WOD for Tuesday (edited) 11-17-15

November 17, 2015

Strength-  A) Ten minutes, establish a 5 RM push press.  Then B) Ten minutes x5, x5, x?(fatigue) @ 85% of 5RM.

Work- Four rounds for time.  10 Hang Power Snatch 95/65.  There is no longer a full squat demand.  Your legs need some rest.   10 Toes 2 Bar.

There’s been some interest in Sweatshirts.  Please comment below if you are possibly interested in getting one.  They’d be the same manufacturer/cut/weight as last year,  color to be determined.  Price point would be a low of $50 and a high of $60 depending on the order volume.    CFCB Female Lifter on the Front.  CFCB Male & “THINGS ARE DIFFERENT HERE”  on the back.

Looking ahead to some holiday events, so you can plan your travel schedules and family commitments accordingly.

Our Thanksgiving Stuffing Buster will be Thanksgiving Day likely in the late AM.

The Christmas Chipper will be held December 24th, which is a Thursday.  Champagne to follow.  (all faiths, or lack thereof are welcome).

I’m leaning toward preserving the same Stuffing Buster as last year, but changing the Christmas Chipper to reflect some of our new equipment and our new (vs last year) space.  Both of these workouts are very fun and not to be missed, and this year you have the next day off to recover.  Clear your schedules NOW!!



  1. Interested in sweatshirt. Love cut/weight of last years. My two cents on color would be to go with one of color combos from recent tanks. Grey with purple letters or dark grey/black with white letters. 🙂 Thanks!!!!

    • Wendy

    • Wendy, thanks. I’ll run color combos past the manufacturer and get some idea of what’s possible.

  2. Yes

  3. I don’t wear pull-over sweatshirts, but if we ever get zip-up hoodies, I’m in!

    • second

      • third.

    • I would go for a regular sweatshirt or a zip up.

      • Damn it!!! Keep forgetting to put my name in…

  4. Would love a sweatshirt! Or hoodie!

  5. I may pick up another depending on color scheme. I would also be more interested in a zip up….if that ever becomes an option.

  6. We would likely take 3. I wish they had smalls so I could wear mine in public… Lol. Maybe I’ll rock my sweatshirt with a belt and start a new trend! If the sweater dress can be cool then surely a CrossFit sweatshirt dress can be!

  7. I’m out of town for the stuffing buster, but will clear my schedule for the Christmas chipper. I have fond memories of the Christmas chipper at CBCF1. Plus I love champagne.

    I’d been interested in a sweatshirt if I like the color. And I’m sure Thomas would put one on his Christmas wish list.

  8. Best 5 push press 206
    Fatigue best 10 @176
    WOD 9;35 RX normally I smoke this but I had to do singles on the snatch. This is what originally put my back out. I tried to cycle them at first but my back said Hell No!

  9. Push press. I only went to 135-felt a weird pull in my chest so I didn’t want to go heavier. I did 2 sets of 5 at 115 and last set did 14 reps.
    Wod 4:37 rx

    • Greg

  10. 5 rep max: 85; 75 to fatigue with 11 reps
    WOD: 12:27 disastrous minutes. Scaled to 55lbs and t2b were all over the place. This WOD and I are not friends.

  11. 5 rep max = 125. 11@105.
    10:08 @75lbs, mostly knees to elbows with a few T2Bs thrown in.

  12. 5 rep: 85. 75×8
    WOD: 8:48 at 55#. Neck issues

    Didn’t do a 5 rep max back squat because I’m sore everywhere but I did 3×5 at 105 which felt like an 85% effort.

  13. Push Press: 5 rep max 65, to fatigue 57×11
    I opted out of the WOD due to the raw flesh on my palms. Ski x 5 min = 41 pitiful calories.

  14. 4rft Hang Power Snatchx10, T2Bx10 in 4:22. Sub 4 was goal but my toes to bar abandoned me on the last round. Didn;t push press prior, but did some split jerks to a heavy single.

  15. Push Press Heaviest 5, 195

    Fatigue set at 165 8 times, I could’ve done 10 with a gun to my head, but it was a little wobbly at the top.

    WOD 7:20 RX. Good WOD, way rougher than I thought it would be. My grip kept me from a sub 7 time, need to try and use a waxed bar next time. I couldn’t imagine doing this with full squat hang cleans.

  16. Push press: 5 rep max 70. 60 X11 to fatigue
    WOD: 12:51@ 55lbs

  17. PP 105/90×12
    5:56 Dx with 7 no reps. Fuck that sucked to get that many no reps!

  18. PP 110 / 95×8

    Wod 7:11 rxd

  19. PPx5 135…PPx115 12reps….wod 7:11 @ 75lbs

  20. 5 rep max 105
    14 reps at 90
    8:33 scaled T2B

  21. Boyettes in for sweatshirts. Zip or hoodie? 2 of ’em.

  22. 5 rep max 135
    !3 reps at 105
    8:53 at 75 pounds
    Had lots of knees to elbows instead of toes to bar!

  23. Significantly limited by sore back today

    PP 5 rep Max = 75#
    85% @ 65 x 8 reps

    WOD: 6:28 with substitution of cleans at 65# and KTC.

  24. Jumping on the list my shot bandwagon: 95lb5x5, 80 for 14… Forget my time but only snatched 55lbs. T2b pretty much still singles

    • Should have said, jumping on listing my shit

  25. Push press 5@225
    85% push press 16@195
    WOD 7:46 RX

  26. Andrea
    PP 120; 105×8 jump felt good but arms wore out
    WOD: 5:41rx my transitions were leisurely and t2b broke up quickly

  27. Best 5 push press at 75, failed on #4 at 80 so that was frustrating.
    Did 65×14 thereafter.
    WOD: 7:54, scaled to 60 and knees to chest.

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