Weekend Schedule. Note the Open Gym restrictions

January 2, 2016

I hope to have more time soon to expand and detail what’s below, but meanwhile, here are the essentials for those of you who need to plan your weekend.

Saturday 1/2/16  10-12noon Diet Contest Start day 1.

Sunday 1/3/16  8:45 -10 Am Yoga.  10-12 noon Diet Contest Start day 2.

You need not come to both Saturday AND Sunday,  pick one or the other.  Additionally, if you’ve heard my brief lecture prior to Before Pictures in year’s past, there is no need to come at 10.  We’ll be in diet discussion for probably 30 minutes, with pictures, weights and measures thereafter, so if you are a Contest Veteran, I’d come at 10:45/11 ish.

We will take everyone’s picture first for sure, and then attempt to get weights, measures and bodyfat pinches.  I don;t really know what to expect in terms of crowds on each respective day.  Sunday I have room to stay beyond noon.

Please recall that the entry fee is $20 and please make that cash.  Exact change is very helpful.  Credit cards cannot be accommodated and checks are SO 2015.

Wear whatever you want, BUT if you wanna win, gotta show some skin.  Sorry, but that’s the shallow society we live in.

Lastly,  athlete’s not participating in the diet contest but looking for open gym time.  The first 30-40 minutes, as we discuss, please restrict your activity to warmup and stretching.  Bar drops, fanwheel stuff and conversation at that time will be distracting.  From 10:45 on you should be OK.


please check back tonight for more details.





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  1. I am excited to do this contest again

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