WOD for Friday. Changes from Sunday’s posting. Weekend Schedule.

November 13, 2015

Seven weeks ago our test of Balance and Body Awareness was just a little underwhelming, and while not every day needs to be or even should be a relentless series of ballistic smashfests, you can probably take more than the HSPU/Jump Rope/Balance beam triplet.  So the new wod is below.  Tomorrow, Jade has got you in the evenings, Brandon in the AM classes.

Test 1-  Balance/Body Awareness:  3 attempts at the following short sprint events.  Rest as needed.  Score is single fastest attempt.

For time-

10/7 HSPU’s,  (scale via reduced Range or scale to 3/2 Wall Walkups.  If you’ve never done Handstand Pushups before, please do Wall Walkups today)

2 box jumps each at ascending heights:  MEN 20/24/30,  WOMEN 16/20/24  Rxd MUST jump.  (scale is step up)

20 Heavyrope Singles Right Leg,  20 Heavyrope Singles Left Leg.  (If you must, scale is 40 singles using both legs)

10/7 Toes to bar.    (scale is hanging knee raise)

These will be 90 second to two minute efforts.  Every second counts, so sprint as fast as you safely can.

Test B- Lower Body Strength.  Max reps in 2 minutes:  Back squat 225/155.

Open Gym is Saturday and Sunday 10-12.  Yoga is Sunday 9-10.  Sunday Open Gym attendees, please do not enter the gym  early,  yoga may be in session.  Monster Mash is happening Sunday at 10am.



  1. WOD 1 – 1:09
    WOD 2 – 14 rx

  2. WOD 1 :56
    WOD 2 20 RX

    • You are a monster to get sub 1min.

      • I had Joel as a race partner. He was fast on the T2B! He caught me there. We both tied. He killed me on the 3rd run!

    • Really impressive no. today!

  3. 1:03rx
    21 back squats Rx

  4. Fastest time 60 seconds flat

    BS 20 RX 5 sets of 4. Confident had I not been as sore I could’ve done 5 sets of 5.

  5. WOD 1: 1:10, scaled t2b
    Back squats: 18@105; test in 16@85

  6. 1:03rx

  7. 1) 1:29 Rx
    2) 13@95

    • Just looked back and I did 5 more lbs on accident. Last time I did 14@90

  8. Wod 1 1:01
    Wod 2 17 RX

  9. 21 Rx squats in am
    22 Rx squats in pm- I knew I could get one more!

  10. Saturday did a redo on

    Thruster: 247
    Hang/full clean: 226 matched earlier performance which was recorded at 206 with squat demand.


    • Thruster up from 236 earlier in week.

    • Excellent thruster!

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