Monday Schedule change! WOD’s for the week. 1-18-15 to 1-22-15. Diet Contest 33% over.

January 18, 2016


Monday- I’ll take the unusual step of canceling the 1 pm class.  The rest of the schedule will remain intact.   I’ll be at the gym handling some maintenance from 3 to 5 and you are welcome to come workout any time during that two hour block,  just be advised that they’ll be some power tools running on occasion.

Open Prep

Open Wod 13.1- Amrap in 17 of:

40 Burpees, 30 Snatches @ 75/45

30 Burpees, 3o Snatches @ 135/75

20 Burpees, 30 Snatches @ 165/120

Diet Contest

Bro Sesh to the Ultra-Xtreme.  Bring your full length mirror and your “Eye of the Tiger” cassette.

3 x 10– A) Strict Pullups  B) Bench Press,  then

3 x 10– A) Chinese Rows B) Strict Shoulder Press, then

3 x 10– A) Bi’s (athlete choice)  B) Tri’s


Open Prep

For time

20 Fronts squats at 155/105,  20 Chest to Bar  Pullups, 60 Double Unders

15 Fronts@ 155/105, 20 C2B Pullups, 45 Doubles

10 Fronts @ 155/105, 10 C2B Pullups, 30 Doubles

Diet Contest

3 Attempts for best time

10 Box Jumps @ 30/24′

1 Lap Sled Push @ +90/+50

10 Back Squats @ 225/155

10 Airdyne Calories


Open Prep

Open  Workout 13.4 — AMRAP in 7 minutes.  Clean and Jerk @ 135/Toes To Bar.  3 reps each,  then 6 reps each, then 9, etc etc.

Rest 10 Minutes then 10-8-6-4-2 Reps Standard Deadlift (no Sumo Pulls)  As heavy as safely possible.  If you are in doubt, go lighter, not heavier.  Mostly this is to keep you aware of your capacities, not to drive them.

Diet Contest

Partner Workout:  Teams of 2/ Randomly assigned.  A) Row 100 Calories and Complete 100 Burpees.   B) 100 Wallballs/ 100 Kettlebell Swings (eye level)  C) 100 Situps/100 Seconds Tripod Plank (both arms/1 leg).


Open Prep- Rest and recover

Diet Contest– 30-40 Minutes at Zone 1.


Friday/Sat soon to follow.


Diet Contestants.  Here’s some of what I’ve heard you say thus far:


Me:  How’s food going?

Contestant 1:  How’s it going?  Good. Well Last night wasn’t so good.  I had some wine.

Me: How much is some.

Contestant 1:  Last night I had a bottle.


Contestant  2:  I’ve been known to enjoy a reese’s Peanutbutter cup.  You gotta cheat.  If I don’t cheat I’ll just quit.


Contestant 3:  So, how do I not, like,  get hungry and eat a whole pizza?

Me:  Did you really eat a whole pizza?

Contestant 3:  Yea, but I was really hungry.


Some Contestant’s recent hashtags:  #allthewine  #minimuffins  #foodcoma.


So, I will reserve comment other than to say there’s $400 per person on the line, and to remind you that, while we don’t have any formal support steps, I am happy to advise you tot he best of my ability.









  1. Diet Monday: bench 3×8 @185, strict pull-ups 8, 8, 6. Strict shoulder press @135 10, 6, 8, Chinese row 3×8 using 45lb barbells. Auxiliary work tri’s and Bi’s.
    Extra burning fat work.
    400 meter at 23 degree angle treadmill. 10 min C2 Row setting 9, 10 min bike.

  2. Open Prep:
    First 2 rounds plus 21 @ 45,55,65
    extra work: 10 min row

  3. So for new people to the diet contest. This should be painful. Don’t puss out. I will list my food here… remember I am doing a macro version and have worked with a nutritionist. I haven’t had ANYTHING other than water since this started.

    0630 Blend: 2 handfuls of spinach, 3 strawberries, 3/4 scoop protein powder and water, 1.5 oz cashews
    0900 Blend again: 2 handfuls of spinach, 3 strawberries, 3/4 scoop protein powder and water, 1 oz cashews
    1200 4 oz grilled chicken breast, 2 oz whole rice pasta, 1 oz peanuts
    1530 1 scoop protein powder, 1 scoop carb powder
    1830 4 oz grilled chicken, 4 oz whole rice pasta
    2130 1 scoop protein powder, 2 tbsp natural peanut butter

    High Bar Back Squat:

    Open Prep for today:
    152 Rx

    Open Prep from Saturday:
    146 reps- scaled HSPU- it felt HORRIBLE

    • I need to change mine to 150 Rx. I heard Brock say (or something like) that it was the same weights as last week so my last two reps were at 100lbs not 120. I should have read the board. Just realized my mistake when I read Andrea’s post.

  4. If someone wins this who has been drinking wine, I will crawl into a corner to weep.
    I did the open prep today, because I heart burpees.
    137 reps at 45#, 65#. This went pretty well considering my max snatch (from 2 years ago) was 75.

  5. I did an hour on the elliptical machine because my stupid shoulder hurts and because I’m weak as shit. I’ve been restricting my calories, while trying to maintain a paleo diet or at least gluten free. Even though I’m down 8 lbs, I’m weak and am struggling in the workouts. I’ve got to figure out a better method, incorporate more carbs, per talk with Andrea on how to increase metabolism for 40+ year olds (not easy by the way), or something different. Or just accept that I will be weak for the next 4 weeks and rebuild my strength from that point while trying to maintain my weight loss. Ugh.

    • No, you shouldn’t be dealing with a reduced sense of well being/walking around feeling weak. Small portions of slow burning carbs is where I would start. Sweet potatoes, cashews are at the top of my list. Berries in small amounts (3/4 strawberries, 5/6 raspberries) chronologically close to your workout.

    • Also, remember that paleo does not mean carb avoidant, just processed Starch avoidant. Vegetables all you want, fruits in moderation (again, close to your workout is probably best) naturally occurring carbs (sweet potatoes, nuts) all acceptable

      • I have a salad for lunch pretty much every day with some kind of protein (grilled chicken or boiled egg). And a vegetable with dinner and sometimes kale with breakfast. I guess I need to add more. Example for Thursday was 1329 calories and 37g of carbs that came from veggies, per Fitness Pal. And I played an hour of tennis. I guess my mistake was not eating before working out on Friday morning. Sometimes I have 1/2 a meal bar (homemade, gluten free) before working out and 1/2 afterwards. I’m not hungry doing that, but I have no energy during the workout. I probably need to change my pattern.

    • Have you looked into more of a IIFYM approach? I am doing that this year and having a MUCH easier time with it and still losing at a good rate. I’m not eating cheeseburgers and ice cream or anything…..I am restricting calories, but approx 40-43% of my calories are healthy carbs. It really helps me to not be hungry. Sweet potatoes, quinoa, fruit….good carbs. I am only eating lean meats, so fat is low (less than 40g a day).

      I feel like it gives me more freedom too. Something to consider.

  6. 13.1- 128 Rx. I can get in to the round of 20 burpees next time no doubt. Felt pretty hampered by some respiratory issues, and then lost several seconds half way in to the WOD when I switched in to my Oly shoes.

  7. Diet contest side:
    Pull-ups – 3 bands for 8 x 1 then could only get 6 so had to add another band then did 8
    Bench: 85 x 12 then 10 then 9
    Shoulder press: 75 x 8 then had to go down to stick with slow controlled good form so 70 x 8, x8 again
    Row: 15 lbs x 15 then 25 lbs x 8, x8
    Biceps @25, triceps @15

    • Ohhh then sat open prep WOD except changed HSPU to sit-ups which I know made it way easier but my arms were tired from my bro sesh and I didn’t want to do wall walk-ups as HSPU are beyond me

  8. Andrea
    Open prep: 150rx – got through 20 burped at 13:10 but 120 snatch is waaayyyy beyond me so that was that:/
    I am not doing the diet contest this year, have found in past years that if you are eating the right things you shouldn’t be starving! Talk to Brock, for petesake!

    • Amen! Not a diet contestant either but healthy foods in normal proportions shouldn’t leave you miserable and hungry.

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