Thursday 1-7-16. Yoga Moves. Diet Contest pot is….

January 7, 2016

Diet Contest: A) Steady State monostructural work.  The intensity is not as important as the time.  Shoot for 30-40 minutes.  B) Skill Development.  Work on a weakness.

Open Prep: Recovery/Mobility/Rest.  Come in and spin easy, hold stretches for two minutes, pressure therapy etc.


So, both sides of the programming, this is a less than sexy day, but don’t mistake that for unimportant.   Open Prep, you guys have 2 rough days in a row immediately after, so I encourage you to comprehensively stretch and roll, both to recover from what you’ve done, and to open you up and get you ready for friday/saturday.

Diet Contest, this IS a departure from work capacity as a focus, but valuable to those of you with weight loss/fat loss ambitions.  You;re looking for 30-40 minutes of mild discomfort.  Sweat flowing, breathing aggressively, but sustainable.  WHAT you chose to do to achieve this is less important than how long.  Obvious choices are the row, airdyne, ski erg and treadmill, but any sustainable rhythmic action would work.  A circuit of light wallballs, KB Swings, step ups, even light rapid barbell movements could fit the bill.

Both Sides:  Thursday’s are a great time to get some technique instruction on things that may give you trouble.  Don;t be shy about saying “Hey, I still don’t have XYZ, can you help me out?”

Running IS happening at 6am.  It’s supposed to be warming up through the evening, so the cold will be less severe than the last few days.  The workout is 6×800 m.  Your ability or lack thereof is not a factor.  All are welcome.

Looking ahead.  Yoga will happen on Sunday this weekend, and thereafter shift to Saturday’s going forward.  You can get zen and limber on Saturday and tighten up at the monster mash or in a stuffy church pew on Sunday.

Diet Contest Pot is $960.  There are some expenses yet to account for but the winners can expect to walk away with $400 each.  That may not change your life, but could definitely change your weekend!  It’s anyone’s ballgame at this point…. Get serious.




  1. Yay for yoga on Saturdays!

  2. Thursday diet: 45 min. 10 cal row, 20 DU’s, 10 wall balls, repeat for 45 min.

  3. Diet contest- 30 minutes on AD rotated being just arms or legs every 5 minutes. Then rowed for 5 minutes and foam rolled for 5 minutes. Very swore today!!

  4. open prep:
    I went in today sore as hell. After rolling, stretching, pressure point lacrosse ball & shoulder therapy I feel so much better! Much needed. Worked on bar muscle ups.

  5. Sore as heck!!!!!

    50 cals Airdyne, 20 wall balls, and a TON of jump rope working on double unders. 45 mins

  6. Cardio heavy day today:

    Some Bench
    Some Dips
    Some Push-ups
    40 min on Incline Treadmill
    40 min on Air-Dyne

  7. 5m row, 6m alternating heavy rope and KB swings (EMOM), 5m Airdyne; two cyles of all.
    32m work, approx 1 min complaining between each activity. I mean resting.

  8. 800m run, 20 KB swings, 50 HR singles x 4 cycles, about 30 min.
    then, 10 min row.

  9. 25 DU, 20 sit ups, 15 cal on row, 10 WB, 5 burpees, 1 rope climb x 5 rounds.

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