WOD for Wednesday 11-18-15

November 18, 2015

Here you have a choice of actions:  Deadlift being the most fundamental:  “Pick stuff up” is pretty functional .    Some people are afraid of the deadlift, in which case we have two other choices.  The Snatch Grip Deadlift places the hands significantly wider, which substantially reduces the total load the athlete can lift.  The grip and upper back become the weakest link in the chain, and the lower back is not subjected to nearly as much stress.

Lastly, the athlete can clean.  The programming for the clean differs pretty substantially from the other two off the ground movements, as below.


Deadlift or Snatch Grip Deadlift-  10 Minutes to establish your  5 Rep max.

Clean- 10 minutes to establish your heaviest safe single.


Deadlift/Snatch Grip deadlift-  85% of 5rm.  x5 x5 x?fatigue.  Reps are full stop,  not touch and go.

Clean- 3×3 Tall Clean at 40% of 1 RM, 3×3 Clean Pulls @ 100%

Work Capacity-

A)  8 minutes of Death by KB swings

rest 2 minutes then

B) Death by 5 M shuttle.

In both instances the goal is to maximize your total reps across 8 minutes of work.  YOU pick your starting number, execute,  and rest after completion until the  minute rolls over, then add 1 to your total and repeat for the duration of the 8 minute cycle.

For example:

I choose to start with 15 KB swings in my first minute,  and I achieve that in 30 seconds.  I rest the remainder of the minute and then, as the next minute starts I must get 16 swings to advance.  If I succeed I advance to 17 the next minute.  If I fail,  I get no credit, but I can try again to get 16 any time in the remainder of the workout.  Go out too big and you will miss.  Go out too small and you will be eclipsed by someone else.  As it often does, this WOD comes down to how much do you want to suffer?










  1. SDL 225/195×8

    Did touch and go for my 5 rep max and for my first set of 5 for 85% then heard Brock say to dead stop them so I switched to hand release for the last two sets.

  2. Cleans: max 1 rep 240 PR
    WOD 1 KB 148. Started to low
    WOD 2 RUN 76 that was the max for me

    • Great clean

  3. Standard DL 195 / 165×8

    Went waaayyyy to ambitious on both the ‘death by’ wods. Today kicked my ass and I did not expect it to!

    No idea how to score and I was so beat up, I didn’t even try

    shuttle – started at 9. Missed the 13, took next minute off, but did get 14 last round

    kb – started at 20. Missed 25. Ended at 25.

  4. Deadlift worked up to a set of 5 at 275 and then did 2 sets of 5 at 225 and final set of 8 reps at 225.
    Shuttle run. Started at 7 and finished at 14 = 84.
    KB started at 17 and finished at 24 = 164

  5. 5 rep max DL: 145; 85% 125, 11 to fagitue
    KB: 156, started with 16
    Shuttle: 92, started with 8

  6. 1st: 4 mile run, 8:25 pace
    2nd: cleans – 1 rep 110. Have done 115 before. Back got sore fast, did the accessory work but not the wods

    Running club will not be meeting tomorrow as Susan and I are both doing the free without limits workout at hoggard.

  7. Squat Clean- 100lb –was going to attemp 105, ran out of time. Did clean pulls at 105 and talk cleans at 65.

    Work- 1) KB–started at 19-ended w/ 26=180
    2) Shuttle- started at 6- ended w/12=63

  8. 245 x 5 deadlift
    210 x 8 deadlift
    68 shuttle
    153 KB, missed 2 rds

  9. Standard Deadlift

    Heaviest 5, 245. Set to fatigue @ 210X’s10, had a couple more in me but concern for injury held me back. First time doing several heavyish DL in many months.

    In order,

    KB 148. Started at 15 and did not take a round off.

    Shuttle run Started at 6, missed one so finished on 11 for a total of 51. Had the lungs to do more, but the bending to touch the ground was killing my hips and lower back.

  10. Push press 5RM 105
    90 x 12

    Clean 125
    Clean pulls at 125
    High cleans at 65

  11. Clean: 100, max, did clean work at 100/ 55
    WOD: 142 for KB, 70 for shuttle. Good choice for start for shuttle, probably could have pushed the KB one higher to start.

  12. SGD 185

    Shuttle run
    Started at 9 and missed the 7th round

  13. Meghan
    DL 5 rm 95lbs.
    85% 80 x 10
    KB 105
    5m 45

    DL 5 rm 225lbs.
    85% 190 x 10
    KB 70
    5m 26

  14. Clean: 80 #. Missed at 85, ran out of time to try somewhere in between.
    75 clean pulls, 55 tall cleans
    WOD: shuttle run: 65(started at 7 took one round off and missed last round at 13)
    Kbs: 57 Rx (started at 11, took 2 rounds off)

  15. DL 297×5……247×12…..kb 148….sr 50

  16. 95lb clean…180 kb, 63 shuffle

  17. Hey Joel. If you;re reading this, we were trying to extrapolate your 99 shuttle run laps. Can you tell me where you started and if you missed or rested at all?

    • So, I do believe I did some tired math there.
      I started at 9 and rested on 14.
      I was thinking about it all day and couldn’t remember what I wrote but I was pretty sure it was wrong.

      • So you then did 9,10,11,12,13,14 lengths total? I believe score is then 69?

  18. 5 rep max 275 deadlift
    10 @ 225

    Kb started at 20 with no misses. 188 total
    Shuttle run started @ 9 missed at 14 and finished 15,16. 86 total
    Sorry about the bad math on the board.

  19. (Heavy)365×5
    Kettle bells=135

  20. DL max 205, 7 at 175. I suck at DL still.
    KB: 112
    Shuttle: 55. Started too high and had to rest twice. womp womp

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