WOD for Wednesday 12-9-15. AM Running Group. Sweatshirt pre order info.

December 9, 2015

On the display are sample sizes and colors of the Zip-front Hooded Sweatshirts we will be ordering.  Available colors are Black/Navy/Heather Grey and they are unisex in style/cut.  Black and Navy will have white print.  Heather Grey will have black print.  On the back will be our female deadlifter and “Things are Different Here”  Front will either be Male Deadlifter on one side or C F C B  across the chest.  $50.  We will be placing the order Monday the 14th.  I’ll post a sign-up sheet for anyone interested.


At 6am, our running group is meeting at the gym to store gear, etc and then the workout is:

3/4 Mile warmup

200 m Sprint, 200 m Jog x 12 cycles

3/4 Mile Cool Down

Scale by walking vs jogging and/or by reduce your total cycles.

Crossfit WOD is:

Strength-  Deadlift or Snatch Grip Deadlift  x3, x3, x? to fatigue.

Clean- Heavy Single.  Don’t miss more than 2x at any given weight.

Accessory Work- 3×5 Deadlift from a deficit.

Clean athletes-  Determined on site.

Work- Last performed 6-17, in reverse order.

A) 8 mins, max reps  Pullups-2 pts, Strict Pushups 1 pt. Maximize your points.

rest 8

B) Max Reps Burpee Box Jumps 24/20 as follows:   1 min on, 1 min off, 2 mins on, 1 in off, 3mins on, Done.




  1. Deadlift 275 x 6
    Pull ups 116 push ups 90 = 322
    Burpee box jumps 56

  2. Awesome morning on my cleans. Worked up to a PR 245 squat clean.
    WOD #1 304
    WOD #2 43

    • Dang Larry! Thats a really good score! How many Pullups did you do?

      • 89 pull ups

      • Dude I did 85 pull ups and scored 228…You know its 2 points per pullup right? You did 126 pushups too?!

      • I went and saw what I wrote. I only did 117 push ups so I did 295. My mistake. I beat last score by 44 and 7 on the burpee box jumps

    • Correction on my score. 89 pull ups, 117 push ups. 295. Last time 249. Burpee box jump 43, last time 40

      • Still very solid. That’s a ton of push ups.

  3. SDL
    Week 1: 225/195×8
    Week 2: 210×9
    Week 3: 230×6
    Week 4: 245×5

    Dropped in at College Hill CrossFit and got my deadlift in and then did their workout.
    4 Rounds- every minute
    7 FS no rack at 70% 1RM (135)
    50 DUs
    7 C2B

    I missed the last two rounds of FS.

    • PP

      BBJ 57 last time 53

      Andrea. You are my idol.

  4. Deadlift 160×6
    Pull up/ push up = 123
    Burpee/box jumps = 68

  5. squat clean: 110
    pull up: 60/push up: 60 = 180 rx – last time 188 (59/70) 😦
    burpee/box jumps: 44 rx – last time 50 😦

  6. DL- 275X4

    Pullups/Pushups 228

    Burpee/BJ- 63

    last time in reverse order I scored 65 and 198…Gonna have T.Rex arms for a few days.

  7. Cleans @85 lbs
    Pull up/ push-ups: 126 Rx
    Burpee box jump: 82 Rx

    • 48 pull ups/30 push ups

    • L’il Ninjaz!

    • Great job!

  8. DL 315x 8
    Pull Up / Push Up 218 – Scaled pull up w/ black band
    Burpee / Box Jumps – 37 –

    Burpee / Box Jumps = The most horrific thing I’ve ever experienced…But, I didn’t die.

    • Ha. Yea, that’s a pretty crappy way to spend 8 minutes of your life.

      • I burned a shit ton of calories, I’ll take it. I’ll own those in a couple months.

  9. Andrea
    Squat Clean to 145 (last week I got to 150)
    PP: 17?
    BBJ: 82

    • 82! Great job

    • 82!? Nice!

      • Well, it seems I pulled a “larry” in the math department! It bugged me all night – 15-24-33=72
        See, I am not Superwoman . . . that goes to Jen Nau!!!

  10. Pull/Push Ups: 184rx
    Burpee Box Jumps: 64 rx

    • Squat clean 155 last week 160

      • Jill, I think we pushed each other well last week!

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