WOD for Thursday. Yoga Details.

November 19, 2015

Strength- Bench press.  Work to a 5 RM.  Then 85%x5, 85%x5, 85%x? Fatigue.

Work-  EMOM x 20  1) Airdyne 15/12 Calories  2) 15 Wallballs  3) 15 Box Jumps  4) Burpees.

Best Possible Score is 20 Rxd.

Please be advised:  Yoga will be held on SATURDAY this week at 9am.  Heather is conflicted on Sunday.





  1. Bench 225×5. Had more but needed more time. 190×14
    WOD 12 made a mistake on the board. Should be 1 bike, 5 wall balls, 1 box, 5 burpees. Made a point to not skip burpees.

  2. Bench: 5 rep= 80, 10@70
    WOD: 18. Skipped burpees twice

    • Wow! I was wondering who will get 20. You came so close. Great JOB!!!

      • Thanks Larry! Today marks the first time I’ve ever been accused of ‘pulling a Marcos’. It hurt! Brock got 20, I was very impressed!

      • It’s been an hour, and I’m STILL pulling a Marcos.

  3. CGBP: 115/100×11

    So. I had a blast today. This was a great workout- even though I probably got worst score of the day. I started with AD and it went like this:
    AD 4/5- the one I missed is because I only got 11 calories
    WB 5/5
    BJ 5/5
    Burpees 2/5- I was cutting it close to even get the two I did get…

    Total: 16

    • I think that was a great score

    • Missing the AD by 1 calorie is tough….Lose a point, but no rest. It would have been easy to pass on the next one. Good work.

      • Thanks guys! Did it again tonight and got 19!

  4. Bench press: 75 was my max(ran out of time) 65×9 to fatigue
    WOD: 14 rounds and scaled the crap out of it.
    5 box jump Rx
    5 burpee
    1 AD( scaled to 10 calories-only got to 7 on the second round so I whimped out and refused to get back on)
    3 wallballs (scaled to 10 reps Rx weight)
    Putting my 2 biggest weaknesses back to back in an emom=😩

  5. First day back post-pneumonia. Made up a few lifts just to slowly ease back into using my lungs.

    CGBP: 100 x 5 – I do this super close grip for my shoulder – entire hand in the smooth part of the bar

    Clean: 100 x 1 – this is where I know I’m not at 100% yet, got light headed and dizzy. Max is normally around 120.

    PP: 95 x 5 – got 100 x 3 then got light headed again and failed on the 4th one.

    Feels good to be back!

  6. Bench press 5rm: 85
    75 x 14 (Is that right, Kathleen?)

    Front squat 5rm: 135
    115 x 12

    Work 17 with 10 calories on the airdyne

    Wallballs 5/5
    Airdyne 3/5 (skipped one intentionally then forgot to start the display the next round)
    Burpees 4/5 (was talking to someone and lost track of the clock)
    Box jumps 5/5 (jumped all reps. Not sure if that had to be done, but figured it wouldn’t hurt. It hurt. A lot.)

    • Yes. You got 14 on last set

  7. Bench 5 rep max: 85; 85% 72 @ 15
    WOD: 20rx but I almost died

    • You are amazing!

  8. Bench 5 x 275 /235 x 11

    WOD : 14

    AD : 4
    Burpees : 3
    B Jumps: 3
    WB : 4

    (Scaled to 12 on everything)

    Tough workout. It’s what I needed.

  9. 15 RX’d in order…WB-4, AD-1, Burpee-5, BJ-5

    Brutal and disgusting, but kinda fun I guess…Its been a fun week, I like this kind of programming.

    • Oh, yeah. Bench Press…

      Heaviest 5 @ 210 Fatigue set 180, 11 reps.

  10. Jason

    Bench 5 x 225 /190 x 7 (weak!)

    WOD : 15

    AD : 5
    Burpees : 3
    B Jumps: 4
    WB : 3

    (Scaled to 12 on everything)

  11. 20 rxd. I didn’t bench press in front of this. Paced to 45-50 seconds on almost everything, which was probably smart because I actually felt OK even through the 5th round. pacing effectively has been one of my goals this past year and I think for the most part it’s improving.

    • Nice job man!!

    • Well done Brock!

      If was fun trying to chase you down, keep up the great training, you set the pace!

      Lead Dog!

  12. 5rm bench 90. (92 if you count the grey thingys. dawn shamed me into not counting those.)
    i did 19 skipped 1 WB intentionally.mostly because i am, in fact, a giant baby and have no mental grit. scaled version 12s.
    oh and i did s20 instead of burpees.

  13. Bench 105 / 90×12

    Work – 18rxd. Skipped 1 rd burpees and 1 rd box.

  14. 105 x 5
    90 x 15

    Box 5 s
    Burpee 5 s
    Ad 1
    Wb 5

  15. 280×5 on the bench press (could have done more but ran out of time to load)
    Stayed at 280 for the 85% for a count of 15

    EVMOM= score of 14

  16. 5 rep max bench press 120
    WOD: 18rx

  17. Bench: 105 x14, I think
    Wod: 20-really tough

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