WOD for Wednesday 12-2-15

December 2, 2015

In local news: We’re getting a new neighbor. Something called FITBODY BOOT CAMP is opening up a stone’s throw away from us just North of the Hibachi Bistro. I peeked in their windows and they look to be about 1500 sq/ft. I don’t know anything about them specifically, but I gather they are a chain of sorts and in my own experience as a “fitness bootcamp” instructor in days of old, usually that denotes hi-rep, low weight “total body” workouts. Certainly nothing wrong with that. I bring this up only to acknowledge that we (CFCB specifically and CrossFit in general) are not the only game in town; and while I certainly value your business, I would never hold it against anyone if they wanted to try their hand at a different fitness method. CrossFit is not the best choice for everyone, and I don’t say that with any sort of “we’re TOUGH!! They’re NOT” subtext. We want your business resulting from a fully informed choice that this fitness method is best for you! Anyway, they’re there. If you check them out, let me know how you like it.
Strength and Accessory stay the same as originally posted.  Work capacity is altered, per below.


100 Heavyrope Singles

80 Situps

60 Hang Cleans @ 95/65

40 Pullups

20 Wallballs to 11’/10′




  1. Love where I’m at now!

  2. Cleans: 230 best clean, did 240 but I caught it wrong and it was shitty so I dropped it.
    WOD: 13:13 RX. Pull ups killed me!

  3. Deadlift 255 x 7
    Wod 9:26

  4. Track with Susan- 4x1200m at a 7:15 pace. 1200m warmup and cool down

    Squat clean- worked up to 110, PR

    WOD: 13:53 rxd. Unbroken sit-ups, 20/12/13/15 hang cleans, all singles on both pullups and wallballs.

    • Great time Kate! I thought I was going to beat you until the wallballs put me back to reality.

  5. Dead Lift 5+5+3@385
    WOD 13:55RX (SUBTRACT 30 situps due to abdomen cramp)

  6. Squat Clean: 100 (cleaned 110, but chickened out on the squat)

    work: 16:23 rx. Got to wallballs 11ish. 4 minutes to finish those stupid $@%# things.

  7. Clean work. PR 85#. Failed at 90
    WOD: 14:54 scaled my WB to 9 ft. I started off trying to do Rx but after so many no reps.. I decided I should scale the height. I did hit the 10ft occasionally!

  8. Deadlifts: 6@150
    WOD: 17:03, 1 band for pull ups

  9. DL 255 X’s 7

    WOD 13:31. RX
    I really liked this, just super frustrated I was limited to singles for literally about 30 pull-ups my hands were so wet. I probably lost an extra 3 minutes on those alone.

    • Chalk is free.

  10. Cleans- 105 pr
    Work- 16:41 RX

  11. Clean 135 lbs which is a post-baby PR.

    Screwed up the lifting portion and didn’t have time for the metcon.

  12. SDL
    Week 1: 225/195×8
    Week 2: 210×9
    Week 3: 230×6

    11:42 Rx

    • Nice!

  13. DL 300×5…….wod 12:51 RX

  14. Come in late from work and missed strength portion
    Wod: 11:42 with band on pull ups

  15. DL 190 x 8, feel like my technique is improving thanks to Brock’s tips.

    Really disappointed with the wod. Felt like I was doing very well and was enjoying the whole workout. Got to the hang cleans then got a massive headache at around #35. Tried to power through but only made it to about 35 Pullups before it was unbearable. Womp womp. Will try this again some upcoming Saturday

    • Mackie

  16. Jill
    Squat clean 160
    WOD 13:07rx

  17. Andrea
    Squat Clean to 150 – that’s a PR for me!!!
    WOD: 11:45 rx – stupid pull-ups!

  18. Jason

    Deadlift- 315 x5x5x8
    Sandbagged a little since I haven’t done these in a long time.

    WOD- 19:55 Big accomplishment going unbroken on heavy rope. Got a lower ab cramp at 55 and had to stretch for a minute to continue on to 80 sit-ups. Single pull-ups were slow.

  19. DL (increased last week’s lbs by 8%)
    210×5, 210×5, 210×8
    Didn’t have time for the WOD; will try to make this up at open gym if I can still walk after Friday’s leg workout. It looks rough.

  20. Did MetCon in Sunday
    15:20, used bands for Pullups

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