WOD for Friday 12-4-15

December 4, 2015

You’ve got Gage instructing in the AM,  Jade charming up the 5 and 6, regular old Brock at 1pm….

Strength–  Front Squat.  x5, x5 , x fatigue.  Take last week’s fatigue set and jump as follows:

6-10 reps:  7-10%

11-15 Reps: 10-12%

16 or more: 15%

No Accessory lift.  Work demand is high.

Work Capacity– For time

21 Back Squats 225/155

21 Over The Bar Burpees

15 Front Squats 185/125

15 OTB Burpees

9 Overhead Squats 135/95

9 OTB Burpees


Instructors:  Your best bet is to establish 3 separate bars per athlete, loaded for each lift, and then have the athletes progress from one bar to the next, gauntlet style.  So, in the case of, say, ladies rxd,  The athlete will start with the backsquat bar in the rack and loaded at 155.  After 21 Reps, the athlete proceeds to the Front Squat Bar situated on the ground and loaded at 125.  They would then perform 21 OTB burpees. Thereafter, the athlete needs to be able to clean the bar to the front rack and ultimately get 15 reps.  Then the athlete would move to the third and final bar, in this instance, loaded to 95 lbs and perform 15 OTB burpees, THEN 9 Overhead Squats, THEN 9 more OTB burpees.

Athletes in the second heat would begin as the athlete in the 1st heat begins their set of 15 OTB burpees on the 3rd bar.  This should keep you largely free of bottlenecks.  Even so, try to have your better squatters/more experienced athletes go first, newer people in later heats.

Scaling:  MANY people will scale some or all of this workout.  Remember that you must be able to clean your selected FS weight and must be able to mount your OHS weight from the ground (ie Snatch it, or Back rack/back jerk it).  Logical scales would be  Back/Front/Overhead @ 185/135/95m  and 125/95/65w  but could easily be lighter for both genders, particularly if people are new.  Some of our brand new members have yet to see OHS in a WOD.  Please scale these people to Jumping airsquats with a 45/25 lb plate held across the chest.  Jumping airsquats still break parallel and the feet must leave the ground by 1″.

Athletes:  Know your limits, especially on the late stage Overhead Squats.  Nobody drop the bar on their head.  Please err to the side of less, especially on that lift.







  1. Front squat 6 @ 200
    Wod 11:07 scaled 225/155/95

  2. WOW!! KILLER WOD! I would like to do this one on a fresh leg day.
    Front squats: 225×5, x5, ×10
    WOD: 15:29 RX I failed 3 times on the OHS. Thanks to Gage for pushing me on this WOD.

  3. Front squat 4@135. Got the 5 for the first two sets.

    Wod 9:44 at 125/95/65

    Probably should have gone a little heavier but, I didn’t.

  4. Jason

    Front squats: 225×5, x5, ×7
    WOD: had to call it at 12:15 because it was 7AM. Went RX and completed front squats. Had 15 burps, 9 OHS, and 9 burps remaining. Could possibly project out to 17-18 minute completion. Would like to try again.

  5. FS 7@105
    Work-11:41 115/85/35

  6. Front squat: 120x 5, 5, 5
    Work: 115/ 95/ 65 at 10:43. Probably should have gone a little heavier on the back squats and OHS, didn’t realize that till I got into it…

  7. FS: 105 x 10 – first time doing front squats
    work: 14:14 @ 115/95/65 – that sucked

  8. FS 215 X’6

    WOD 14:39 or 49
    dropped everything by 20lbs so, 205,165,115

  9. FS: 110×6
    WOD: 11:48 @ 115/95; subbed air squat jumps with plate for OHS and took back/front squats out of rack due to elbow issues

  10. Front squat: 105×4
    WOD: 14:54 105/80/65

  11. Front squat: 155 X 5, 4, 3.
    WOD: 14:45 rx

  12. 145×8…. Didn’t do last week so did initial 85%.

    WOD: 11:02 rx. Ouch.

    • Awesome time

  13. FS

    Week 1: 165/140×7
    Week 2: 150×8
    Week 3: 165×6

    15:08 Rx- very happy. Haven’t OHS 95 in over a year, probably much longer than that!

    • nice jade!

  14. FS 205×8

    Wod 13:50rx

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