WOD for thursday 1-21-15. 6 am running is ON!

January 21, 2016

Open Prep–  This is your off day to stretch, roll and recover, BUT let’s also take 10 minutes anytime during the hour to work to a 3rm Overhead Squat.  You can jerk from the back or snatch it up to the start position.

Diet Contest– Teams of 2.  1 constant clock.  Work your way through the following in the order written.

Row Calories – 100 (2 men) 85 (woman/man) 70 (2 women)

100 Burpees

100 KB Swings to Eye Level  (m/24, w/16)

100 Wallballs (m/20lbs to 10 ft, w/14 lbs to 9 ft)

100 Situps.  Partner can hold feet.

Then Each partner must accumulate 100 seconds of a tripod plank  (both forearms and 1 foot/toe).  During the first 5 elements, partners can switch in and out of working at will.  The planks must be completed by 1 partner before the next partner can start.

Partners will be randomly assigned.  You make get to firebreathers, two neewbs, two guys, 2 girls etc etc.  Communicate, work hard and have fun.

6am Running work is ON!!!  Athlete’s can choose from 400’s or 800’s.




  1. 27:54
    Good job to my partner Liz that killed it and kept us going

  2. Team diet Thursday : partner Steve
    30:05 RXD. Fun!!

  3. 6 people came to run this morning! 300% increase over our normal attendance, ha! Thanks for joining in Cam, Jeff, Eileen, Kristen and my faithful running buddy, Susan. I organize this and I ran at the back of the pack. Speediness is not a requirement.

    Eileen Jeff and I then did the partner workout as a team of three. 25:18. 100’s plus an extra 100 sec of plank hold. But there were three of us!

  4. Really enjoyed this workout! Perfect amount of suffering.
    Diane & I finished in 27:35.

  5. I partnered with Amanda w. At the 845 and we went 22:20. Rxd with the exception of pregnant burpees (Amanda, not me).

  6. Beth and I did this in 25:34(i think) She carried some serious weight on the burpees.
    I returned at 5 to do yesterday’s open 7 mins–got 42 @85# and knee raises.

  7. The McDermott’s were the test dummies for this partner smoker last night and we loved every sucky second of it!

    We did it unscaled (full 100 cal row) and completed it in 23:53.

    This was tough but good!! Love the partner wods!!

  8. Bob & Christine 29:11…..Christine is a burpee killer!!!

  9. I coached so no workout for me today- plus I am saving up for our competition this weekend.

    0630 blend 2 handfuls of spinach, 3 strawberries, 3/4 scoop protein powder and water, 1.5 oz cashews
    1000 4 oz Grilled chicken thigh, 2 oz whole rice pasta, 1 oz peanuts
    1500 4 oz bison meatballs, 4 oz brown rice pasta, 2oz sugar free marinara
    1800 1 scoop protein powder and 1 scoop carb ion
    At 2130 I will have 1 scoop protein powder, 2 tbsp natural peanut butter

    Water water and water
    *one less meal today because I didn’t workout.

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