WOD for Thursday 1-14-15. Running at 6am. Yoga Basics is 10 days away.

January 14, 2016

Diet Contest-  30-40 minutes of break a sweat, zone 1, sustainable effort.  Your choice of mode.

Open Prep- Stretch roll and recover.  Dig in with pressure therapy and hold your stretches and you should be up for a challenging friday/saturday as follows:

Friday-  A) 4 minutes max reps- 100 lb Thrusters/15 C2b Pullups.  3 rounds (90 reps) extends your time another 4 minutes.  Fail to get 3 rounds and you rest 4 minutes and go again.  Rest to recovery and  then B) Every second minute for 5 cycles- 5 Unbroken Thursters 135/95.

Saturday- AMRAP in 15 minutes:  Row 40 Calories, 30 Box Jumps, 20 Handstand Pushups, 10 Cleans at 185/120.

6am Running is 12×400 m.  Ouch.  Reminder that this is scalable.  If you;re a new runner, reducing your number of 400m runs to less than 12 is not only acceptable, it’s smart.

Yoga signup is on the board.  Guests are welcome.  The workshop is Saturday the 23rd from 12-2:30 and is a screaming deal at $20 (for members paid in advance) is $25 day of and $25 to guests, but suests are definitely welcome, so get your stiff as a board mother in law, favorite uncle, etc  IN HERE.

Lastly.  WECT local news did a nice piece on the gym’s checkin for charity dog food drive. This should be the link to video.   The folks at SOAR seemed genuinely impressed by the volume of our donation, which is, of course, all due to YOUR efforts.  we appreciate it very much!!



  1. All running club regulars are wavering. If anyone new plans on coming, let me know and I’ll be there. Otherwise might just jog at home.

    • The one time I show up… 😦

      • If you are serious, I am going to feel really bad! My right leg has been sore, not quite up for interval work yet.

    • Dead serious. I ran with shoeless Joe Jackson aka Cameron.

      • I can verify. We he found out you weren’t there, Jeff’s lip quivered, but he did NOT cry!

  2. Great job with Soar!

  3. Diet Thursday : in order
    10 min row setting 6 139 cal
    10 min ski setting 10 112 cal
    10 min Bike 81 cal
    30 butterfly pull ups broken up in many small sets.

  4. 40 min AD
    368 cals

  5. Jill Open Prep Saturday: 178rx
    No pad for HSPU

  6. Ran with kennedy – we only made it 30 minutes as it was getting cooler and darker and she was waking up.

  7. Diet side:
    1 hour singles tennis

  8. 30 minute elliptical for 325 calories


  9. Diet
    30 minutes total, 5 minutes on each x 2 rounds
    Row: 98 calories
    Jump rope: 709 singles
    Box step ups: 197

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