Price Increase and options.

January 4, 2016

As of April 1, we will see an across the board jump of $5 in our rates to all members.  This is the  first time we’ve applied the increase to existing members as opposed to only new people.

It is with considerable reluctance that I ever raise our price, and I don’t begrudge questions about why from those of you I’m asking more money from.  Below is our rationale.  Since we last raised rates in 2013 we’ve done the following:

Expanded our square footage from 3000 to 4200.

Expanded every phase of our equipment (with more to come).

Expanded operations to 7 days a week.

Introduced no cost Yoga.

Our new price of $130 (at the most)  vs the other CrossFit’s in the region:

CF Wilmington– $159/month. Closed Sunday’s.  No Yoga.

CF Reignited– $170/month. No Yoga.

CF Inside Out– $160/month unlimited, $150/month 3x per week. Closed Sundays.  No Yoga.

CF Port City- $140/month. No Yoga

Down East CF (Hampstead)- $150/month.  Closed Sundays.

CF Leland– $115/month.  Closed Sundays.  No Yoga.

Only Leland is cheaper, with, I would argue, less services.  Childcare DOES exist at some of these facilities but at additional cost.

All that said, you have a way around the increase.  Year’s paid in full will not only continue to grandfather  at old rates, but, if done this month, also get you a bag of progenex recovery, your choice of available flavors, AND your 12th month free.

February and March you can pay in full and preserve your rate but the progenex and the free month are limited to January purchases.

The one exception to the price jump in April applies to those of you that have been with us less than 6 months.  So members who came aboard in November or later will get 6 months at the rate they signed up at.  That seems fair.

Recall that any referral on your part gets you significant free membership time.






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