WOD for Wednesday. And some congrats.

January 27, 2016

Congratulations are in order to Liz B.  who won her age group in a 5k this past weekend.  Lindsey and Ryan both placed in the top 3 in their 5k (I believe a different one?) Well done athletes!

WOD for Wednesday 1/27/16

Open Prep: A) 1o Minutes Butterfly/Kip/Muscleup Practice.  B) 4x Max Rep Unbroken C2B Pullups.  rest 3 minutes between efforts.  C) 3×8  Top 1/2 Bench Press for load.

Diet Contest: Starting every 2 Minutes  1 Rope Climb (scale to 5 pullups), 2 Squat Clean to Overhead (thruster or clean and jerk) 4 OTB Burpees.  2 Minutes to complete the round and things start again, but burpees add +2.  So 2nd round=6 OTB burpees, 3rd round 8 etc.



  1. Did we do the diet contest side before? If so, when?

    • Also congrats to you and Jill for kicking this weekend at your crossfit competition!! Most teams opted for the scaled division (like I would have done!) but you gamed up. 🏋🏻

      • Thanks Kate! It was sooooo fun!

  2. Diet Wednesday : 27:36 RXD.

  3. Worked on pullups and did the top half shoulder presses.

    Thursday morning running will be organized by Susan if people are interested. Right now the forecast is a little questionable though. I’ll be back at after quintiles. Focusing on longer intervals and tempo runs between now and then.

  4. Did the row from yesterday at 8:55.
    Had so many scales for the diet wod –@75lbs & pullups with grey band.

    I was down 4 lbs week 1, now up 2lbs. Very frustrated. Today I will break out the scale and measure everything (which I hate honestly). I’ve been consuming about 1000-1400 cals this whole time, sometimes less. I’ve had plenty of energy and no lightheadedness (is that a word?). I have been working out consistently m-f and 1 sat, 1 sun since contest began. So I’m super frustrated! Too many calories, not enough calories, I don’t know. My breakdown tends to be probably too high on the fats (50%?), low carbs, and protein needs to be increased but without adding fat. Not going to lie, hating life right now!!!!
    My fitness pal: lisabeachykeen175

    • I looked at your entries. 1) Stop drinking alcohol. 2) Eliminate wheat. 3) I think you are under-reporting your volumes (1 Tblespn of Ranch Dressing is freakishly small. 1 oz of nuts is very small etc). Since you;re not hungry, as you propose, you can drop some fat and replace the volume with more vegetables (leafy greens and cruciferous not root vegetables), and see if that helps.

      • Thanks for looking at my stuff. The alcohol was such a small, inconsistent amount, wasn’t counting that as my demise (3x since 1st)
        With nuts I actually weighed & portioned 1oz baggies.
        Will eliminate wheat
        Thx Brock

  5. slow light squats this am.
    then diet side: 23:37 i think. 2reds pu/ 85# no squat. 10 bp max.

  6. Jason

    Diet side: 23:38, substituted pull ups for rope climb.

  7. open prep:
    mu work
    c2b: 3, 4, 5, 7 = 21 – got better with cycling as I kept going
    skipped top 1/2 strength – kills my shoulder

  8. Diet
    I was unbroken through the 16 burpees.

    • Awesome work!!!

    • Congratulations Jeff!

  9. Diet
    24:15 scaled with pullups but RX on the weight

  10. Diet
    22:46 Rx
    Highest burpees 12

  11. CGBP 115x3x8
    SDL Touch and Go 225x3x8

    Diet side- but the “old” way to log and got 16 rounds- I should have tried for 18 but I pussed out

    2K row in 10:00

  12. Came in and did Monday’s 30 min Diet contest WOD but did heavier men’s KW swings. Made it three times at 20 KB swings but soon realized that thing is heavy and cut back to 15. Did all 30 but again changed KB portion.


  13. Diet- 10 rounds in 23:30 w/ rope climbs & 75lb. Highest burpees was 12.

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