WOD for Friday. Special Event- YOGA workshop.

December 11, 2015
Athletes, clear your schedules.
I’m excited to announce that on January 9,  from 12 noon-2:30 we’ll be hosting an intensive yoga workshop designed to teach the fundamentals of yoga to the stiff-jointed CFCB masses (and possibly guests).   Heather will be focusing on the anatomy, physiology and alignment of some the fundamental yoga poses(asanas).  We will dig deep into each of the “basic” asanas, and work on how they align and feel in YOUR body.   We will also work on the 3 different types of breathing patterns (pranayama), most often used in yoga classes. There will be time to ask questions about yoga  in general, and specific to your CrossFit, circumstances, life, etc.
We want you walk away more knowledgeable about your practice and your body.
Putting it very bluntly, if you can’t overhead squat, or you can’t get your toes to the bar, or  you can’t consciously decide to slow your breathing rate and speed up your aerobic recovery, you and your CrossFit can benefit from attending.  $20 members, $25 guests.  Signup posted this weekend.
Bear Crawls made their first appearance in a long time, with some standout speed demonstrated from the likes of Joel, Neal, Eileen, Ryan M.  and Glen.  BUT, just as noteworthy to me was some of the grit displayed by athletes to whom bear crawls don’t come easy:  Ryan F, Rebecca, Travis, Shelby and some others all persevered in the face of adversity.  Nice job.
Strength- Front Squat x3, x3, to fatigue.

Accessory- 3 attempts for time of 2 laps Reverse Tire Drag. For completion/no score.  Loads TBD.

Work- Leaving every 8 minutes.  Athletes run 800 m, and then perform max rep thrusters @ 95/65 until the 6 minute mark, leaving 2mins of rest before the next round starts.  3 rounds. Score is total reps.

Please note: During the accessory work on both Thursday and Friday we will have a concurrent instructional/technique period devoted to Handstand pushups/Handstand mounts.  If you can’t yet do these movements AND you want to learn, skip the accessory work.  If you can’t do these movements and don’t want to learn them (IE inversions make you nervous) there is no pressure to do so.  Skip the instruction and do the accessory work.



  1. Front squats : 255×5
    Run/Thruster WOD: 43 (20,13,10)

  2. Front squat 210 x 5
    Wod 28, 25, 23 = 76

  3. Front squat 140×4
    Wod 69 (29, 20, 20)

  4. FS- 5×110
    Work- 25–65lb & row. Would have been worse if I had run

  5. FS: 115 x 5
    work: 12 thrusters @ 65 (10, 2) before shoulder said no more, 9 PP on round 3.
    I just totally sucked all round. Is it time for max double unders yet?

  6. i did lunges and some top 1/4 handstand push ups
    then row/AD and push presses (11/16/20) 47 in lieu of thrusters.

  7. FS 176×4- I really thought I had 5, but couldn’t get it up!

    • Aaaaand that’s what he said!

      • ….Thanks a lot, folks, what a great audience. I’ll be at the Holiday Inn LaffShack in Tuscon this Wednesday night….

  8. Front squat 105×3
    Work: 43 thrusters @55. (15,13,15)

  9. FS: 117 x 5
    WOD: 56 @ 65 but took the bar out of rack due to elbow/wrist

  10. FS 230 x 5

    Wod RX with runs. 50. 20,14,16. My running just sucks. I had 1 minute to do thrusters in my last 2 rounds.

  11. FS 195×5….DL 315×5

  12. Only did the run/thrusters – 30, 27, 27 – 84 rx

  13. 72 Rx

  14. Front Squat: 95 x 5
    Run/thrusters: 28 (10, 8, 10)

  15. FS: 90 x 5
    Run & Thruster WOD: 22 @ 55

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