WOD for TH 1-28-16.

January 28, 2016

OPEN PREP- Stretch, Roll and Recover.  Thereafter, work on a weakness.

DIET CONTEST-  30-40m Zone 1.  Still a steady, mildly uncomfortable pace,  but do better  (more, longer, faster etc) than last week.



  1. Running at 6am for anyone interested. Sorry for late post. Just getting back from out of town. Will plan better in coming weeks!

    Tomorrow – ladder 6am. Warm up jog, then:

    Cool down jog

    Do as much or as little as you want!

  2. Stretched & rolled
    Made a breakthrough with wallballs!
    5 rounds: 20 ghd situps followed by a 1 minute handstand hold

    Turned out to be a good productive day!

    • Im telling you all: experimenting at Open Gym/Recovery&Technique days can be really helpful.

  3. So, I did CFG Open Wod 15.4 with Jill. Its a strange ladder of HSPU’s and Cleans at 185/125. 3-3-6-3-9-3-12-6-15-6 etc etc. Anyway, HSPU’s are a real weakness, but I have prioritized them over the past year. I was pleased to get 63 reps or all of the 15 HSPU’s and 3 into the next set of 6 cleans. Last year I died out in the round of 15.

    Jill joined me and cleared that round of cleans, for a total of 66 reps. Getting beat by Jill is nothing to be ashamed of, in fact I was glad for her success. I thought her victory chant — “ELL–OH-ESSEEEARE! YOUKNOWTHATIS WHAT YOU ARE!” was a little excessive.

    • Hahahahahahah! It is strange that I remember this interaction a bit differently… Jill

  4. 2k row: 10:06 not impressive but painful all the same. Bar Muscle up practice. Down to just the thick band. Got 2 out of probably 8 attempts.

  5. Monday diet
    30 Rx

  6. this am–did the bench press/push up combo 7/8, 7/6, 7/6, 7/10@65# then 20 min AD and some planks/hip flexor/inversion nonsense
    this pm– 1k row 4:43
    and then Wendy was kind enough to suffer through last week’s abomination of a workout 15/15 row cal/WB AMRAP 15 min. 6 round +5 row cal.

  7. 2k row 7:01
    Rolled and stretched at 6 am. Came back at 1 for an afternoon row with my girlfriend.

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