Record your scores from Friday 1/8/15

January 8, 2016

Diet Contest participants

A) Twenty Minutes to warm up to and take 2 attempts at a 20 Rep Max Back Squat.  You may decide after the first one that you don’t want another.  You can stack at the top as long as you like between reps, and this aspect allows to spend a lot of time being extremely uncomfortable BEFORE you are actually fully fatigued.  20RM Backsquat is a fearsome event.  If you’ve never done it and have no previous mark, you are probably looking at 50-60% of 1 RM.   The set only ends when you return the bar to the rack and/or miss a rep.  No targets.  Try to develop a sense of where below parallel is.

*be advised: this leg load will result in a ton of soreness for most of you.  If you have an important event over the weekend where traumatized legs might be a detriment,  you may want to dial back your intensity and/or substitute something else altogether. Instructors, please work with our newer athlete’s and scale such that people can walk the next day.

B) 2 Attempts at 4 lengths UNBROKEN Sled Push. For completion, no time frame, no score.  Pick a weight that’s challenging but achievable and try to go four lengths of long stride sled push.

If you are less than a month into CrossFit, please scale to 2 attempts at a 15 rep max and 2 attempts at 2 (not 4) lengths of sled push.

C) Any Ab and/or oblique Exercise(s) that suits you.  Slow controlled contractions.  Please keep your chin in neutral throughout. Crunches, abmat situps, planks,  Slow GHD situps,  hanging leg raises etc.  Pretend you’re at Gold’s and feel the burn.

Open Prep

5 RFT:  500 m row,  30 Box jumps @ 24/20 (step-ups are permitted and rxd) 30 Wallballs 20/14 to 10/11 feet.

We’ve programmed Kelly at 3 rounds a bunch.  I had to go back to 6-7-2010 to find a 5 round version, and sitting there in the comments section was Heather M!  I got 30 mins and change and Heather got 24.  Neal won the day with a 23 minute score.  Now, granted, that was 400 m run, vs our more Open focused 500m row, but I suspect times will be comparable.  If you can keep track of your round splits, that’d be interesting.  Not a demand, but I AM curious.

Brandon is handling the instruction in the AM, Jade’s got you in the evening.  Brock is instructing the 1 pm.



  1. 2/8/2012 was another time we did 5 rounds of Kelly on the boardwalk. I remember about dying trying to keep up with Whitney.

    • Those were the days….

      • I don’t know what you are talking about! Still trying to keep up with you, but I’m dying at a much faster rate!

  2. Friday diet : max 20 rep back squat 225. Sled push + 215 for 4 lenghts

  3. Open: 29:55. Wallballs were puketastic. No idea on my splits, I was in survival mode

  4. Diet

    20 max rep – 140. I also did a set at 130 prior to upping weight (which was entirely Larry’s doing…..thank you Larry for pushing me and calling me a wimp).

    Sled at +115

    • Just for the record, I never called her a wimp. She would have done 150 fresh

  5. Kelly 5 rounds- 36:04. Did to get in a longer workout and to work on wallballs which I stink at!! Dropped to 10lb ball to work on cycling. WB felt much more smooth & cycled well– crazy that 4lbs makes such a difference…or maybe it’s all in my head??

  6. 20 rep BS 230. I think I had another 10lbs in the tank.

    Sled push 180 and then 150

  7. Kelly: 25:38 3 rounds – wallballs were killing my shoulder and I spent more time cussing and staring at the stupid ball that I did not want to pick back up. Tried different methods of throwing the ball to make it not hurt after finishing with no luck. Really sucks…especially since 4 years ago, before shoulder pain, I finished in 29:40.

    sled at 95 lbs
    2 minute plank and some ghd sit-ups

  8. 20 rep back squat: #1 95 #2 100 (a little over 70% of my 1 rep max)
    Sled push 4x 90lbs

  9. kelly 36:11. I wrote rxd on the board, but that was a lie–i didn’t full squat the WB. they still sucked. (the new yellow ball with the laces gave me a nice exfoliation…evidently you are not supposed to catch them with your face.)

  10. 33:34 RX
    I was EXTREMELY limited due to soreness from squats 2 days ago. Pretty sure I could shave at least 2 minutes off this time with fresh legs.

  11. 28:57 rx for rowing Kelly

  12. 95 and 100 for back squat. Think I could have done more…however, soreness 8 hours later is a plenty.

    115 for sled push. Hard but not deadly or curse-worthy.

  13. Andrea
    Kelly: 16:28 for 3 rounds
    I attended 8:45 with our youngest kid. He couldn’t hang for 5 rounds and it was too crowded to risk. He was near to me saying “you gotta throw it higher” “how come you dropped it” “why is that one red” “I always wanted to try that thing over there” “what song is this” and it went on AND on AND on! Nuts!

    • Ha! Henry just says ‘ball! ball! ball!’ when he’s at the gym.

      I did some stuff at 7am. Not much.

    • I enjoyed this play-by-play!

  14. BS 185×20

  15. 20 rep back squat 135 then sled pushes with 115 pounds on top (this sucked really bad)

  16. 20 rep max weight back squat for 175

    Kelly in three rounds 19:16

    • 175. That’s serious. Great job!

      • Thanks lady!!!

  17. 20 rep
    Back squat 245 completed on Saturday. No sled, area was busy. Did strict pull-ups 3x 8 with black band and 12 Airdyne.


  18. Did this Saturday. 5 rounds rowing Kelly in 27:07

    • Did 20 rep back squat on Sunday. Didn’t know where to start as I’m not sure where I’m at with a 1 rep max. Did 145 but at the end realized it was too light so then put 165 in the bar and did 4 sets of 5 as I wasn’t going to get 20 in 1 set. Then did strict pullups and good mornings

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