Awards Ceremony Venue. Kid’s program resumes. WOD for Thursday 2-4-16

February 4, 2016

New Member Joey J. has graciously volunteered her lovely home in River Oaks for our 2016 Diet Contest Awards Ceremony.  Details to follow, but I just wanted to announce it publicly ’cause I know some of you were getting concerned.  Fear not and Party On Wayne!

After a hiatus of several months, Carolina Beach Athletic Development (AKA the Kid’s Program) is returning.  Jim K. is still running the show but there will be some procedural changes.  Please see him with any questions. Kids schedule starts next week  2/8/16 and will be Tu, W & Th from 4-5pm.  Those of you who access the gym at that hour, please plan on ceding that time slot on those  days.  5 PM CrossFit,  Please don’t enter the gym prior to the conclusion of the CBAD session.

WOD is

Diet Contest- 45-50 minutes sustained steady state, zone 1 break a sweat.

Open Prep- Rest, Roll recover.  Work a technical weakness.












  1. So bummed we will miss the diet contest party. If it had to be rescheduled to 2/26 I would not be mad.. Lol. Have fun! Gonna miss everyone!

  2. Diet Thursday : Susan came up with a killer WOD
    20 KB (m) 24 kg
    20 Push Press (m) 95
    20 sit-ups
    20 hang cleans (m) 95
    20 jumping air squats
    20 Burpees
    Max rounds in 40 min.
    Total 4 + 15

  3. Thank you, Joey!

  4. Thank you Joey! I’m loving the location since I live in the neighborhood too!

    rolled, stretched, lacrosse ball stuff
    more attempts on ring mu & bar mu
    1 hour on elliptical machine

  5. Thanks Joey and good job 5 and 6 o’clock today! A lot of you were really working hard!!!

  6. Diet Friday :
    I should have read the whole week before I did yesterday’s homemade WOD!!!!! which is almost identical to today’s
    KB 13
    AS 11
    SU. 10
    PU 10 strict pushup

    • Yeah, sorry about that Larry. I hadn’t read what Fridays was either.

      And thank you goes to Kate for that wod 😉

      I did the same on Thursday but don’t remember my score. Don’t remember Friday either. But I was there and I did it.

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