WOD for Monday 11-16-15 and Tuesday 11-17-15

November 16, 2015

I’m pleased to announce that our initial Yoga at CFCB session was well received,  with roughly a dozen people being made aware of how unflexible they are, but also enjoying the process.

Monster Mashers are also doing well, although I’m not sure about “enjoying” things, at least not in the traditional sense of the word.

Newer members, please take consider giving these things a try, both are included at no cost,

Speaking of newer members, while I have always made efforts to prioritize coaching newer athletes, our move to 5651 Carolina Beach Road (CFCB 3.0) has resulted in a situation that is new to me:  we have a TON of new people all at once. The other day we had 5 people with less than 2 weeks of CrossFit under their belt.   As such, I just want to make sure you are all getting the attention, feedback and coaching you need.  If not,  please make it known to me.  I’m mostly speaking about the nuts and bolts of the movements and workouts; specifically WHAT to do and HOW exactly to do it, but your feedback regarding ANY aspect of the gym is valuable.  Please don’t be hesitant to speak to me directly and/or call or email me with concerns.

Very much related to that dynamic is our next programming block.  We return to Strength Development with lifting movements recurring weekly on a specific day.  Over the next 7 weeks we will also have more regularly scheduled developmental periods where newer athletes will get some specific instruction on some of the harder movements, in the absence of intensity, fatigue and multiple elements. More experienced athletes who feel like they don;t need this instruction will get into the work capacity portions a little earlier, and newer athletes will go from instruction to an abbreviated work capacity portion.  Tomorrow’s workout is a good example of this.

Monday 11-16-15


High Bar Back Squat-  10 minutes- Establish a 5  rep max.  Then take 85% of that weight and, over 12 minutes go 5-5-Fatigue.

Instruction- Toes To Bar Progressions. Video Here.  (This video is 2:30 long.  Toes to bar are featured tomorrow)

Work– 15 minute AMRAP  12 situps, 9 airsquats, 6 burpees, 3 Ring Muscle-Ups  (scale 1- Bar Muscle Ups, scale 2- Chest to Bar Pullups)

Tuesday 11-17-15


Push Press- 10 minutes- Establish a 5 rep max. Then take 85% of that weight and, over 12 minutes go 5-5-Fatigue.

Work– (From The 2015 Granite Games)  4 Rounds for time 10 Toes 2 Bar, 10 Hang Snatches at 95/65 (full squat is rxd, power snatch is scaled)



  1. Yoga was great this morning. Very helpful and patient instruction by Heather for newbies like myself. I would encourage all members to take advantage of this nice complement to the usual crossfit regimen.

    • Brad, thanks for the feedback.. Glad to hear you enjoyed.

    • Agreed. Yoga was awesome. Horribly awesome and amazing at the same time!

  2. Heaviest set of 5 high bar back squat : 265. Fatigue best 10 @225
    WOD : 240 C2B. Failed on bar muscle ups

  3. Back Squat 5 rep max: 125; 85% @107 x 16 reps to fatigue
    WOD: 309 (15 mins, scaled to pull ups)

  4. Backsquat – 145, 85% = 125×15. Definitely didn’t estimate 5rm very well

    WOD: 10 minutes, 227. I attempted c2b pullups but wasn’t really hitting the bar – regular pullups for most.

  5. Back squat: 5 rep max was 105 (bw), 90×13 to fatigue.
    WOD: 303 reps in 15 minutes. scaled to pull-ups. Lost some time attempting c2b.. And couldn’t get it. Andrea gave me tips after the work was over and it really helped.. Switching one hand around in pull-ups helped me get my c2b. Yay!

    • I’ll have to try that!

      • It’s pretty cool, the hand that is reversed gives me that leverage I need to get that side’s shoulder and chest to actually touch. I have always had the height I just couldn’t get contact with the bar.

    • That’s interesting. I have always done a reverse grip because of my bad shoulder- apparently it was actually helpful and not hindering! Congrats lady, keep it up!

      • Great advice! I’ll too have to give that a try!

  6. 185 Back squat, 12 reps at 157(85%)

    WOD: 146 reps (10mins pullups)

  7. I didn’t write my numbers on the board because I was distracted by the cuteness (aka Brockway).

    5 rep max high bar BS – 157lbs
    3×5 BS – 137×5, 137×5, 137×10
    Work – completed 5 rounds in 10:26 or AMRAP in 10 mins – 145 reps.

    • PS, I scaled to pull-ups and used the med thin gray band.

  8. BS 5 rep max 255.
    I think I had more in the tank but I had to do 255X’s5 twice because Brock called me at parralel on the first 5. I ran out of time to go for more.

    Rounded my weight up to 220 for the following sets

    220X’5, 220X’s5, 220X’s12
    I had 5 or 6 more reps left in the tank at least. I started feeling a little woozy and I am still being very cautious of injury, but I can def bump up next week. I wish I felt this good for last weeks 2 minute max reps. I would’ve gotten A LOT more.

    Work 324 reps @ C2B

    • Great numbers today Marcos!

      • Thanks Glenn just trying ro catch up to you!

  9. BS 5 rep Max: 135#
    85% = 115×5, 115×5, 115x 13

    WOD: 10 minute AMRAP = 207 scaled to regular pull ups.

  10. BS…ran out of time to get a good 5-squat max #…did 115 for work…fatigue=15
    WOD–197, scaled to Pullups

  11. HBBS 5 rep max: 155
    20 reps to fatigue and probably could have gotten a few more. Apparently this is not my true 5RM.

    AMRAP in 15: 228 with BMU with grey band. Tried to work on getting rid of my “chicken wing”.

    • Bmu with bands! That’s a good idea!

  12. 5 rep max back squat
    8 reps @ 210

    381 reps
    Major scale of 3 push ups on last action

  13. 155 5Rmax. 11@135. 202 @10min c2b

  14. HBBS: 185- really tried to not to go til I missed, but that was hard for me, but that number also felt very heavy! Haha!
    145 (rounded up from 138) 5, 5, 10

    321 with C2B

    Some other random work

  15. HBBS 185×5….155×17……wod 282 c2b

  16. Andrea
    HBBS – In at 135 (not great for me, but I need more warmup in order to achieve the right depth throughout. Senior pains!)
    WOD: 335 c2b in 15min

  17. HBBS: attempted 105 but depth was shotty. Due to time crunch called 5 rep max at 90. To fatigue 77 x 10
    WOD: 273 in 10 minutes with pull-ups.

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