WOD’s for the remainder of your week. 2-2-16 to 2-5-16

February 2, 2016


Open Prep:  A) 3×10 Overhead Squat For Load, ascending.  B) AMRAP in 12- 12 OHS @ 95/65, 12 Wallballs 20/14

Diet Contest: For time– 20 Thrusters @ 95/65, 20 Backsquats @ 95/65, 20 burpees.   15 Thrusters @ 95/65, 15 Backsquats @ 95/65, 15 burpees.  10 Thrusters @ 95/65, 10 Backsquats @ 95/65, 10 burpees.

Bi’s and Tri’s.  Athlete’s choice.


Open Prep: A)”Hasn’t been but could be”  all tools that have not yet been in the open, but very well could be.  Sprint as fast as possible through –12 KB swings (overhead), 6 Pistols (alternating legs) 3 Bar Muscleups.  Rest 2 minutes.  Repeat for a total of 5 Sets. Rest 10 minutes, then

B)  30 doubles, 15 Toes to Bar.  10 Minute Cap.

Diet Contest: A) 2 x through the Gauntlet of Power Cleans:  5×185/120, 10×155/105, 15×135/95. Scaled weights will be available.  B) Abs.  Athlete’s choice.


Open Prep-  Roll and recover.  Work a weakness.  If you can’t do the following consistently, it’s a weakness:  3/1 Consecutive muscle-ups.  7/4 Chest to bar pullups. 50 Unbroken Doubles.  10 Unbroken rhythmic Toes to Bar.   Snatch 135/95  successfully 80% of the time.  Clean 185/120 at elevated heart rates. 25/20 Wallballs in a minute.

Diet Contest 40-50 Minutes of Zone One aerobic activity.  Volume is up.


Open Prep A)  With an empty bar, emom x 5.  Power Snatch, Hang Squat Snatch, Overhead Squat, Snatch Drop.  B) EMOMx8  Full Snatch at 75-85% of your 1 RM.  Note that if you can land a given weight consistently, it’s probably a safe opening lift if you see it in the open at elevation, as in Open WOD 15.1 b.

Diet Contest

Tabata Intervals– KB Swing, Jump Squats, Pushups.




  1. Diet contest 10:24 rxd

  2. Diet Tuesday 10:21 RXD

  3. Tues diet 12:06 Rx

  4. 14:45 RX

  5. Diet because I didn’t get enough thrusters yesterday

    • Man! You flew through that!

  6. Diet Tuesday 10:37 rx

  7. Kate and Rob let me scrub in at 7am. OHS- 135×10. 155×9. 145×10. 12 OHS, 12 Wallballs in 12 minutes. 7 rds plus 4 OHS=172. Unbroken OHS the whole way probably means I rested too long before starting each round.

    • It was crowded at 7 but we made room for you. New people – if you can make 7am work, its always lightly attended and you’ll get plenty of individual coaching

      OHS – 55, 60, 65, 70 x 10. Huge for me, I’m pumped.
      Crapped out after a round and a half of the WOD, my wrists were on too sore and I was frankly nervous about so much squatting the last two days plus my running workout later in the AM:

      1.5 mile warmup, 4×1.5 mile repeats. Paced ranged from 8:02-8:11 depending mostly on headwind vs. tailwind. I know, no one cares, but after all that work, I liked to record it somewhere!

  8. open prep:
    ohs: 55 x 10 x 3 – kept light and tried to maintain good form
    work: 92 @ 55lbs

    ohs & wallballs are 2 of my biggest weaknesses – only cussed once during wallballs – baby steps…

  9. 168 on the open prep workout. Had I looked at the board and done the math, I would have hustled a little more to get back to the bar to beat Brock. I rarely come close to his numbers, so when I do, the only thing to do is beat them. Next time, Wilson….next time….

  10. OHS: 10 rep max: 125
    WOD: 169rx

  11. OHSx10 For Load


    I should’ve gone for 135 first, I just lost my balance. Next time I need to shade my hands in a bit. I had the 140 but every rep my hands kept sliding further and further apart until I just couldn’t hold it anymore.

    WOD 121 RX. Clearly I need to get better @ OHS.

  12. Diet Rx

  13. Open 129- happy with that with my shoulder
    6 min rest
    Diet 9:58 Rx

  14. 13:10rx

  15. Diet side: 15:30 Rx. Still working on those 65lb thrusters. It definitely slowed me down and I spent a lot of time staring at the bar feeling sorry for my little self.

  16. i did the open side…trying to get my squats back, but they are slow and difficult.
    OHS 55×10, 65×10, 75×6
    I did the wod rxd and got 80. which is sad.
    went back later and did a couple miles on the AD then
    1/2 mile AD, 10 pull ups (1 band, yay!) x 5 rounds and some other shit.

  17. Diet: 8:17 Rx

  18. Diet: 9:48 Due to an unfamiliar pain in my right shoulder I forewent the thrusters and did KB swings instead. Back squats from the rack.

  19. Wednesday Diet:
    2:41 & 3:30= 6:11 RX

  20. Diet Wednesday : Ran with Susan & Jeff for a total of 4 1/2 miles

    • Yay Larry!!! You did great!

      I expect to see you every week now…..

      I also ran. Everyone else should too 😉

      • Wahoo Larry! So awesome!

      • Maybe I will be able to hold a full conversation with everyone while running! Then again I first better get in shape enough to keep up in order to talk to you lol

    • Great job Larry! Jill

  21. First round, started cleans at 95 and did fine. Second round, only one successful 95 before I started and then several failed attempts. Moved to the 85 to begin round 2.

  22. Wed open prep:
    19:08 with band mu (1 gray, 2 purple) – I spent the majority of my time on mu. On round 5, I was finally able to do 3 consecutive.
    du/t2b: 3 rounds 8:38 – hands were killing me! I love the return of the skinny bar, but my hands are going to have to toughen back up!

  23. Wednesday diet comp side cleans gauntlet
    2:20 and 2:20 for total of 4:40

  24. Wednesday
    WOD 1: 13:45rx
    WOD 2: 9:39rx

  25. Gauntlet:
    2:04 and 2:12

    Calories on the row and DUs


  26. WED Diet Gauntlet
    1:55 & 2:05 RX
    10 min rest between sets

  27. Diet WOD Rx
    3:02 (cycled many more reps)

  28. diet wod: 95/80?/65 3/3:40
    and some planks.

    • that was michaela. 🙂

  29. Power Clean Gauntlet:
    4:35 and 4:31 scaled @ 85, 65 & 55

  30. 2:25/3:05…….155,135,115

  31. 2:25/3:05……155,135,115

  32. Diet: 1:44 then 1:57 (I think)

  33. Diet Wednesday: #1 2:35(80,65,55) #2 5:35 (95,80,65)

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