Programming Choices. January/February

January 3, 2016

This is an exciting and eventful time of year at CFCB.    From today 1/2/16 until Valentine’s day the 2016 Diet Contest is in effect, and this year, more than ever we will alter the programming to facilitate your fat loss efforts.  Serendipitously, this times up very well.  We’ve just spent the last seven weeks getting you stronger and building some muscle, now we front burner our efforts to get rid of some of what may be between your newfound muscle and the rest of the world.

Fear not,  entrants who are more along the lines of “small and lean”,  the programming will take your muscle growth needs into account as well.  Every day will have some measure of weightlifting that should serve to get you some killer pumps Brah!

If you fall into the category of small and lean,  you may want to see me for some discussion about  nutrional supplements.

Concurrently, for those of you looking at taking your best shot at the CrossFit Open,  NOW is crunch time.  We are less than 8 weeks to the first workout.  Therefore, we will offer programming specifically geared towards open prep.  The Open toolbox of movements is limited by the constraints of video, and the formats are usually AMRAPs in the 12-15 minute time domain, so that’s where we will live for much of the next two months.  Mastery of these movements in this time frame is critical, but 7 weeks is enough time to develop your skill set such that you enter the open close to optimized.

Which program should you follow?  While it’s far from mandatory, I’d say whichever is more important to you; winning the contest or doing well at the Open.  You may be IN the contest, but not hugely concerned with winning, or you may be planning on participating in the Open, but really just doing so for fun.  In those cases, I’d say do whichever track of exercise looks more appealing.  The diet contest track will have more variance in the programming,  both in the movements and time frames.  We’ll spend some time doing things we rarely, if ever at all have programmed before, Single joint movements, slow controlled squeezing, partial range of motion stuff.

Below is the first week of programming for both concentrations.  This may give you a better idea of what to expect.  If you are absolutely brand new,  less than 1 month in,  I would probably steer you toward the Diet Contest side of things. Note that thursday in this training block is programmed rest for Open Prep,  and designated as Steady State Monostructural (ie Cardio) and skill development.  Saturday is a programmed day for Open Prep but NOT for the Diet Contest.  Sunday is not programmed for either group.

MONDAY 1/4/16

Diet Contest:  A) 7 mins`max reps;  10 Airdyne cals/10 burpees,  rest 7  10 Row Calories/10 Burpees B) Chinese Rows 3x 10 reps/ drop weight 30% to fatigue

Open Prep: A) AMRAP in 15.  50 Doubles 10 Snatches (full squat, from the ground)  65/55 first round,  every round thereafter, go up 20/10.  B) Double Under Practice EMOMx10 1 attempt at max reps unbroken.

Tuesday 1/5/16

Diet Contest: A) Fifteen Minutes to find your heaviest complex of 1-strict press, 2 Push Press, 3 Push Jerks (no split).  B) 3 Rounds for time 25 Box Jumps 24/20, 25 S2O @ 95/65, 25 Situps.

Open Prep: A) 5x for technique Push Dip-Pause-Drive+Split Jerk B) Ten Minutes: Find your Split Jerk Max (from blocks) C) EMOM x 10 complete men-7, women 5 HSPUs.

Wednesday 1/6/16

Diet Contest: A) CINDY  20 minute AMRAP of 5 pullups, 10 Pushups, 15 Airsquats.  Legit Pushups (chest touches, thighs do not) to be rxd. B) Optional–Top 1/2 Ring Pushups.  Stay in the top half.  2 or 3 attempts to complete fatigue, then scale the rings up and continue to 2nd fatigue.

Open Prep: A) 10 MInutes.  Squat Clean, heavy single.  PR if you can.  B) 3×3 Clean Pulls @ weight from A).   C)  AMRAP in 3 mins.  FS @ 135/95.  Rest 9 minutes.  Repeat.  Score both 3 min blocks separately.

Thursday 1/7/16

Diet Contest: A) Steady State monostructural work.  The intensity is not as important as the time.  Shoot for 30-40 minutes.  B) Skill Development.  Work on a weakness.

Open Prep: Recovery/Mobility/Rest.  Come in and spin easy, hold stretches for two minutes, pressure therapy etc.

Friday 1/8/16

Diet Contest:  A) 2 attempts at 20 Rep Max Back Squat 2-1-1-1 Tempo.  Expect to use less than 50% of 1 RM.  B) Sled Push (long stride)  2x 4 lengths @ max load you can do without stopping.  C) 50 Jackknives right and left D) Roll out your legs.

Open Prep: Kelly (but sub Row for run) 5 RFT-  500 m row, 30 Box Jumps, 30 Wallballs.

Saturday 1/9/15

Open Prep:  A) AMRAP in 15: 15 Squat Clean to Thruster @ 135/95, 15 c2b Pullups (both genders) 15 OTB Burpees.  B) 50 Toes to Bar for time.

Please leave concerns or questions in the comments.







  1. Sounds good!

    AM running will move to Thursday’s at 6am to align with the programming. Running burns calories, diet contestants! All paces welcome, everyone goes at his or her own pace. You won’t hold anyone else back if you are a slow runner or run/walker.

  2. Looking for to the Diet programming side.

  3. I used to know all of this lingo……now it seems like an overwhelming string of mambo jambo. Here we go!

  4. Diet Monday. Bike/burpee 80. Row/burpee 92 for total 172.
    Secondary 53 KB for sets of 10.

  5. Diet Monday. Bike/burpee 72. Row/burpee 75 for total 147.


  6. Monday

    Row/burpee 92
    Bike/burpee 90 = 182

  7. 92+92= 184

  8. 91 + 84 = 175

  9. 81 row, 75 bike. 1st day back after the plague. happy to not have collapsed.

  10. 69 AD + 73 row= 142

  11. HUNGRY

  12. Airdyne/Burpee: 102
    Row/Burpee: 100

  13. AD 99 + Row 102 = 201

    • Tues – Open
      Split Jerk 1RM 105 – needs work
      HSPU: 50

  14. Open Prep-

    Dubs-N-Snatches – 287

    Most consecutive double unders EMOM- 20 Shameful.

  15. open prep:
    dubs-n-snatches: 175 – failed 1st 3 attempts at 75lbs and about gave up – managed to get 5 with a lot of staring at the bar – got 48 unbroken dus to start off the work

    max dus: 42 – felt good – stayed in the 20s & 30s for most rounds

  16. I got 292 reps on 50doubles/10 ascending snatches. That’s 2 reps into the rd of 145lbs. Got the third rep off the ground at 1459, locked it out after the bell, so couldn’t count it. Tied Aaron j…. 34 unbroken double unders was my best.

  17. Row – 104, AD – 94
    Total 198

  18. Diet WOD

    • Row/burpee 117
      AD/burpee 101

  19. Seeding workout for our upcoming competition.

    Open Prep: 293
    Diet: AD 82 + Row 80 = 162

  20. Doubles/snatches 291rx

    Unbroken doubles 47

  21. I am torn between the 2 options..so I may be going back and forth. Today I did diet: Row/burpee: 87 AD/burpee: 68= 155
    Worked on DUs because I had already done strength work today. 5 unbroken was all I could get.
    (tested out my front squat today earlier in the day: 120 PR)

  22. Row/burpee 90
    Airdyne/burpee 80

    • Clark

  23. Diet contest side total is 179. Can’t remember my splits from 6 am.

    Oh a side note I tried my hand in the kitchen tonight and made paleo almond butter cups. They taste just like peanut butter cups and are amazing!! Let me know if you want the recipe. Those little suckers will hopefully help keep my on track and not stray off of paleo!!


  25. Monday- Diet
    airdyne/burpee- 71
    row/burpee- 76
    total- 147

  26. Monday- Diet
    AD/ Burpee- 84
    Row/ Burpee- 77
    Total 161

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