Wod For Friday 11-27-15

November 27, 2015

Two shots of the Stuffing Buster, midway through.  Thanks to all who came out and especially those who helped me setup and breakdown.  That was very appreciated.  A few more pics are on the instagram.  Username Crossfitcb.

FRIDAY– recall that 5 and 6 pm are cancelled.  Brandon from 6 to 945.  Brock at 1pm.

Strength-  Front Squat.  Based on last weeks set to fatigue.  If you successfully performed

6-10 reps:  raise your weight 7-10%

11-15 reps: raise your weight 10-12%

16 or more: raise your weight 15%

Then go x-5, rest.  x-5, rest.  x-fatigue.

This same metric applies to all the lifts, so if you are, for instance, making up the Deadlift or the Bench Press, your calculations are the same.

Accessory Work- Walking Lunges with the bar in the front rack.  Please do 5-8 reps on leg # 1,  short rest.  5-8 reps on leg # 2.  x3 cycles.  The escape is tough if you get stuck at the bottom  (your forward leg is often trapped below the bar) so please be conservative with your weight selection.  Be conscious of loading the heel, keeping the shin vertical and not allowing the knee to migrate towards the centerline (the valgus collapse).

Deadlift- No accessory lift.  See wod below.


IF, AND ONLY IF you didn’t do the stuffing buster OR picked a light weight on the deadlift portion and feel GREAT, please do the following  mean-ass couplet

AMRAP in 15 minutes –  15 deads @ 225/155 (sumo is fine, drops are fine), 15 Wallballs.

If you DID the stuffing buster and feel it’s effects, please do the following triplet

AMRAP in 15 minutes- 15 Row Calories, 15 Hang Cleans 115/80,  15 Wallballs.





  1. Front squat 185 x 7
    Wod 150 reps rx

  2. Well apparently eating whatever I want for a day translates into crappy CrossFit numbers the next day.. I’m shocked! Haha.
    Front squat: did 100 last week, was supposed to do 107.. Only got 3, went down to 105, only got 3, went down to 102 and got 5(barely!)
    Bench press: increase 7%, 70×5
    WOD: deadlift/wallballs: 132@125, 10#wb(forgot to write scaled WB on board) deadlifts may have been too heavy for me but it was a good workout

  3. Front squat 11@100
    Did row/clean/wall ball – 162@65 for cleans

  4. Front squat 145 x 7
    DL/WB wod- 161 rx

  5. Front squat: 125 x 3, 3, 4 — realized I can’t do basic math and should have been at 115, then 115 for 5….
    WOD (inc row): 3 full rounds and some change totaling 155 Rx

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