WODs for Friday and Saturday. 2-5 & 2-6-16

February 5, 2016


Diet Contest-  Tabata intervals of Russian (eye level)A) KB Swings, B) Jump Squats, C)AB MAT situps D) Pushups.  For the unfamiliar, the Tabata interval is 8 rounds of 20 seconds of all-out work, spaced with 10 seconds of rest.  So a complete Tabata Interval takes just under 4 minutes.   You will conclude ALL 8 of your KB Swings before moving on to AB MAT situps.  Take 1 minute off between intervals.  Your score for that action is the LOWEST score you achieve over any one of the 8 intervals, so in this format you cannot take an interval totally off. Score each action separately.

Open Prep

A) Warmup as follows with an empty barbell.  Power Snatch, Hang Squat Snatch, Overhead Squat, Drop Snatch.  Drop snatch demo HERE.  The big deal is feet move from jump width (hip width) to catch width (squat width/shoulder width).  Do the cycle 3x.

B) EMOM x 8.  1 Full snatch at 75 to 85% of 1 rm.

C) 4x AFAP, with 2 minutes in between each attempt.  3 Power Cleans, 6 Front Squats, 1 S2o @ 185/120, 9 OTB  burpees.  The numbers are strange.  It;s 3-6-9, with the one S2O at the end of the fronts.  Score is total time start to finish.


Yoga 8:45 to 10 am.

Open Gym 10-12

Open prep:  Wod 15.3  AMRAP in 14 minutes of 7 Ring Muscle Ups, 50 Wallballs, 100 Toes to bar.

The FOLLOWING weekend, (Sat 2-13) Heather is at Instructor Training, but will be teaching a  7pm Thursday class so you don;t go too long without your fix.  Details to follow.



  1. Diet:
    Kb10, js12, sit ups13, pu5
    Definitely planned scaling back for push ups — did 5 strict each round instead of trying to kill myself

    On a side note, ladies, the struggle is real while dieting and having that time of the month (sorry, tmi). But seriously, scientifically I am willing to bet something is happening inside the body regarding calories and sugar….

  2. Open Prep
    Snatch: 105×8
    WOD: 9:54x

  3. Diet Friday RX
    KB. 13
    Jump Air Squats. 11
    Situps 10
    Push-ups 10 (strict)

  4. Open Prep
    Snatch: 55×8
    WOD: 13:00 @ 85

  5. I did the diet side today. Open prep looked tough on the shoulders & I have a tennis match tomorrow.

    in order:
    situps: 12
    pushups: 8 – could not maintain strictness, turned into snakey
    kbs: 12
    js: 10

  6. Open prep 13:13rx
    185 got heavy.
    **i could’ve gone faster if the weight was lighter.

    • Jacqui and I were very impressed with your OTB burpess. Spot on!

    • Jeff, you also would’ve been done faster if you didn;t have to do as many.

  7. KB 15, JS 14, SU 15, PU 10

  8. Diet
    KB 13
    JS 15
    SU 15
    Push up 6 (went out too ambitious at 15)

  9. SU 11, PU 5 (sigh), KB 10, JS 10
    In diet contest news…my daughter just made me watch cupcake wars. now i want a cupcake AND wine. Instead I’m drinking hot water and my own, very sober, tears.

    • Did CFG Open WOD 14.5 For time 21-18-15-12-9-6-3 Thrusters/OTB Burpees. Goal was sub 13 and unbroken thrusters. In the 2014 Open I went 13:20. Today 13:39. Broke the round of 18 thrusters 1x. Round of 15 was the peak of the misery index. Rested 20 minutes then did EMOMx5 thrusters at 115. 10-9-8-7-6. Low back accessory work.

      • Not really meant to be a reply to you, Michaela. Was trying to say how much I enjoy your posts. Too tired to fix it. You all get the jist of it, I think…

      • That open workout was one of the worst workouts of my life. I threw up a little in my mouth reading your post as it reminded me of the day I did it. #neveragain

        -Adelynn 2016 (not as mentally tough as Adelynn 2014)

  10. KB-13
    Push-up strict-3

  11. Diet (did it sat morning)
    KB 13
    air squats with 19 lbs child (she wasn’t having it playing on the blanket but this made her happy) – 13
    su – 12
    PU – strict – 2

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