Monday and Tuesday: 12-14-15 & 12-15-15

December 14, 2015

One note-  We send the sweatshirt order to the printer on Monday 12-14.  Last chance to add your name to the sign up list on the board at the gym. If you want one but can;t make it in, say as much in the comments section, and tell me size and color (navy/black or heather grey)   Please do your best to pre-pay.  If we bill you on your CC we can add the sweatshirt to your tab.

Small change in the pattern this week.

Monday you’ll double up your strength and get both Back Squat and shoulder press in, as follows

Backsquat & Push Press: x3, x3, x fatigue.  Vs last week, if, on your fatigue set you did

1 rep- Go down 5%

2 reps- Stay the same

3 Reps- up 2-3%

4 to 6 reps- Up 5-7 %

More than 6 reps!  You’re either brand new or a lazy sandbagger of the first degree.  In both cases, train harder.  If you are new and frightened at the prospect of being stuck under your squat bar, please get a spotter.  Your fear, while entirely logical, will mute your intensity.

No accessory instead the workout is NASCAR YOUR PLATES

5 RFT against a 10 minute cap

8 Backsquats @ 225/145, 8 Shouder to Overhead @ 135/95.

If you are someone who’s done this under the time cap before, you have the option bumping up to these numbers:

8 Backsquats @ 245/155, 8 Shoulder to Overhead @ 155/105.

That’d be some sort of MONSTER TRUCK NASCAR YOUR PLATES.  Guys that would be 45-10-45 plates on each side of a 45 lb bar,  ladies you’d go 25-10-25 on each side of a 35 lb bar, and you’re just manipulating the exterior plate in both cases.

Then Tuesday we’ll pull a long one from not that long ago (10-16-15)

Instruction/Technique-  Rope Climbs.  We’ll teach the foot lock and how to advance.  If you opt for the instruction, we’ll shorten your wod to 3 rounds.

4 Rounds for time of 40 KB Swings, 30 Wallballs, 20 Burpees, 10 Box Jumps 30/24.  rest 3 Mins between each round.

Wednesday, Thurasday and Friday will be more what you’ve gotten used to these past 5 weeks.  Lift, accessory, work capacity.






  1. We are out of town but I can get you $ for ours at the evening class on Monday!

  2. You can bill may hoodie to my tab!:)-I put my info on the board

  3. HBBS : 305 × 5 (FATIGUE)
    MONSTER NASCAR : 64 (245/155)

  4. Did my first guest drop in @ Durham. No one laughed at me and everyone was friendly a fear conquered! We had to do what they were doing.. So we did emom x 20 5 push press even min, 5 pull up or muscle ups odd min. Then 8 min amrap 30 du’s,25 KB swing eye level, 20 ohs @ 55. Then.. 200 air squats for time with 6 jumping lunges emom.
    I did 70# push press/pull ups in emom.
    I got 1 round + 58 reps in amrap. Scaled 30 du for 15 du attempts.
    Air squats was 8:50

  5. I modified to 185 front squats, kept s2o at 135. Hit the 10 minute cap at 78 reps.

  6. hbbs: 117 x 8
    pp: 100 x 0 – not a typo

    nascar: 56 @ 115/75
    past results:
    8:00 @ 85/65 (2 days post 1/2 marathon)
    8:51 @ 100/50 (in the middle of 4 straight tennis matches)
    72 @ 115/65
    70 @ 115/65

    5 times doing this and today was my worst – not a good day all around for me – been having a lot of those lately 😦

  7. Not sure what my problem was today, but I couldn’t do shit well. I didn’t feel like I had much going on in the way of muscle fatigue, but everything was extra hard today.

    BS- I was supposed to go to 295. Last week I did 270. Well…I could barely get ONE lift at 295. In fact 270 felt super heavy, so I just did 3×3 at 255, and that felt terrible.

    PP- I was supposed to go to 215. Previous week was 205. I tried some warm ups and when I got to 185 I could tell 215 was in no way happening. I just did a few reps at 155 and called it a day.

    NASCAR- I finished 3 rounds rounds in 9 minutes and quit. Squats just felt too heavy today. I normally get between 70-75 reps on this WOD, Im super annoyed.

  8. Back squat 200×3

    Push press 120×3

    NASCAR:: 9:50 Rx.

  9. HBBS: 150 x 5 reps
    PP: 80 x 5 reps
    NASCAR: 64 reps at 75/115.

  10. HBBS
    Week 1: 185/145×10
    Week 2: 155×16
    Week 3: 175×8
    Week 4: 190×6
    Week 5: 205×4 (went up 8%)

    NASCAR 7:11 Rx
    *didn’t do push press before NASCAR

    • Very fast!

    • CGBP
      Week 1: 115/100×11
      Week 2: 110×9
      Week 3: 117×6
      Week 4: 125×5
      Week 5: 132×3

      Week 1: 225/195×8
      Week 2: 210×9
      Week 3: 230×6
      Week 4: 245×5
      Week 5: 260×2
      **every week after the first has been hand release

    • Nice Jade!

    • DNF to Tuesday’s workout- back cramped and it wasn’t worth it. I will head back to the chiropractor tomorrow. I can’t have that shit holding me up.

      Sorry Scott! I was the worst workout partner ever!

      • PP
        Week 1: 105/90×12
        Week 2: 100×13
        Week 3: 115×6
        Week 4: 122×5
        Week 5: 128×2- heavy and ugly

  11. also failed miserably today…2 weeks ago did push press 100×5, last week 105 x2. this week 100×2. What gives? Will try again next week.
    did the nascar in 9:45 super light squats (95) not to depth. and 75 jerk. i sweated like a whore in church, but there is an asterisk by that one.

  12. Back squat 250 x 5
    Shoulder press 170 x 5
    NASCAR 56

  13. Back Squat 125 x 4
    Push Press 60 x 4
    (3 rounds) 48 @ 105/55

  14. Back squat
    270 x 4

    Push press
    170 x 4

    3.5 rounds Rx

    • this was Zack

      3.5 rounds = 56 reps

  15. HBBS 225×5…..PP 156×4….. NASCAR 40 RX

  16. BS 275
    PP 175×4

    NASCAR 72rx

  17. Jason

    Back squat 335x 2
    Shoulder press 205 x 3
    Racked both earlier…the wod was in my head. Plus was out all last week.

    NASCAR 54rx had a good pace through 3 rounds then hit a wall.

    • Correction: NASCAR 56. (3.5 rounds)

  18. Correction nascar 56


  19. Andrea
    HBBS 165×3
    Push Press 125×5
    NASCAR: 9:15 Rx – last October I finished at 8:51Rx. Today, I was working from a stand alone rack and I do know that I re-rack more mindfully with that. I’m not saying it added :24 but I do think it MAY HAVE made a bit of a difference;)

    • No, that definitely is a liability. I was smashing the f*&k out of the rack on my rest drops.

  20. Tuesday 33:30

  21. Tuesday : 38:31 RX.

  22. Tuesday: 33:44

  23. Tuesday 34:32 with step ups to 24″. Too short to attempt jumping that high 😉

    • I’m shorter than you with weaker legs. You could easily jump that!

      • I value my shins. I’m 5’2″ – fuck that!

  24. Tuesday:
    395 reps – scaled wallballs to jumping airsquats with the 14lb medball. After the 3rd attempt at a wallball, I realized that my shoulder was not going to hold out or cooperate! All else rx’d. Kbs were the only thing going good for me.

  25. 37:09. high pulls with KB instead of swings and step ups.

  26. 375 reps..scaled wallballs…

  27. 3 rounds in 30:07

    Before we started a wall ball sitting on top of another wall ball on the top shelf fell flat on my head. It was a little bothersome throughout so I was worried it may be really sore if I kept pushing. Maybe I could’ve finished right at the cap. I don’t know why I suck so damn bad though, Ive been in this long enough to have better flipping stamina.

    The 1:00 female athletes were amazing!

  28. 33:03 rxd

    I really cratered in the last round.

  29. Tuesday 31:50 rx

    I was absent monday.

  30. Tuesday: 18:33 (3 rounds scaled and 30/20/10/5)

  31. Andrea
    I don’t really know what to say about today’s WOD. That was terrible. In fact, I had myself completely talked out of doing round four, but after + three minute break I reconsidered. Burpees are the worst for me, then wall balls, then Kbs, then box jump. Im so glad we don’t have mirrors to see the suffering. Finished at 30:41 Rx
    Only thing I can think of that is worse than this might be interval airdyn!!!

  32. Tuesday:
    after miserable rope instruction (i dont know how you people squeeze your feet so tight together) i did 3 miserable rounds in 24:55 with step ups instead of jumps. shit sucked.

  33. NASCAR: 68rx. Spent a solid 45 sec trying to push jerk 145. 😑 Oops
    Immediately after: 37 something for Tuesday

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