WODs for Thursday and Friday 12-10 and 12-11

December 10, 2015


Strength- Bench Press/Close Grip Bench Press  x3, x3, to fatigue.

Accessory- Top 1/2 Bench Press.  3×5  tempo controlled at 2-2-x-2

Work- 3 attempts for time of a 2 lap bear crawl.  Cumulative time.


Strength- Front Squat x3, x3, to fatigue.

Accessory- 3 attempts for time of 2 laps Reverse Tire Drag. For completion/no score.  Loads TBD.

Work- Leaving every 8 minutes.  Athletes run 800 m, and then perform max rep thrusters @ 95/65 until the 6 minute mark, leaving 2mins of rest before the next round starts.  3 rounds. Score is total reps.

Please note: During the accessory work on both Friday and Saturday we will have a concurrent instructional/technique period devoted to Handstand pushups/Handstand mounts.  If you can’t yet do these movements AND you want to learn, skip the accessory work.  If you can’t do these movements and don’t want to learn them (IE inversions make you nervous) there is no pressure to do so.  Skip the instruction and do the accessory work.

The rest of the post is just a recap of my first (failed) and second (more successful) attempts at the WOD from last Friday.  In the course of quitting and then trying again, I learned some stuff that I thought I’d pass along.

On a personal note, I took a second attempt at the workout you all did last Friday; 21-15-9 Backsquat @ 225, Fronts @ 185, Overheads @ 135 with OTB burpees in between.  Initially I had tried this out on Saturday and was forced to stop due to a sensation best described as “1 rep away from ripping the muscle completely off the bone”.  I went 11-10 through the back squats, did my 21 OTB burpees, cleaned and did 8 Front squats, intending to stop and get the remaining 7, but when I set the bar down a big wave of 1/2 cramp, 1/2 tear discomfort forced me to stop.  I tried to stretch and roll this sensation away but it didn’t help.  So I quit midway like a big, fat, (but also smart and cautious) baby.

I missed no training days, in fact, had a very good split jerk session on Sunday,  but was pretty miffed at being forced into DNFing a workout.   In trying to figure out what went wrong, I eliminated any concerns about  nutrition and hydration, both of those were very normal, and settled on a failure to warm up appropriately.  I had spent the 20 minutes prior to the failed workout attempt snatching at decent %’s.  All told I probably had 12-15 catches at decent depth at anywhere from 135 to 165 and at the time I felt like this would serve as adequate warmup for the heavier, but less ballistic back and front squats.  Yet, when I got under the bar at 225 it was shockingly heavy right away.

With all that mind, today I warmed up substantially differently with 5 reps each back and front of 135, 185 and the  255 back squat only,  and this served me much better.  So, first big takeaway is that in your warmups, you likely need to approach the loads you’ll be lifting, not just the movements.  Also,  I tool smaller chunks and more rest during the back squats, doing 8 then 7 then 6 at 0:00, 1:00 and 2:00 respectively.  Burpees went OK, averaging about 6 seconds per rep, trying to stay smooth, and not stop and this worked, getting me done with the round of 21 at just over 5 mins.  Divided the fronts up into 3 sets, 6-5-4 and cleared them in about 2:30, so we’re at about 7:30 total time.  Burpees again, about 6 seconds each so 9 minutes at the end of round of 15’s.  A slow 30 second transition to get the bar to 135 and so at 9:30 an ugly power snatch got the bar placed, but here I was able to go unbroken and finish at around 10:20, sprinted my burpees to get 10:58 or 2 seconds faster than our resident Squat Monster,  Vilija.  This was definitely a case where having Vilija’s 11-flat time to gameplan around was crucial.  After watching Jill struggle with the overheads on Friday (A move she’s VERY strong in;  lb for lb much better than I am)  I knew I had to arrive at that movement without a lot of metabolic elevation, so I consciously paced the round of 15 burpees. Second takeaway is, it’s worth holding back on a high cost, low technical demand movement like a burpee and making up that time on a highly technical/high accuracy demand movement (like Overhead squats, double unders etc)  If the  final squat action had been less demanding of accuracy (say, back squat again)  I would have hit those 15 burpees much harder.

Lastly,  I did this on fresh legs, with no squat work in front of it, like you all did, and that clearly helped my time.  Third (facetious) takeaway, do less work beforehand and you’ll “do better“.




  1. Bench press: 265×3, 265×3, 265×3 very sore from yesterday.
    WOD: 26, 29, 30 = 85 seconds
    I would like to see Joel, Glen and Nick race!

  2. Susan and I did the first part of Sunday’s monster mash partner WOD. It was a good one! We modified as follows:
    100 s2o at 65#
    80 burpees
    60 pullups
    4K row
    2 mile run

    47 minutes

  3. cgbp: 95 x 4
    bear crawl: 40, 45, 48 = 133 seconds

  4. Bench 95×7? 8? I can’t remember.

    If I never bear crawl again, it will be too soon. 157 seconds.

    • I think we should be friends.

  5. Bp 95×2. 😣
    I did Monday’s snatch/step up
    Totally not Rxd at 55/60/65

  6. test

    • Sorry for the test again, but I keep posting and getting rejected.

      BP 215X5

      BC 37,37,38 total 112…Bear Crawls, how I loath you!

  7. Subbed push ups with medicine ball for bench press
    Bear Crawl: 84 (27,30,27)

  8. I kept the bench press light to since my shoulder is still wonky.

    Bear Crawls=31, 23, 23=77

    • What kind of score would you have with a good shoulder (bear crawl )

  9. bench press 80×2
    Bear crawl: 150

  10. BP: 40 x 2 As if that’s not sad enough it’s down from 45 last week. Not sure what that’s about. I have goals.
    Bear Crawl: 38, 40, 41=119

  11. Bench 105 x 7 (since I’ve missed so much I did sets of 5)
    Bear crawl : 54, 45, 45 – 144

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