WOD’s for Monday and Tuesday. Schedule for the Week of 12-21-25. Diet Contest Details. 2016 Prepay Discounts

December 20, 2015


Due to the shortened week, I suggest the following weightlifting schedule:

Monday- Back Squat and Push Press or Bench Press

Tuesday- Deadlift

Wednesday- Front Squat and Bench Press or Push Press

As long as you go Lowerbody (BS/FS or DL) and Upper Body (BP or PP)  and split your squats apart by 48 hours, you are fine. Your scheme is as follows:

Strength:  Vs Last week’s fatigue set–

if you got 2 or less,  stay the same try to get 3

if you got 3-4, go up 3%

if you got 5 or more, go up 7%

Then your sets are as follows:  if you get 3, go up 3%. try for 2.  If you get that, go up 3% try for 1.

Accessory Work

Back Squat –  Rear Leg elevated Lunge 3×8 r and l

Bench press- Weighted dips 3×5

Push Press- 3×2 Negative Only Push Press at 100%

Deadlift- 1 RM from 3″ block

Front Squat- 3 x 20 Second GHD static hold.  Weighted if necessary


Pick two lifts and 1 accessory action for each lift.  35 minutes.

Work- E3MOM x 6 Even Minutes- A) Max Rep UNBROKEN WallBalls on rythm  B) Max Rep Unbroken AbMat Situps


Pick any one lift and the corresponding accessory.


Against a 90 Second clock: 15/12 Pulllups, 5 G2O @ 155/105, max rep doubles,  Rest 1 to 1 (90 seconds) x5 rounds.  Score is Doubles. I did this Saturday and got 22, 22, 7, 14, 10

Thursday  12/24 from 10 to 12 noon is our Christmas Chipper.  Champagne provided.  Some people even just come for the Champagne and skip the work. We’ll prep and go over scaling options at 10 and the workout often takes 60-75 minutes, so be advised.


We will test out on your recurring/primary lifts on M-T-W.  12-28/29/30, and thereafter the programming will shift to a roughly 2 month block where we turn our attention to the CrossFit open, recently announced as commencing on 2/25.  They’ll be a lot of 1,2 and 3 event workouts in the 10-15 minute time domain.  A little more time devoted to skill work.  Things like muscle-ups, toes to bar handstand pushups etc.  This will dovetail nicely with the bodyfat loss goals many of you will have in association with our 2016 Diet Contest 

First and foremost, note the dates

Start- Saturday January 2nd or Sunday January 3rd  10am-12 noon.  At 10 am Saturday we will speak briefly about some of the eating patterns/diet plans typically associated with Crossfit, and give out some links and resources that’ll provide further detail.  Thereafter we will weigh, measure, pinch and take pictures.  Sunday January 3rd we will repeat the weights, measures and pictures, but not the food presentation.

End of Contest- Saturday February 13th or Sunday February 14th.  10 am – 12 noon.  Weigh, Measure, Pinch and after pictures.

Awards Ceremony- Saturday February 20th. Approx 8pm. Location TBD

Cost- $20

Rules- Only tw0…

1) You MUST get weighed/measured/BF % pinched and photographed on or after the Start date and on or before the end date.

2)To win the contest and therefore the money, you must be present at the awards ceremony!


We will take bodyweight, circumference measurements at the waist, arm and leg, and 3 site skinfold bodyfat measurements on all contestants.  We will take 3 Photos of each contestant. Front, Back, and 1 Athletes choice posed.   6 weeks later, we will repeat all of the above.  Then, in the week between the close of contest and the voting we will develop the pictures and place them in a photo album that will be present at the awards ceremony.  All contestants who have completed the contest can then vote on 1 female and 1 male contestant to win.  The most first place votes wins the contest.  Your bodyweights, measurements, and fat % are not released to the other contestants and are not a factor in the voting process.  The photos are the only relevant information.  This is done in order to allow the relatively fit to participate and still win.

Differences from Years Past

There is no demand to log your food.  We will establish an online platform and happily assist and advise anyone who wants our input, but there is no mandatory minimum log requirements.

Frequently asked questions

Can I do the contest but not pay, if I don’t care about winning?

No, this is CrossFit and winning matters, but even if you dont care, the fee remains.

I dont want to get my pictures taken, can I still do the contest?

No. But I will keep them out of any public domain (like the photo album and/or off the website) if you ask me to.

I’m bashful, puritantical, or leprous.  I dont want to wear clothes that show my body.  Can I still do the contest?

Yes.  Wear whatever you want, but a) the more you cover the less obvious the change and b) wear the same thing.  2 different sweaters disguise change more than wearing the same sweater.

I cant make the Saturday or Sunday photo times, can you take my picture on Monday, Tuesday etc.

No.  This is a logistical mess.  The next picture opportunity after Sunday has yet to be determined.

Can my spouse/friend/parole officer participate?

No. This year we are restricting participants to the membership only.

I hate parties, why do I have to go to win?

You may hate NORMAL parties, but this is a CFCB party, where handstands, human pyramids and feats of strength abound.   You will enjoy yourself and your alcohol tolerance will be so low it’ll be like 8th grade all over again.

Why is it a “contest” and not a “challenge”?

Because America’s avoidance of contest in exchange for goofy, feel-good buzzwords like “challenge” are what got us into this obesity mess in the first  place.

Lastly, You are all strongly encouraged to participate.  We keep it short and we hold it at new year’s every year on purpose.  The Holiday’s have come and gone, and people are galvanized by a fresh start and new beginnings.   An athlete who is thorough and committed to both diet and exercise frequency can make DRAMATIC visible change in 6 weeks.  That said,  if you arent fired up to participate, you will not become so as the contest proceeds.  If your life is in disarray, if you’d rather wait until warm weather spurs you to action, if you just “need to work at your own pace” then you will probably drop out, be non compliant and fail to make changes.

Take this seriously.  Realize that there IS indeed some sacrifice and discomfort in your future.  Personally, I get a surprising amount of consolation when I remind myself that “this is supposed to be hard” when staring at my lonely and neglected bottle of bourbon.  Bear down and stick to it.  You can always go back being the way you were, but you’ll get some good pictures out of it.

Good luck, athletes!


We are repeating our annual prepay promotion from last January.  If you know you’re in for the long haul, you’re happy at the gym and expect to stay the year this may be of interest. Any member who prepays the year will get December of 2016 for free. That’s 8.5% off. AND you get a free bag of Progenex in whatever flavor suits you best.  If you change your mind, move away, would rather do Zumba etc, I’ll refund the balance on any time remaining, so there’s no risk. This is just a reward for the simplified logistics of not having to bill you monthly.  In addition, I’m anticipating a $5 increase in membership dues in 2016, probably in April, anyone who prepays won’t be subject to that.  All total, you’d be saving  $230.







  1. Back squat 175 for 1 rep – did 3
    Bench 122×1

    work – did only 2 rounds
    wallballs – 20 (i SUCK at wallballs)
    kettlebell – 98

  2. BS- 150×3, 145×2, 150×1
    Work- 2rounds- WB- 7, 9=16 KB 50, 40=90
    WB are worst for me-this WB drill would be good for me to do often. Today- ball would hit wall, then start spinning, which made it spin out of my hands

  3. Monday
    Back squat 270 x 1
    Shoulder press 190 x 1
    Wod 80 wall balls / 129 KB

  4. Back squat- 385 pr
    Push press-256 pr
    No WOD


  5. BS- 305X’s1 I def had more in me but that was probably my first time in over a year over 300.

    PP- 225X’s1


  6. Back squat: 155 x1
    Push Press: 100 x 1
    WOD: 65 wall balls; 97 kb

    • Deadlift: 180 x 2
      Bench 105 x 1
      Tues WOD: 136, can’t remember splits. Scaled all the way around — 7 pull ups, 75lbs, and singles

  7. Back squat
    285 X 1

    Push press
    180 X 2

  8. BS 275×3, 295×2, 305×1

    PP 180×3, 185×2 190×1

    Wb 30, 30, 25=85
    Kbs 45, 45, 30=120

  9. HBBS 250×3, 260×2, 270×1

    • Bob

  10. HBBS
    Week 1: 185/145×10
    Week 2: 155×16
    Week 3: 175×8
    Week 4: 190×6
    Week 5: 205×4 (went up 8%)
    Week 6: 215×3, 220×2, 225 3×1

    Week 1: 115/100×11
    Week 2: 110×9
    Week 3: 117×6
    Week 4: 125×5
    Week 5: 132×3
    Week 6: 135×3, 140×1, 142×0 (not happy with those sets, but happy because 140 is a PR)

    Week 1: 225/195×8
    Week 2: 210×9
    Week 3: 230×6
    Week 4: 245×5
    Week 5: 260×2
    Week 6: 260×3, 267×2, 275 3×1
    **every week after the first has been hand release

    Monday’s Work:
    WB: 62
    KB: 123 (I think)

    • Good numbers and good record keeping!

    • PP
      Week 1: 105/90×12
      Week 2: 100×13
      Week 3: 115×6
      Week 4: 122×5
      Week 5: 128×2- heavy and ugly
      Week 5: 128×0, 120×0, 115×0 and Fuck You x 100

  11. Back squat 190 X 1
    Bench 135 X 1

  12. Tuesday : making up for missing Friday and Monday. HBBS 315×3, 315×3, 320×2. Started Push Press but ran out of time.
    WOD: screwed up big time on the ground to over head. I did 5 straight push press before my friends told me ground to overhead. Had to start over and lost a lot of time on my DU’s.
    1st. 20, 2nd 15, 3rd 8, 4th 0, 5th 0 total 43. Made it to the DU’ in the 5th and just couldn’t make any complete

  13. Tuesday
    DL 405 pr
    WOD rd 1-17,2-0,3-0,4-0,5-0
    Scaled you 10 pull-up and single jump rope. Did 5 and 5 pull-ups round one then struggled with 2-3’s remaining rounds eating up the time.

  14. Tuesday
    Bench 260 x 1
    Front squat 225 x 2
    Wod 26, 14, 16, 19, N/A on the last round I got 11 but on my 5 th ground to overhead I didn’t have enough left to full extend and lockout my arms so I’m not counting those double under reps.

  15. Tuesday – cleans and back squats
    Work- 45 at 85lbs and 7 pullups. Tried 12 pullups the first round and didn’t get to the rope. Did 7 for the next 4 rounds.

  16. Monday: back squat 125×1
    Tuesday: bench press 87.5×1(pr- old 1rm was 85)
    WOD: 63 (7 pull-ups, 80lbs, singles) if anyone finds my missing double unders please return them to me.

  17. Tuesday:
    PP: 105 x 1
    work: 24, 22, 0, 8, 0 = 44 @ 85lbs (pull-ups & dus rx)

    rounds 1 & 2 unbroken pull-ups, round 3 = 8 & 4, still felt good – then everything went downhill when I went to do touch & go on g2o and the bar fell out of my hands and hit my shins. Last 2 rounds sucked, hands sweaty, couldn’t hold on the bar for pull-ups, didn’t want to try touch & go. I know I asked for max dus, but can I ask again for more dus please 🙂

  18. Tuesday

    Push press 125×1

    Work 72 with 7 pull-ups per round (rest rxd)

    • Good job Susan!

      • Thank you Jen!

  19. Tuesday-

    BP 245X1

    WOD RX 30,23,2,0,10 total 65. If I had any bit of freaking endurance I could’ve scored pretty well on this. My math on the board must be wrong, I thought I totaled out to 68 on there.

  20. DL 345×3, 355×2, 365×1…….3″ block 335

  21. Hang squat clean: 165
    Power clean: 165
    WOD: 40, 27, 8, 10, 1= 86rx

  22. i watched jill clean 165 like a fucking badass.
    my cleans 110. failed at 115 a bunch.
    wod 8, 17, 11, 2,1 85#, DU, 2 thin bands/7 pu.

    • You’re the badass! I want to be Michaela when I grow up.

  23. Front squat: 115×1
    Worked on cleans and did it wrong but I did get 95 lbs power clean from the hang.

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