WODS and Schedule for Monday through Thursday 11-23/24/25/26-15

November 23, 2015

Please note the schedule first:  Monday and Tuesday are normal.

Wednesday we will cancel the 5 and 6 pm classes. We will ADD a class at 12 noon that day only.

Thursday we will run our Thanksgiving Day Double Half Decathlons.  The specs will be the same as last year, giving you a good measure of your progress from a year ago.

As is often the case in these shortened weeks,  you’ll have a lot of latitude to navigate Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday as you see fit.   Thanksgiving day,  our second annual workout extravaganza, the CFCB Stuffing Buster, is a real monster.  Let’s start there, as planning the rest of your week around the specifics of that workout may be a wise move.

Two, 1/2 decathlons for time. 1 score.

FIRST- 500 m row, 400 run 30 airdyne calories, 200 heavyrope singles, 100 steups 20/16″

THEN- 5000/4000 Lbs of Deadlifts.  (bars at 275, 225, 185, 135, 95)

4000/3000 Lbs of Back Squats (bars at 225, 185, 135, 115, 95 80)

3000/2000 lbs of Shoulder to Overhead (bars at 135, 115, 95, 80, 65)

2000/1000 Lbs of Kettlbell Swings (Kbs @ 70, 53, 35, 25)

1000/500 Lbs of Rope Climbs (divide by bodyweight to equal # of ascents)

Athlete briefings at 9 and 10.   Heats roughly every 5-10 minutes.

The first half is fairly standard issue and shouldn’t confuse too many of you. The second portion of the StuffingBuster will have multiple options for you, the athlete to choose among. As above, for the 5k/4k deadlift we will have bars loaded at 275, 225, 185 and 135 and will have noted the repetitions necessary on each bar to achieve the required total.

Athletes will count and judge their own reps. Guests are welcome and there is no charge, but we ask all guests to sign a waiver and non-crossfitters to restrict themselves to the first half of the double 1/2 decathlon (row, run, bike, jump rope step up).

Totally Scaleable.  Many people just do the first half, or just do half  the lifting volume,  and so on.  Join in the fun and impress all your sedentary relatives with tales of your workout.

Below are WOD’s for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

In this second week of the cycle you establish the weight on the bar based on last weeks fatigue set, as follows:  6-10 reps- Increase by 7-10 %.  11-15 reps increase by 10-12%, 16 or more reps-increase by 15%.

Then, with this new value established perform a set of 5, a second set of 5, and a set to fatigue.  This set to fatigue should probably be approaching 95-97% of your best effort, stopping when you feel like you’d compromise form or safety by continuing.

This pattern holds true for Monday’s backsquat, Tuesday’s push press and Wednesday’s deadlift.  BUT due to the shortened nature of the week,  some of you may want to condense lifting days, and for instance, push two lifts into monday, skip the metcon, third lift on tuesday, metcon on wednesday etc etc.  We can discuss.

Work capacity

Monday  10 minutes, two scores.  First 5 minutes- Row calories,  Second 5 minutes AMRAP of 5 Snatch Grip Deadlifts, 5 Hang Power Snatches, 5 Overhead Squats  @ 95/65  Row calories plus total reps of the complex = total score.

Tuesday  – Amrap in 20 Minutes-  5 Cleans (185/120), 10 Dips (ring/bar), 15 Double Unders.

Wednesday–  50 Toes to bar for time.  rest as necessary.  50 Thrusters for time. Scored separately.







  1. Brock just wanted to say thank you offering yoga this weekend, my first try at it. I have to say it made a HUGE positive impact on my back. I’ve been sore for the longest time and the session was spot on. On a side note I get sore from Crossfit but I did manage to somehow break a toe during yoga… go figure

  2. Glen, ummm….glad it worked out? Sorry to hear about the toe.

  3. 245×8 back squats
    195×5 push press
    Both are 10% jumps from last week

  4. Back squat
    14 reps at 205
    Wod 81 calories and 62 reps. I’m pretty sure I got 4 rounds plus 2 deadlifts but now I’m seconding guessing if it was only 3 rounds?

  5. Back squat 145×8 (at 1RM from last week) but I need to work on depth.

    Work 71+45rxd = 116

  6. BS – 11@115
    Work- 61+51= 112 @55

  7. No Squats. WOD went 82 on the row, stopped at 4:30, 92 (6 rds + 2 reps) on the barbell complex. 174 total.

    • That’s a sick number on the barbell movements…incredible! Good job.

      • Thank you. The movements all rolled out pretty well today. I needed a good one after my friday shit-fest.

  8. i did 95x5x3 on push press. i’m all turned around in this strength due to 1. not reading the board and 2. not listening to brock. i’m an asshole. but it made me jump up 20# from last week’s fatigue set. which i guess i could do. so–bully for my poor attention span.
    wod: row 60, complex 54 @55#.

  9. Back squat: 6@100(11%increase)
    WOD: 54 calorie row+ 37 reps @55=91

  10. Back squat went up 11% to 245lbs. Fatigue set 8 reps. I left 2 or 3 in the tank so I def have some room to increase next week.

    WOD 72 calories and 55 reps so 127 total RX’d. I rowed 4 minutes. I should have gone all out for 5 minutes and just done 4 minutes on the weights I would have scored better.

  11. back squat; 6 @ 125
    WOD: row 66 + 33 @ 55 = 99 OHS and snatch are big struggles for me – OHS not to depth, technique on both needs work for sure

  12. HBBS 155 x 9 (This is was “5RM” from last week)
    Push Press 100 x 9

    WOD 60 calories and 55 on the barbell = 115 total

  13. HBBS
    Week 1: 185/145×10
    Week 2: 155×16

    Week 1: 105/90×12
    Week 2: 100×13

    I feel like I need a week to “get into the swing of things” when we start a strength cycle. Hopefully I will see good numbers. I really want to catch Wendy’s 300b DL

    Work: 64+84=149 Rx

    • CGBP
      Week 1: 115/100×11
      Week 2: 110×9

      Week 1: 225/195×8
      Week 2: 210×9

      • FS

        Week 1: 165/140×7
        Week 2: 150×8

  14. BS 225 x 7
    BP 185 x 5

  15. HBBS 177×10……PP 127×8

  16. HBBS 177×10….PP 127×8

  17. HBBS 177×10…….PP 127×8

  18. Back Squat 245 x 8
    WOD – Row 84 + 2 rounds + 10 reps = 40 = Total – 124

    Rowed for the full 5 min. Scaled the WOD to 65 due to 1st time over head squatting. The dead lift and snatch were very light at 65lbs, but the overhead squat was brutal. Definitely need to work on that.

  19. BS 245×11 I missed BS last week so I just guessed at the weight.
    PP 155×7 I didn’t do this last week either.

    Wod 80cal row + 66=146rx

    • I’m seeing a theme here. You skipped CF too many times last week. 🙂

  20. Back Squat
    75 on the row
    40 on barbell complex (took a beating on trying to squat)
    115 point total RX

  21. Jason

    Back squat: 7x 275

    WOD: 73row +36=109

  22. Did two lifts and supplemental work today and skipped the work.

    High bar BS – 150×5, 150×5, 150×10. Maybe could have gotten some more reps but aired on the cautious side since I didn’t have a spotter. (increases weight by 10% from last week).

    Push press – 110×5, 107×5, 107×5. Went up by 10% from last week for first set. Knew I couldn’t get five more in the second set so dropped the weight a little.

  23. Back squat 10 @125

    Push press 8 @80
    Tuesday WOD 4 rounds @ 75
    Double unders were a challenge. Spent the most time there

  24. Jason

    Push Press 195×5

    WOD- 4 rounds plus 13. Weight RX, first round dip rack the moved to ring push-ups after getting a stinger in neck, singles.

  25. Brock- What is the clean workout for this week? Same as last week?

    • Clean Athletes- Please do the 3 position clean at 60, 65, 70 and 75% of your 1 rm. 3 Position clean is 1st- From a full stop, clean from the hip pockets (jumping position) 2nd- from full stop just below the kneecap 3rd- full stop, from the ground. Retain control of your bar (don;t drop) and catch everything low. Then Clean pulls at 90% 3 sets of 3 reps. Reload every rep back to the ground, don;t touch and go

  26. Tuesday : I did Wednesday strength cleans. 3 set position x 4. 145, 155, 170 and 185. 3×3 pulls at 230

  27. Push press 4@82. This was pretty heavy for me
    Dead Lifts 9@140
    Work: 5 rounds plus 14; singles and @85

    • Bench 8@80
      Toes to bar: 5:20 scaled knees to chest
      Thrusters: 5:13@55

  28. BS-130×6
    Clean work

  29. Tuesday:
    PP: 85×5. This was my 5 rep max and I guess it still is
    Clean drills instead of metcon. Would like to try that workout when my leg feels better.

  30. Tuesday:
    PP: 80 x 12 – only did a 1rm last week, 1st time going to fatigue
    work: 4 rounds + 7 @ 95lbs, red band bar dips & dus
    I’m still not anywhere near 100% better and had to take many breaks

  31. TUESDAY:

    PP 175X’s7

    WOD- @165 7 rounds. (I THINK I really had 8, but I only wiped 7 of 10 marks off my board which I didn’t set up until half way through my first round so I am pretty sure I forgot to wipe the first round off, since I am not sure we will call it 7.)

  32. BS 185×7
    Row 75 Cals
    52 reps-No overhead squat

    Tue-135×7 PP
    6 rounds plus 4 at 135
    Single rope

  33. Push press

    7 rounds + 1
    Scaled PC to 165

  34. bench press 80×14.
    wod 6 +8. 95#, push ups, doubles.

  35. PP 102×7

    Wod 6+8 rxd. Tough, but glad I tried it!

  36. Push press: 65×9
    WOD: 4 rounds + 7 reps. @80 lbs, bar dips, and du’s(these did NOT go well)

  37. DL 277×7

  38. 5@225 disappointed
    7 &2/3 rounds (everything RX except subbed for dips)

  39. Shoulder press
    Work 8 rounds +9 reps@135 cleans
    Hurt my back at 185 in warm ups.. Wanted to quit and roll on the floor and cry…instead I picked myself up and decided to do something. I scaled light and kept moving.

  40. Wednesday : I did bench press. 5x5x fatigue 225×8
    T2B 3:38. Joel killed me at 2:22
    Thrusters @95 3:28 closes to throwing up in YEARS!

  41. Andrea
    HBBS 130×10
    Bench Press 90×10
    Push Press 115×6

    I’ve had depth issues on my squats due to an aching hip flexor (+6mn). Sorts itself out once I’m warmed up. I’m lighter than I should be on my back squats so I can go deep enough for legit reps. Push Press, on the other hand, is heavy for me. I like this lift and need upper body strength.

    Tues WOD 6rnd+8 rx
    Bar dips were my Achilles heal. My DUs went great – this is a victory as I have struggled with these. Is it about the rope or the wrist movement or the jump? Who the eff knows.

  42. Took on the stuffing buster with K Fox who was steadily ahead of me the whole time. Finished everything except the rope climbs at about 27 minutes. Did the rope climbs over the next ten minutes give or take.

  43. Wednesday: clean work
    T2b: 42 in 5 min cap.
    Thrusters: 6:20 @55

    • Bummed I’m gonna miss tomorrow! I have to work tonight so I will be sleeping tomorrow 😩

  44. Wednesday:

    DL 235 X’s9

    50 T2B 3:48
    50 Thrusters @ 95 5:40

    I was in a rush and only took just a few minutes off after K2E, should’ve recovered a little bit more.

  45. Front squat 125 x 12
    Clean work

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