Diet Contest final third. CFG Open is 3 weeks away.

January 31, 2016

Diet Contestants-  You are in your final third of the 6 weeks.  Here’s a few notes that may bot apply to those of you doing this for longterm “lifestyle” changes but definitely DOES apply to anyone in it to win it.

A fair amount of you are not tracking your progress in any quantifiable way.  As in this exchange, which I’ve had more than once:

Me- Hey  BLANK.  How’s food going?

Contestant- Umm.  Good.

Me- Have much have you lost?

Contestant-  I haven’t gotten on the scale yet.

Me- Ok… So how do you know if things are working?

Contestant-  Ummm…

Anyway, the scale is only one of MANY metrics but you should be keeping track of progress or lack thereof in SOME way.

On that note, if you are NOT progressing as you’d hoped, there is still time, but not much. In this short window, and for the sake of the contest only, it makes sense to makes some changes that you would not sustain for much longer than the 13 days we have left.  Calorie deprivation is the most obvious example.   But extremely low carb intake, extremely high activity level, and as the after pictures draw closer, possibly sodium loading/depleting.  Online resources abound, and the demographic who sheds water/fat/weight the best are bodybuilders.  A google search of: Bodybuilders/Pre Contest/Fat Loss is one place to start.

Again,  don;t mistake these steps for things I advocate as healthy or even smart.  But you CAN make a big difference in your appearance in the time remaining.

As always, if you want to depart from our scheduled programming for the sake of your own diet contest efforts, that’s fine.

On that note:  We are looking for a host for our awards ceremony.  The date is Saturday 2/20/16 and typically goes about 3 hours, usually from 7-8 to 10-10:30 ish.  Recall that this is where your before and after pictures circulate and you cast your votes for the most visually improved male and female contestant.  There’s also the prestigious SPIRIT OF CROSSFIT award and the LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT award.   Worst case scenario, we hold the party at the gym.

Switching gears.  We are 3.5 weeks away from the CrossFit Open.  Time for you to register.  This is something that all of you should do.  Regardless of your experience vis a vis CrossFit, where you are in life, whether you think “it’s stupid”, etc.    For $20 you get 5 chances to test your fitness and compare it to, literally, a worldwide pool of applicants.  If you are in poor shape and therefore wouldn’t do well against the competition, then you are looking to next year;  firm in the resolve that you will have improved by then and that improvement will be reflected in your worldwide standings.  Even if you’ve been tracking along the diet contest prep, you should register and participate.  Additionally, there’s no travel necessary and within a four day window (thursday through monday) you can by and large attack these wods at your convenience.


I feel so strongly about this that if the $20 entry fee is a substantial obstacle,  CFCB will split the cost with you.  Please see me if that’s the case.

Link To register is http://games.crossfit.com/games-widget“>HERE!


WODS foR MONDAY 2-1-16





4 x through the cycle as follows

A) 5 Minutes Monostructural Activity (airdyne/heavyrope/ski erg/ treadmill/ row etc) at 80% (harder than zone 1)..

B) 1 Set Max reps Chinese Row, 1 set Max Reps Bench Press.  Pick a weight that you could get for 15-20 reps fresh.








  1. Open prep: 16:50 rx’d. Could have pushed a little harder

    We did this on 3-27-15 but for some reason I didn’t record my score

  2. I did the diet side( the round of 27 scared me away from open😳) I did 800 m run/bench/bent row x4. But let’s just take a moment and celebrate the return of the small pull up bars!🎉🎉🎉🎉

    • Amen!

      • Shut up! For real!?!?!? This just made my day 🙂

      • Yeah!!! Can’t wait to get back on them!!

  3. Open prep- 11:45
    Best time last year 9:48

    Then some random body weight stuff.

  4. Diet- airdyne, heavy rope, row, run

  5. Open Prep – 11:15…My LEGS! I can’t even…

    • Next time, if I ever am even willing…I could push little harder on the row…maybe only one break on round of 27 and 21 thrusters and unbroken on the 9’s.

  6. Open Prep: 16:19
    At the tail end of a nasty cold so I was honestly just focused on not falling over mid-thruster. Glad I finished.

  7. diet contest: box step ups, row, AD, hr.
    got a lesson in kanye’s sexual proclivities (no judgement) but it did make 5 mins on the AD fly by. no small feat.
    did some light slow squats almost to depth.

  8. Open prep 10:58rx
    My time on this was 10:50 when we did it last.
    I definitely should have checked my previous time yesterday.

  9. Diet: row x 4

  10. Open Prep: 11:43rx and strung together 3 bar muscle ups, first time doing more than one at a time. Jill

    • congrats!

    • Awesome Jill!!

  11. Open prep 10:15rx

    Previously on 3-27-15 11:27rx

  12. 1hr 15min singles tennis

  13. Open wod 14:14

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