WOD for Friday 1-22-15. Weekend Schedule

January 22, 2016

Open Prep

A)  Every Other Minute x 6 (12 minutes)-  5 Touch and Go Push Jerks.  Here’s a demo video of Annie Thorisdottir that depresses me, but is a good illustration of what we’re looking for.  Note that you can stabilize at the top as long as you like, but you must rebound out of the bottom without the bar stopping.  If the bar stops DON’T advance your weight. take another attempt & try to get all 5 Push Jerks on the touch and go rhythm.  If you succeed, THEN advance your weight.

B) AMRAP in 15 minutes. 15 Row Calories, 15 Wallballs.  Gear up and go after it. You should be sufferring at the 5 minute mark and then just struggling to keep pace. I did this on Saturday and got 241, which is 8 rounds and  1 calorie.


Diet Contest

A) AMRAP in 20 Minutes.  20 Thrusters 95/65, 20 Burpee Box Jumps 24″/20″, 20 Pullups (any style).  This WOD is a monster if you go after it.  If you have less than 2 months of CrossFit experience, please scale to 10 reps of each movement and go for 15 minutes.

B) 3 x 10 Prone Cobras Demo HERE.  Please make sure you chin remains in neutral.  DOn;t look up at the horizon.


Saturday and Sunday Open Gym 10-12.  Jill is away helping the vision impaired.  I will post specs for the Monster Mash Impaired on Friday.

YOGA WORKSHOP is THIS SATURDAY.  Some of you have signed up but have yet to pay for it.  Remember that procrastinating till the day of drives your price from $20 to $25.  Marina, Missy, Trevor, Glenn and a few others just FYI.  It is not too late to sign up.  If you are bringing guests, please let me know in the comments.

Weekly Yoga IS happening.  8:45 Saturday.




  1. Diet Friday : 3 rounds + 11 RXD
    no one showed up for 7am class.

    • Does anyone know the last time we did this WOD?

    • Nice job Larry!

      • Thanks, when you have Susan next to you…you have to SUCK it up!

  2. To the best of my memory, we have not done this exact workout before.

  3. Diet 2+55 = 175 rxd

    • I saw you catching me fast. A couple more minutes you would have passed me up!

      • Stupid thrusters….

  4. Diet- 2+3=123 RX

  5. At lest 15 people at 6am with basically no posts… Come one people! Amp up the participation.

    • Maybe we should have a posting 101 class

  6. i did 2 rounds +3. i think. i had 2 skinny bands for the first set of pull ups, but one broke. so i used one. (i guess it’s time to use 1 now.) this was generally a suck fest. thrusters are the worst. blech.

    • I thought the burpees took 4ever!! Nice job going with just 1 band!!!

  7. Diet: 153 Rx first time doing 65 lb thrusters and they felt awful but really good.. If that makes sense.

    • Yes! Best news of my day, right there!

      • I know, right?! I’ve wanted those Rx thrusters for a long time! I thought I would give it a try knowing that my score would likely suffer.. I got a lot farther than I thought I would!

  8. Jason
    Diet: 5 short of 2 rounds for 115 RX

  9. Open prep:
    Push jerks – 65, 75, 85, 95, 100 – kept weight at 100 for last round but failed both attempts.
    Row/wb – 206

  10. 6am
    Scaled to 10 reps, 20 mins for me
    4 rounds +15
    I was clinging to the “less than 2 months CF experience” because I knew 20 pull-ups, even assisted, would bring me to a hault. If I wanted any decent amount of workout I needed less reps

  11. Diet
    3 rds +27=207rx

  12. Open prep
    155,165 completed not sure of rx form. This was my first time doing touch and go push jerk.
    Wod 15 min
    15 cal row,15 wb

  13. Diet WOD – 142 reps with scaled pull-ups (black band).

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