Wod’s for the week. 1-25-15 to 1-29-15

January 25, 2016


Open Prep:  Amrap in 12 minutes.  30 Doubles/10 Thrusters,  then 30 Doubles/12 Thrusters, then 30/14 etc.

Diet Contest: EMOM x 30 minutes.  A) 20 Situps  B) 15/12 Airdyne Calories  C) 20 KB Swings 24/16.  We did a similar workout on 7-17, with 10 pullups taking the place of the 20 KB Swings.  Score is completed tasks out of a possible 30.


Open Prep: A) Every 3rd minute x 5 — 90 Seconds work/ 90 seconds rest.  15/12 calories on the Airdyne, then max rep snatches at 135/95.  Score is total Snatches.  B) Open Workout 11.4-  AMRAP in 10-  60 BAR FACING burpees, 30 OHS @ 120/90, 10 Ring Muscleups.

Diet Conetst: A) Bench Press @ 2-2-2-2 8-12 reps, followed immediately by 20 pushups as fast as possible.  Roll off the bench and go!  B) Row 2K for time.


Open Prep: A) 1o Minutes Butterfly/Kip/Muscleup Practice.  B) 4x Max Rep Un broken C2B Pullups.  rest 3 minutes between efforts.  C) 3×8  Top 1/2 Bench Press for load.

Diet Contest: Starting every 2 Minutes  1 Rope Climb (scale to 5 pullups), 2 Squat Clean to Overhead (thruster or clean and jerk) 4 OTB Burpees.  2 Minutes to complete the round and things start again, but burpees add +2.  So 2nd round=6 OTB burpees, 3rd round 8 etc.


Open Prep: Stretch Roll Recover.  10 Minutes light work on your weakness.

Diet Contest:  30-40 Minutes, Zone 1 supress some blood sugar.


Open Prep- AMRAP in 5 –Squat Clean and Jerk @ 165/110.  rest 5.  AMRAP in 5– Clean and Jerk @ 135/95

Diet Contest-  A) Run a mile for time.  B) 5 Mins Max Rep Wallballs.  C) 20 Rep Max Back Squat.  Rest 5 minutes between efforts.






  1. Diet or DIE Monday :
    23 total, 6, 8, 9.

    • July 17 2015. 10 pull ups instead of 20 KB. Score was 26.

      • I think 20 KB Swings is a tougher task than 10 pullups in this format.

  2. 29 rxd.

    Same as last time. Took off one round of KB. Last round of KB was close to timed out – started last swing at :59, ended at :01. Brock said count it so I did but it was questionable. Felt sick for awhile after!

  3. Open
    16 thrusters into the round of 20 for a total of 266RX

  4. open: subbed 25lb dumbbells for thrusters (shoulder and back pain)
    11 thrusters into the round of 16: 167

  5. Diet side- 27 rxd.

  6. Diet Monday :
    21 total, 6 sit up, 8 airdyne, 7 kb.
    Rested for 6 and timed out on 3 rounds. (1 airdyne and 2 sit-ups)

    Did not realize I rubbed the top of my ass raw until I hit the shower…ouch! I know TMI.


    • It’s the worst! I finally found the right combo of sitting slightly on top of the ab mat and also putting a thick sweatshirt behind it. No rash. I don’t think at least – 6 hours later I still haven’t showered!

    • The struggle is real!

  7. I did some clean work today. Trying to get strong 🙂
    2 hang cleans+ 1 push press 6x @60
    1 clean +1 front squat+ 1 jerk 5x@80
    Clean pull 2×5 @95
    Heavy single @95

  8. HBBS 190x3x5

    Open Prep: 269

    Diet contest: 30 but I subbed in DUs for the AD so not the same…

    And I went to yoga at noon…

    • Lazy food day…

      0600 Blend (same as all my other posts) with 1.5 oz peanuts
      0930 Blend and 1oz cashews
      1155 1 scoop protein powder, 1 scoop carb ion
      1200-1500 yoga and gym
      1530 1 scoop protein powder, 1 scoop carb ion (here is where the laziness comes in…
      1830 will be 4oz chicken thigh, 2oz rice pasta and 1oz nuts
      2130 will be 2 tbsp natural peanut butter and 1 scoop protein powder

      Still on track and my abs are coming back… LOTS of water

  9. Jill
    Open Prep: 246 rx

  10. Open Prep-

    209 RX. Still clocking in somewhere in the 75-80% range on maximum effort…Ready to kick this sickness to the curb.

  11. i did the post flu 1st day back version of this–10cal AD, 15KB, 20 situp. got thru 27. 1st time doing KB swings in a workout since I maimed my hip. So I was excited about that.

    • Diet: 28 Rx – 10 AD, 10 sit ups, 8 KB. Ugh. Butt is raw.

  12. Diet 30 rxd

    Still feel ill

    • 30! Way to go

    • Amazing!

      • Thanks guys! I don’t know that I could have done that at 6am. I had the advantage of going at 5pm today…..so I was awake and had fuel in me!

  13. At the beginning of the diet contest, Brock spoke about 3 different ways to potentially eat during the 6 week contest. However, it is completely up to you on how you choose to eat. This year we do not have a food log group for you to post your daily intake. If you would like someone to look at your food journals, please let one of us know. We would be happy to take a glance and give some feedback. I will post a typical day of my eating plan below in case anyone is interested. It is very different from Jades. Is one better than the other? No, just different. I, too, tend to eat the same type things every day, but that is because they are easy to make and easy to measure. I weigh and measure everything that I eat. I only eat “real food”. Shakes do not fill me up and have some artificial supplements that I am unable to have. This is why it’s important to find a way of eating that works FOR YOU! So if anyone is interested….Here is a day in the life my belly:

    * I eat a little bit more on days that I work because I am much more active on those days.

    Breakfast: 370 calories
    8 0z egg whites
    1 cup brown rice
    1 small avocado

    Lunch: 340 Calories
    10 oz sauteed spinach and kale
    1 cup brown rice
    4 oz ground turkey

    Lunch 2: 237 Calories
    1 cup brown rice
    1 small avocado

    Dinner: 408 Calories
    2 cups chicken thighs
    1 cup sautéed onions and peppers
    1 oz parm cheese

    Snacks: Usually at least one of the following (if not all)
    1 orange
    23 cashews
    4 slices deli turkey

    • What do you use to calculate your calories?

      • Myfitnesspal. You have to be careful because not all of them are varified and correct, but you can scan the barcode of most products and it has all of the nutrition information stored.

      • Plus it lets me stalk Kathleen and keep her on target. My username is ninja_nurse24 if you want me to stalk you too.

      • You can also add your own recipes to make sure you are getting an accurate account. I found out Tumeric has 7 calories/tsp! Who would have thought! I’ve also realized that I was not getting enough good carbs even though I eat a ton of veggies and the reason I was struggling for energy during workouts.

      • I use Lose It when I bother to track. It’s similar though no stalking Kathleen option ;). It’s interesting the difference in information though – 1 c brown rice and an avocado is at least 500 calories according to that app. Which is good I think – you are way too active to subsist on 1300 calories a day!

      • Kate, I use pre-portioned rice and the app matches what the package says. It probably depends on brand etc. Thats why it’s important make sure you are selecting a reliable count marked with a star.

    • I use my Fitness Pal and I would love to get an opinion on my diet. I’m down 12 lbs since the weigh in

      • Go Larry! Awesome!

  14. Tuesday diet contest row- 8:23

  15. Diet Tuesday : 155 × 8, 6 push ups
    155 x 6, 6 push ups
    155 x 5, 4 push ups
    145 x 6, 6 push ups
    2K row 7:58 setting 7

  16. 85×8, 5 horrible push-ups
    85×8, 4 horrible push-ups
    85×6, 4 horrible push-ups
    85×6, 3 plops

    7:57.9 2k row

  17. Running workout: 1 mile warmup, 6 1 mile intervals at 7:59-8:06 pace, half mile cool down. It was brutal.

    • Sigh…just another short jog.

      • No food in this house is safe. The number of minutes I spent running is equal to the number of minutes I spent stuffing my face afterwards. I was going to do a ‘diet’ log as a joke but I don’t even know what I ate.

  18. Jason

    Diet Tuesday : 135 × 10, 10 push ups
    135 x 6, 6 push ups
    135 x 6, 6 push ups
    135 x 6, 6 push ups

    Bench/push-ups…way harder than I imagined.

    2K row 8:08 setting 7

  19. Open
    Wod A 21
    Wod B 83

  20. Open prep: WOD 1: AD/snatch-8 snatches total. 1) 0@60(even though during warm up it was easy😳) 2) 3@55 Brock says too easy and added 2 lbs. 3) 2@57 4) 2 5) 1
    WOD 2: 74 reps @57 lbs very happy to be able to snatch this consistently.
    Super good workout. Glad to have Andrea to pace off of! Thanks girl!

  21. Had to leave early to go out of town for work, so I ran a slow 5 miles at 5am. It was dark.

    I miss the diet log! It was a good way to commiserate and stay accountable. I am also doing a IIFYM type diet and I am using the Lose It app to track my calories and percentages for my macros. I cannot stand to eat the same thing all the time, so I find that this diet really works for me because I can eat tons of different food – but I could also eat the same thing every day as long as I am keeping track and logging it all.

    I guess for me, that is the take away for the macros. You MUST measure, weigh, and log. Shit adds up. You can’t guess. Its a pain, but it gets easier the more you do it. I like to cook, so I put my recipes into the app and get accurate calcs for everything.

    My day yesterday = 1,316 calories (147g carbs, 105g protein, 42g fat). That puts me at 42%, 30%, and 27%. My goal is 42%, 33%, 25%. So I was a little off – but in range. And my calories were below 1,400 which is my goal.

    Breakfast (337 cal)
    1 egg, 2 egg whites
    1 small chicken sausage
    1/2 banana

    Lunch (303 cal)
    spaghetti squash stir fry (a recipe I entered into the app – including the stir fry sauce and oil I cooked in – squash and a crap ton of veggies)
    4 oz of marinated chicken (marinade also entered into the app)

    Dinner (422 cal)
    5oz ground turkey w taco seasoning
    1/2 c black beans
    1/2 c jasmine rice
    1 cup spinach
    1 cup romaine
    4 tbsp salsa

    I made a taco salad-ish dish with all of that. It was delish

    After dinner I had a serving of arctic zero “ice cream”

    Snacks (254 – arctic zero counted here)
    1 cup blueberries
    1/2 quest bar (I don’t typically eat bars, but do keep these handy when I am on the go and need something quick. Had this on the way to the gym)

    I try and keep my diet different. I’ve been eating lots of fish and different fruit, beans, and veggies. Lots of veggies. Quinoa is also a staple – or 1/2 a sweet potato.

    Just some ideas 🙂

    • I miss the log also. Thx for your input.

  22. Tuesday diet:
    – bench at 65, 60, 55, 55. the slower tempo definitely made these a lot tougher than “normal.”
    – 8:43 row

  23. Open
    Wod A 30 reps
    Wod B 97 not rx because I screwed up.
    Got through burpees, did 20 ohs, did 7 muscle ups and then realized I had 10 more ohs..so I went back and did my remaining ohs.

  24. I was there and I worked out but I was a mess. I forgot clothes and tried to make it worse. Again. I repeat. I was a mess.

  25. Tuesday:
    2 hour singles tennis match
    Fitbit says I burned 590 calories. Logging in 2 hr single tennis on MyFitnessPal says 975 cals burned. Even though Fitbit is probably more accurate, I like MyFitnessPal’s calculation. Either way, I was sweating like it was the middle of summer in January 🙂

  26. Tuesday row
    7:26. Damper on 5

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