps!  Jill and Eileen: 2nd @ 19 reps/95 lbs and 19 reps/85 lbs respectively.

2K/1500m Row.  Neal: 1st @ 7:12,  Joel: 2nd @ 7:20, Perkins: 3rd @ 7:23.  Vilija: 1st! Smoked it at 5:59,  Andrea: 2nd @ 6:04.  Lindsey: 3rd @ 6:07.

2k/1500 Row plus 100 Wallballs.  Greg: 1st @ 14:36,  Joel: 2nd @ 15:09,  Scott Shapiro: 3rd @ 15:31.  Vilija: 1st @ 12:52,  Andrea: 2nd @ 13:27, Shelby: 3rd @ 13:31.  (special note:  Eileen finished just out of the money @ 4th on both the row and the row/wb combined, killing her September scores in the process) .

Points totals:  Greg 11,  Joel 5, Fox 5, Kurt 4,Terrance 4, Chris A 3, Jason 2, Glen 2, Rob 2, Joe 1,  Perkins 1, Larry 1.

Vilija 11, Andrea 9, Jill 9, Fox 5, Shelby 3, Marina 3, Lindsey 2, Eileen 1, Wendy 1.

You could easily make the case that the point system is unbalanced  My favorite points system is winner gets 100 and everyone thereafter gets a % of 100 based on their efforts vs the winner of the event.  That’s the most fair but that’s a ton of math.   Two days left, which is plenty of time to shake up the leaderboard.

Thursday’s test are:

GRIP STRENGTH-  STATIC HOLD  (M- Chin Above the bar, W- 90 degrees at the elbow), Immediately (5 seconds) after falling below your specified range of motion athlete MUST begin Max rep KB swings to above the head (not Overhead, but slightly higher than the russian swing).  Score is seconds in the hang plus total # of swings.

PACING AND GAMESMANSHIP–  EMOMx 25 (down from 30)  2 Overhead squats for load.  Score is total poundage across all 50 possible reps.  I have to say, THIS is my favorite of the workout tests.  The movement is like a a magnifying glass in terms of exposing structural weakness, stiffness and inefficiencies.  The format and scoring give you, the athlete, a lot to think about.  Do you go for it early and see if you can hang on?  DO you look around the room  and base your weight selection on how others are doing?  Do you check the board and divide by 50 to see what you need to do per rep?  If you CAN safely and effectively Overhead Squat to parallel, you should do so, even though your loads may be light.  If you absolutely can’t hit depth with even just the bar, THEN AND ONLY THEN, scale to Power Snatches on the same format.



  1. Can we make up a test on Saturday? Can we redo a test?

    • we’d note that they were done off schedule. But, yes absolutely make up and/or take another shot at something.

  2. Light day today : Race Sunday in SC

    walking lunges 4×25 steps
    15 min AirDyne legs only
    1000m row for time
    15 min AirDyne legs only
    1000m row for time
    20 min AirDyne legs only

  3. Pretty bummed I’m missing Thursday’s WOD! Can’t wait to get back in town and get back at it!

    • because you can hang from a bar for an hour, lol

  4. Static hold:14
    KB: 47
    61 (poor and less than last time)

    OHS: 6750
    OHS: 6130 (September)

    • Jason

  5. Static hold : 34 + 24 = 58
    Last static hold 30 + 50 = 80
    OHS WOD 7780. Last preformed 6980.
    The lower score on the KB was due to soreness in my lower back. I wasn’t sandbagging

    • Great score on OHS Larry!

  6. A. 167. 1:45 static hold, 62 KB Last time – 143

    B. 3378. Didn’t do it last time

    • Nice job!

    • Impressive!

    • That is huge

      • Thanks everyone! Larry – great job on the OHS

  7. Static hold – 44, 56kb = 100
    OHS = 4250

    Didn’t do either of these last time.

  8. Trst

  9. static hold 89 + 81kbs=170
    Last time hold 90 + 86=176

    OHS 6400
    last time 4830(i missed several attempts)

    • 80 plus KB that it self deserves a congratulations

      • no sandbagging there!

      • Ouch! I thought for sure you would understand on a sore back issue 🙂

      • yeah…Maybe if you didn’t then proceed to DESTROY the OHS WOD…thats pure hip mobility which with a sore back is a bitch….Jusayin!

  10. Static hold 78+40 kbs=118 (last time 60+39=99)
    OHS=2830 (last time 2290)

  11. I’m a day behind, therefore did the 2k row/100 wall balls today. Fresher than most of you. Row 7:19 (pr by 3 seconds). Row plus wall-balls in 14:48. Rested until the 9 min mark (or 1:41) before I felt like I could clear the 10 foot line. Then went 15-15-5×10-finished with 20. Hope to make the ohsx25 wid this weekend.

  12. static hold 70 + 59 kb = 129; test in 92 (60 hold, 32 kb)
    OHS = 3130 but depth was off/on today; test in 2340

  13. Static hold 94 + 71 KB =165
    OHS 5070

  14. Grip 100 even. 60 hang 40 KB.
    10 less than last time. Not going to lie, I had some more swings in me but I was in some pain and honestly just didn’t want to suffer anymore I knew my score would suck no matter what I could still get. Whatev’s!

    OHS 5,560. Last time 5,410.

    SO PISSED…I lost my balance on my second lift in my second round and dropped with time to still do 2 more. I misunderstood Brock when he told me to try again and only did one more, I could’ve def done 2 more, so angry with myself.

    I think I could’ve gone a little heavier but bar slippage was a major issue for me. No matter how much chalk or how much I dried my bar off my hands kept sliding like crazy. I don’t know how its possible one person could sweat so much doing 2 lifts a minute.

  15. Did some random stuff

    Tweaked my wrist so couldn’t OHS 😦

  16. Kristen F. swung the Kettlebell 120 times.

    • Is that a record?

    • Holy shit! That’s amazing Kristen!

  17. 65/55=120
    OHS= 5,660

    • You are my hero

  18. Andrea
    Hang 73 + KB 60 = 133
    Way to go Kristen fox, Kate, Susan!
    OHS – 3950
    Waaayyyy down from last time, even lost an entire round. I’m having a tricep issue. Anyway, focused on my depth and form. Tough 25 min
    Jill killed this workout

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