WOD’s for M-Tu-W 12-7/8/9-15

December 7, 2015

For all lifts except the clean, you’ll shift into sets of 3 this week.   Loads go up based on last weeks fatigue set as follows:

4 reps– Stay the same, try for more.

5 Reps– up 5%

6-7 Reps– up 7%

8-9 Reps– up 10%

Monday– Back Squat

Tuesday– Push Press

Wednesday– Deadlift

Athletes who are cleaning,  work to a heavy single, let me observe, and suggest drills day of.


Accessory- Banded Good Mornings (these were programmed last week but time ran short and almost no one got to really get into them) 3x 10-15

Concurrent to the accessory period, we’ll have  a brief snatch instruction review in anticipation of the work period below.

Work- Last performed on 5-19-15.

20 Snatches @ 95/65

10 Box Jumps 30/24

15 Snatches @ 115/80

15 Box Jumps @ 24/20

10 Snatches @ 135/95

20 Box Jumps @ 20/16

Snatches MUST break parallel but, a power snatch followed by an overhead Squat is acceptable.  If you don’t have the position but can handle the weights, scaling to Power Snatches only IS an option but I’d rather you just sacrificed some weight and get low if possible.  If you are new, we will likely preserve the rep scheme, but keep the weight at a constant, achievable level.


Accessory – Shoulder press 5 x 1  (so 5 heavy singles)

Work-  EMOM x 15  A) 15/12 Row Calories  B) 10/6 Handstand Pushups or 3/2 Wall walkups  C) 2/1 Rope Climbs



3×5 Deadlift from a deficit.  Clean athletes-  Day of.

Work- Last performed 6-17, in reverse order.

A) 8 mins, max reps  Pullups-2 pts, Strict Pushups 1 pt. Maximize your points.

rest 8

B) Max Reps Burpee Box Jumps 24/20 as follows:   1 min on, 1 min off, 2 mins on, 1 in off, 3mins on, Done.



  1. HBBS
    Week 1: 185/145×10
    Week 2: 155×16
    Week 3: 175×8
    Week 4: 190×6

    • 19:53
      Rounds were the same rep scheme but stayed at 65 lbs and the 24 inch box

    • Wow!!! That’s awesome Jade!!!

      • Thanks Kathleen, pretty rough on my shoulder, but I finished it! Scaled, but finished!

    • CGBP
      Week 1: 115/100×11
      Week 2: 110×9
      Week 3: 117×6
      Week 4: 125×5

      • SDL
        Week 1: 225/195×8
        Week 2: 210×9
        Week 3: 230×6
        Week 4: 245×5

      • PP
        Week 1: 105/90×12
        Week 2: 100×13
        Week 3: 115×6
        Week 4: 122×5

      • FS

        Week 1: 165/140×7
        Week 2: 150×8
        Week 3: 165×6
        Week 4: 176×4

  2. HBBS: 290×6
    WOD: 14:51 RX

    • Previous 15:10 RX

  3. PP- 90×4

    Leg recovery (30 min easy airdyne, 10 min rolling), pullup and ghd work

    • Tuesday’s wod: 15 rxd. For real.

  4. Did Tuesdays strength and wod to rest legs

    PP 115×4

    Work – 15 (handstand pushups w 25lb plate, 4 pullups on rope per round)

    • HBBS 160×4. Having trouble w high bar at heavy weight.

      Snatch/box – 14:01 at 60/70/80

  5. Legs are shot from Friday – still taking steps one at a time
    hbbs: 115 x 3
    work: 11:21 – scaled the crap out of everything – power snatch @ 55 & step-ups

  6. Did push press due to leg fatigue from working all weekend. (The struggle is real!).

    115 x 6

    WOD 13:59 at 65/75/85 lbs.
    It was 13 minutes of snatches.

  7. Back squat: 140@4
    WOD: did box jumps and thrusters due to elbow

    • Tues:
      push press; 4×88
      WOD: 15rx

  8. Jill
    Back squat: 175×5
    WOD: 11:51 rx

  9. Back squat
    255 x 4

    12:14 heavily scaled
    Also did power cleans

  10. HBBS 205×7……wod 11:50@65,75,85

  11. Did some squats but not 3×3 as I missed all of the 5s. Did 145×5, 155x5x2

    Wod 15:20 Rx ugly (meaning I did it RX but it wasn’t pretty and not sure anything I did looked like a snatch. Mostly I throw it up then do an OHS)

  12. Test

    • The test was because I have tried posting like 3 times today and none posted…super annoying…


      WOD- 19:08 RX weight and movement until the last round I just power cleaned. Due to mobility limitations I wasn’t able to full squat snatch even in the lightest rounds, I was forced in to power clean/OHS. Maybe I am crazy but I thought this read a lot easier than it was in practice…tough one!

  13. HBBS (increased 10% from 165 to 182)
    182×3, 182×3, 182×4
    Accessory work 2×10 of good mornings (who makes up these names???)

    Work scaled to 65:75/85 and did step ups instead of box jumps. 8 reps in and I couldn’t cycle. Clearly I’m not good at the snatch. So I switched to full squat cleans. 16:44 and every minute of it totally sucked!!!

  14. Monday back squat 245 x 5
    Wod 16:36 scaled to 95/95/115

    • Greg

  15. Push press: made an error and started at 240. Failed my first set and dropped to 225 and did 3x3x4
    WOD: 13. No grip on the rope. I almost lost it at the top and fell to the ground in round 3.

  16. Monday’s work:
    BS – 130×7
    WOD – 14:33rxd. But I scaled the weight to 55/60/65 and only did step ups to the 24″ box.

    • Great job going rx!

      • Hmmmmm…Kate I think you need to learn why RX means!

      • I feared my sarcasm might be lost on some of you..

  17. Tuesday push press 165 x 4
    Wod 15 but I wasn’t locking out on HSPU

  18. Push press 115×4 rx.
    15 rounds rx. Didn’t do rope climbs so I did pull ups. Can’t do handstands let alone push-ups in a handstand so I walked up until I felt like I was going to be in a handstand then bailed.

    • Clearly you and I amuse only ourselves! And maybe Jill.

      • You killed it Vilija!

        I did the WOD rxd but I didn’t show up subbed walking into my house for the row (too multiple trips to get kid, mail, work junk), picking up a baby for handstands and I hate rope climbs so I didn’t do a thing for that. NAILED IT!

      • You 3 are amusing me 🙂

      • You girls are hilarious. Wish I was there to join in the laughs. Jill

      • Adelynn I think we can safely call what you did Rx+.

  19. Monday, BS at 137.5 x 5; WOD 13:12 scaled to 55lbs
    Tuesday, PP at 85 x 5, 3, 5; WOD: 10 rounds in only, had to leave early… Scaled to rope pull-ups.

  20. Monday- BS 140×3 Work- 14:25 super scaled 35lb each round & step ups.

    Tuesday- PP- 75×6 Work 15..scaled wall Walkups

  21. PP: 95 x 6 (96 if you count the gray clips)

    work: 14 rx with hspu & rope climb – skipped round 4 row so I could get all reps in on the last round – row was killing my hspu!

  22. PP- 205X4. ALMOST had 5

    WOD 15 RX. I did full extension pull-ups.

  23. push press 80×2. Got my 2 sets of 3 in and didn’t have much left over.
    WOD: I put 13 RX on board, but remembered on way home that I had to start scaling the calories on the row to 10..transition waiting for people to get off, me get on was costing about 10 seconds..12 calories is my 1 min max, so I couldn’t afford to lose any time. I didn’t want to skip the row every time so I just scaled. I missed 1 rope climb because I couldn’t get my feet right, and missed one HSPU round because for some reason a squishy abmat vs a firm one makes all the difference..there’s my story 🙂

  24. Tuesday:
    Push press: 125×4
    WOD: 15rx

  25. Push press
    160 x 6

    15 Rx
    Wall walk ups and rope climbs

  26. 145×4…..wod 13

  27. Tuesday’s WOD 15 rxd
    I did the guys rep scheme for rounds 3-5 to get some extra work in. It got spicy quick.

  28. pp 105×2. grrrrr.
    15 scaled. wall walk ups and jumping pull ups.

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