WODs for the week 12-28/29/30-15

December 28, 2015

This is our Test out Week.  The first half of each class will be devoted to establishing your 1 rep max in your primary lifts.

My suggestion is Back squat on Monday,  Deadlift on Tuesday, Front Squat Wednesday, with either of the presses (bench or push press) on Monday and Wednesday.

Clean Athletes, I might put your efforts first on Monday before any squats fatigue your legs.

In all cases, optimize your environment.  If you want a certain bar or rack, wait until you can get it.  Warm up very well, with a number of sets that pyramid you down in reps and up in weight.  Last sets should exceed 90% of your first “real attempt”

The wods are programmed with an eye towards not creating huge amounts of soreness that will adversely affect your lifts, gradually building in difficulty throughout the week.  Feel free to pull the plug on any workout if you feel like it’s creeping you toward an excessive recovery period.

Monday-  “GRACE”– 30 Clean and Jerks For time 135/95. One of the shorter benchmarks.  Some of you can expect to go 3-4 minutes.

Tuesday- AMRAP in 10 Minutes of UNBROKEN pullups.  Men 7 reps, Ladies 5 Reps.  Want more?   Repeat 10 minute max rep Fanwheel test  (airdyne, row or ski erg).

Wednesday- 4 x 4 on 2 off for total reps as follows:  A- 15 Burpees/15 Wallballs   B- 15 Hang Snatches, 15 Wallballs  C-15 Airdyne Calories/15 Wallballs  D- 15 Kb Swings/ 15 Wallballs.

As of next week we shift the programming focus, putting work capacity on the front burner and shifting strength development into more of a maintenance role.

As we’ve done in the past, we’ll split the programming on several occasions between a course that charts specifically towards preparing for the CrossFit Games Competitive season (The CrossFit Open, Starting Feb 25th.  Explanatory Link HERE) and a more balanced, less competition-focused programming track that probably is most true to the spirit of CrossFit as it was originally conceived.

We’ll have more detail about what to expect from each track later this week.





  1. Monday Test Out: Clean, Push Press.
    Clean: 251 PR. Up from 245 Dec 9th 2015.
    Push Press: 246 PR. Up from 245 October 12 2013
    Grace: 2:00 PR. Last PR 2:49 October 2 2014.

    • Congrats on all PRs, especially Grace!

    • That is a fantastic GRACE! Smoked it!

      • Thank you, I did have a much longer rest than Joel, Brad and Greg this morning. It felt light after all the heavy cleans

  2. Monday
    Back squat 275
    Push press 195
    Grace 4:57 rx

  3. Monday
    Back Squat: 165
    Push Press: 110
    Grace: 3:58@75

    • Deadlift: 200 PR
      Tues Work: 10 rounds

  4. Bench: 95 PR
    Full clean: 95 PR
    Tried 100 lbs on both of these and just couldn’t make it happen. Darn!

    • That’s great! I remember when you struggled w/ 65# bench!

      • I know! Crazy! It is my weakest lift by far but it has come a long way.

    • 2 Pr’s in the same session is a good day!

    • You should put a star by your 95 lb bench press since you hung on to 100 for so long!

  5. Clean- 111 PR

  6. Ryan Fox 275 Clean. 3rd place all time.

    • It was awesome to watch. I really thought his eyeballs were going to pop out.

  7. Back Squat 325

    Shoulder Press 235 “Not bad for a little guy” said Whitney. I guess that was a compliment? ;oP

    Grace 3:16 PR by 10 seconds.

  8. Back squat: 215 (not a pr)
    Bench: 137 (pr and body weight!)

    • Awesome bench press. Your smile when you got that was priceless!

    • Nice!

  9. FS 245lbs PR……PP 175 lbs

  10. Cgbp: 110
    Clean: 120
    Not PRs…blah…

  11. Grace- 2:42

    Back Squat 405
    Push Press 280
    Both personal best

  12. Cleans were not happening today.

    Grace PR of 3:12rx. Previous best was 3:58

  13. Back squat
    300 PR (265 in)
    Failed at 310

    Push press
    195 PR (185 in)
    Disappointed that I didn’t get 200

  14. Tuesday test out HBBS: 341 PR. Previous PR 336 6/20/15
    10 min AMRAP WOD: 13 points

  15. Tuesday
    Front squat 240 PR
    Bench 270
    Pull up wod 23 rounds

  16. Clean: 115. Not a PR but couldn’t get 115 at test in. And I was super close to getting 120 so I’m happy
    Work: 7. Yup. Got 7 done in less than 4 minutes but then couldn’t complete 5 in a row. Did 6 more sets of 3-4 reps. Pullup swing felt good. Sometimes your score doesn’t reflect everything.

  17. Back squat 195 – PR….but still damn pissed I couldn’t get 200 (I tried)

    Push press 125 – PR

    Work 15

    • I’m impressed with all three!

  18. FS- 135 pr
    Work- 8

  19. Cleans, 105lbs. Failed at 110 twice. Am coming for it.
    Work, scaled to 65lbs and ended at 3:43.

  20. FS: 145
    pull-ups: 21 rounds

    • PP: 110 – PR

  21. Back squat, 145lbs
    Push press, 95lbs
    Pull-ups, 13 rounds, 2 bands

  22. Back squat: 140 PR
    Push press: 90 PR
    Pull ups sets of 5 in 10 minutes: 13

  23. Clean: 170. Not a PR, but tied old PR
    Push Press: 140, PR
    Grace: 3:07

  24. Tuesday
    Deadlift 550 PR
    Snatch 195 PR
    Bench press 335 no gain 😦

  25. SGDL 225

    Bench press 250

  26. Front Squat 285

    Bench Press 256

    Pull-ups – 16

  27. HBBS
    Week 1: 185/145×10
    Week 2: 155×16
    Week 3: 175×8
    Week 4: 190×6
    Week 5: 205×4 (went up 8%)
    Week 6: 215×3, 220×2, 225 3×1
    Week 7: 235 (PR)

  28. My last BS PR was in 2013 with 232

    • CGBP
      Week 1: 115/100×11
      Week 2: 110×9
      Week 3: 117×6
      Week 4: 125×5
      Week 5: 132×3
      Week 6: 135×3, 140×1, 142×0 (not happy with those sets, but happy because 140 is a PR)
      Week 7: 146×1 (16b PR)

      Standard DL
      Week 1: 225/195×8
      Week 2: 210×9
      Week 3: 230×6
      Week 4: 245×5
      Week 5: 260×2
      Week 6: 260×3, 267×2, 275 3×1
      **every week after the first has been hand release
      Week 7: 285×1

  29. Monday DL test out – 250; failed at 255 and mad about it. May try to test again on Sat just to be absolutely sure I can’t get it.

    Tuesday PP test out – 122; this is a PR for me so really happy. Wondering if I could have squeezed out 5 more lbs….

    • HBBS test out = 222 lbs. PR and it felt good! I wish I had attempted 225 or 230.

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