WOD for Friday 11-20-15. Weekend schedule.

November 20, 2015

Strength- A) 10 Minutes to establish your 5 RM front squat.   You can push a little more aggressively than on Monday’s backsquat.  Instructors, in each class, please demonstrate how to ditch the bar forward in the event of a miss.  B) In 10 Minutes, At 85% of 5 RM, take a set x5, recover, x5, recover, x? to fatigue.

Score your 5RM  and your fatigue set (weight and reps)

 Work Capacity-AMRAP in 8 minutes.  8 Cleans (ground to shoulder, any Work capacity-height on the catch), 8 Front Squats, 8 Shoulder to Overhead.  135/95.

I did this several months ago and got an unexpectedly poor 3 rounds.  I’m looking forward to tackling this, although I will do so Saturday.

Please don’t back off your strength efforts in order to “do better” on the metcon.  Id rather see a really good number on your 5rm & set to fatigue than on the AMRAP.  That said, you should take plenty of time between strength and work capacity to recover.


Recall, Gage has got you in the AM, Jade is at 5 and 6 pm.  Brock is at 1pm.  Yoga is Saturday this week only, at 9am.  Open gym 10-12.  Sunday Open gym 10-12, Monster’s are mashing at 10.



  1. Front squat 5 rep max 245. Fatigue 210×5
    WOD: 3 + 7 RX I’d like to do this on a fresh day and not at 6am!

  2. Yoga is Saturday this weekend? Is the plan for yoga to be on both days or just one?

    • Read notes from Thursday and answered my question.

  3. SUPER Stoked on Yoga being this Saturday!

    FS 205X’s 5 heaviest. I def had more atleast 15-20 lbs more but I am not as confident in my front squat as my back squat yet. anyways I bumped my 85% up to as if I did a max set at 215.

    Fatigue set 185 10 times, again def had a few more in me so I will bump this up as I become more comfortable.

    WOD 2 rounds plus 16. I could’ve finished 3 total had I just done a few touch and go cleans on my 3rd round, they were all drops.

    Said it yesterday and I will say it again. I really enjoy this type of programming! Its been a fun week!

    • Did you ever notice how you and I always write the longest posts????

      • Whatever Kathleen. I do it for my own tracking. If you don’t like them don’t read them!

  4. 125×5

  5. FS- 5rm- 115. Fatigue 100×8
    Work- 2rounds +19 @ 70

  6. did push press 5s. 90# max 5. and did 75 x9 i think.
    complex i did 3+2 @75#. but my squats are more of a crouch (to the ball on a 45# plate)
    fun programming.

  7. FS 5 rep max: 105; 85% @90 12 reps
    WOD: 2+16 @75

  8. Dang—hate that I can’t make it to yoga on Saturday because I am sure it would do me some good.

    FS 5 rep max = 155 (maybe could have gotten 5-10 more lbs)

    130x5x2 sets then 130×6 (may have been 7, but I totally spaced out at the end).

    WOD – 1 full round + 21 (I tied with K.Fox which is a big accomplishment in my book). The S2OH gave me the most trouble. I couldn’t string more than 2 together even with Brock trying to push me through at the end with some verbal strategy. I actually liked this workout even though it was hard and I didn’t get as many rounds as everyone else was getting.

    • good job kathleen!

    • DANG! Talk about the kettle calling the pot black! Sheeeze!

  9. 120 for 5RM, 105×5, 105×5, 105×11
    WOD: 4 full rounds, but scaled to 65. S2O holding me back from going up…

  10. Front squat 5 rep max 190
    85 percent at 160 x 16 reps
    Wod – 2 rounds + 16 reps

  11. Did Monday’s workout
    5 rep max back squat at 225
    Wod 263 reps with bar muscle ups

  12. 85 for 5RM
    75×5, 75×5, 75×11
    WOD: 3 rounds + 21 , but scaled to 35.
    (S2O is holding me back from going up)

  13. FS 175×5……147×8…… Wod 1 round plus 21 @ 115(way harder than I anticipated)

  14. Front squat 165 x 5, 140 x 7
    WOD 4 rounds plus 4 – Rx

    • damn. nice!

  15. 105 max, 14 at 90#

    3 rounds + 20 at 65#

  16. Andrea
    FS 5×145
    @ 125×8
    Wod 3 rounds + 16 rx – I felt like I was staring at the bar a lot more than necessary to avoid getting to the S2O

  17. FS max 225×5
    Fatigue set 190×10

    Wod 3rds even Rx

  18. Front squat 5 rep max: 145. 8@125
    WOD: 3rds +11 rx

  19. 165/140×7

    3 Rds + 4- I stared at the bar a lot….

  20. Front squat: 5rep @95, 85 7 reps to fatigue
    Didn’t do WOD. Worked on things I’m not good at… Hard to pick just a few 🙂 but I did 1 min intervals on the AD, double unders and practiced cycling wallballs.

  21. I made up the 8 minute amrap on Sunday. I got 3 rds plus 12 reps or 84 reps. This was up from prior effort (3rds) but shy of goal (4 rds) and therefore very disappointing. Extremely fatigued extremely fast. Overhead portion was probably the slowest but all of it was pretty hard.

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