WOD for 12-1-15. New Equipment and Progenex Updates

December 1, 2015

Equipment-wise, we’ve sold 3 of our 45lb bars, but purchased 4 new ones, 2 -45 lb Wright Bars identical to our existing 3 bars,  and 2- 35 lb/25 mm  “female” bars.  Balancing the gender’s a little more evenly.  We also have some (6) more abmats on the way and some 35 lb bumpers.   I’m hoping by the end of the week…

Progenex is en route.  Peppermint Smash,  or Peppermint Bonanza, or Peppermint Epiphany or something is a seasonal flavor that getting great reviews. I suspect it WILL be quite good. Recall that if you buy and don’t like either the flavor or the effects, you get your money back.  Lots of Chocolate Peanut Butter, some Vanilla, Strawberry and Mocha as well.

The WOD is-

Strength– Push Press x5, x5, x fatigue.

Work-  AMRAP in 15

15 Box Jumps 24/20,  15 S2O @ 95/65

15 Box Jumps 24/20, 15 S2O @ 115/75

15 Box Jumps 24/20, 15 S2O @ @135/ 85

15 Box Jumps 24/20, 15 S2) @  155/95

etc to time expires.

Midline- For Completion.  2-4 Attempts at max length GHD Static hold.  Lock in at horizontal and hold for time.

The Work Capacity is going to be your most CrossFit Open-esque workout of the wee, so don’t miss out.  We’ve seen this 2 action, 1 constant, 1 variable format a couple of times (Burpees/Snatches in 2012  and Deads/Box Jumps in 2014).  Bar comes off the ground. Step-ups are allowed.



  1. Did bench instead of press

    Week 1: 115/100×11
    Week 2: 110×9
    Week 3: 117×6

  2. Shoulder Press: 215×5×5×6 every rep felt so HEAVY
    WOD: total reps 142 in 12 min cap
    Plank hold: 39 (very lame score)

  3. Jason

    Shoulder Press: 215×5×4×4
    WOD: total reps 120 in 12 min cap
    Plank hold: 34

  4. BS – 125×6
    Work – 105 reps rxd in 10 minutes. Stared at the 95lb bar for 2 minutes.

  5. Did back squat today
    145×8. Same weight and score as last week but wanted to make sure I was going to depth (used target this time).

    Work 140 rxd

    static hold 1 minute

  6. Push press 8@ 155
    Wod 115 reps in 12 min

    • Static hold 1 min

  7. Push Press: 115×6
    WOD: 165rx
    Plank: 1min

    • Great score! 12 min cap?

      • Yep! Andrea got 168rx!

      • You girls are amazing!

    • That is so fucking awesome!

  8. PP: 90 x 6
    work: 113 rx (3 rounds + 7 s2o)
    plank: 1:06

  9. SP- 190X6

    Work- 135 RX. (4 rounds plus 15 step ups) That got REALLY heavy @ 155. I think I could’ve gotten 1 or 2 in the 5th round of 175 but I didn’t even think I would get there and didn’t have the weights for it. Great WOD!

    plank 30 seconds…I had nothing in me after that WOD.

  10. Omg! I made a mistake and added 10’s to EACH side for each round…so I did the amrap with 55-75-95. Makes me feel better about the 105 score.

    • 8 am. Work to a heavy single in the clean. 240. PR Lifetime. Rep was pretty decent, making me think 250 is within reach. I DID use the fancy ball bearing bar. If you haven’t tried the bar on your heavy Olympic days, please do so and see if you like it. I’m not 100% sure I do. The spin is SO fast I’ve had the bar pop out of my hand once or twice. On the Box Jump/S20 workout I got 140, which is 5 reps into the 5th barbell set/175. The actual split jerk felt pretty good. My reps at 175 were my best all day because they HAD to be.

    • I hate when that happens. Haunts me for hours afterwards trying to figure out WTF?! Great job ~ andrea

      • This was for Salena!

  11. 1 rm push press at 120

    Wod= 147 rxd

    Midline static hold= 1:16

  12. SP 135×6…..wod 106 rx

  13. Push press 107 x 7
    WOD 140 rxd

    • Had I known Brock got the same score, I would have found time for 1 more rep.

    • I didn’t push press first so I was fresher. I think that tilts the scales in your favor.

  14. Shoulder Press- 5+5+7@230
    Plank hold 30 sec (embarrassing)
    WOD- 135 rx

  15. 145 Rx

  16. Push press: 7@82, kept weight same as I fatigued at 4 last week
    Plank: 45
    WOD: 116, but kept to 85lbs on the 4th round. Calculated wrong on the board

  17. PP 165×6
    Wod 116rx

  18. Andrea
    Push Press 117×5, 117×5, 117×3 Whah, Whah!!!
    WOD: 168 – huge pacing factor was changing weights BEFORE returning to the box (thanks Marcos!) Gave me time to recoup before making up time on the box (step ups, by the way), the bar was ready when I returned and I was able to just focus on the weight action
    Thanks for all the positives! It means a lot

  19. Push jerk – weight the same as last week:
    107×5, 107×5, 107×5. I totally forgot I was supposed to go to fatigue on the last set, but to be honest it was a struggle to get the first two sets. I’d like to think I could have squeezed out one or two reps. I’ll assume I got 6 when I calculate my weight next week.

    GHD static hold – I won’t lie. I did it once and only held for 25 seconds. I was more interested in watching the first group do the WOD.

    WOD – 118 reps RXd. So 3 full rounds + 15 step ups + 13 S2OH. I slowed way down in the fourth round of S2OH.

  20. PP: 115 x 7
    WOD: 105
    GHD: 44, 29

  21. Push Press: 80x 5, 5, 8
    GHD hold, did twice without recording time but it wasn’t worth recording, trust.
    WOD: 105, Rx

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