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January 6, 2016

Diet Contest: A) CINDY  20 minute AMRAP of 5 pullups, 10 Pushups, 15 Airsquats.  Legit Pushups (chest touches, thighs do not) to be rxd. B) Optional–Top 1/2 Ring Pushups.  Stay in the top half.  2 or 3 attempts to complete fatigue, then scale the rings up and continue to 2nd fatigue.

Open Prep: A) 10-12 Minutes.  Squat Clean, heavy single.  PR if you can.  B) 3×3 Clean Pulls @ weight from A).   C) AMRAP in 3 mins.  FS @ 135/95.  Rest 9 minutes.  Repeat.  Score both 3 min blocks separately.



  1. 15+5pu

  2. Diet: Cindy 15 + 12 RX

  3. Cindy for 18 minutes not 20- 10 full rounds Tore my hand on some wax on the bar and then pussied out.

    Still feeling those S2O from yesterday in my upper shoulders. Should have seen me trying to wash my hair with the hand Rip and soreness combo.

    • That’s the worst with hand rips. Dang wax!

  4. Cindy – 6+7 rxd. Those push-ups took me forever!! Jill did great! She was lapping me with perfect form.

    • Kate you did great! Completely rx push-ups without any thigh touch is hard. Great form!

  5. 10+2. 2 red bands. piss poor push ups.
    (last was 9 1/2 with 3 bands, so improvement)

  6. Cindy- 7+14 rounds 1-5 RX , then when I couldn’t even do 1 RX push-up, started scaling Pushups for round 6,7&8

  7. Cindy – 15+5 with hand release (that = NOT rxd) pushups 😉

  8. Cindy: 7+12 RX – I realized that my “normal” push-ups involve a lot of ribs hitting the ground and snaking when tired. Cindy PR with that style push-up is 13+1. Today was a lot of time staring at the floor.

    • Same here! Snaky push-up CINDY is twice as many rounds for me as I got today going strict. At some point, I just started picking dirt off the mat I was lying on.

  9. 10+12 , big black band. Major should soreness from yesterday’s overhead work. Push ups the hardest for sure.

  10. Open Prep:
    1RM clean: 115
    FS round 1 33; round 2 31

  11. As I sit here typing I can feel the Rabdo setting in…

    Clean 1RM 215 full squat. I got under 220 but lost my balance on the way up. A long way from my previous 1RM of 230 or 235.

    FS Round 1- 42
    FS Round 2- 41

  12. Cindy: 12+5 RX except for a bunch of super shitty push-ups.

  13. 8 rds plus 11. Started strong through 5 rds with unbroken pull-ups and push-ups then all went to shit and had to start doing ones and twos. Finished 4 rounds when Brock called 1/3 in, thought I could at least get 10. Sad.


  14. Cindy RX 15 + 12

    • Bob

  15. Cindy plus
    15 rounds + 8 Rx

  16. Cindy- 9 + 3, with 4 bands and scaled pushups. Did a couple of strict ones in the beginning but that didn’t last long.

  17. Cindy: 9 + 6. Assistance on the pull ups, then about halfway through had to snake up on push ups and finally collapsed on my first push up when the clock ran out.

  18. Cindy
    13+5 pushups RX

  19. I did lots of random shit.

  20. Cindy 12+6 rx

  21. 10 plus 3

  22. 13 rounds +11, two bands and snaked push-ups…..

  23. 15 + 6 rx

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